Scary Storms

Fourteen year old Melissa was walking down the hall to her bedroom with her favorite book. On her way there, the door to her sister's room was left ajar. She quietly opened the door more and stepped inside the room.

Inside the bed covered with blankets was her little six year old sister, Linda. Linda was fast asleep with a rag doll in her arms. Melissa looked at her for a minute.

She looks so sweet, Melissa thought while she was watching Linda's chest move up and down.

Melissa quietly closed the door and continued to walk to her own room which was two doors down.

When Melissa entered her room, she saw through the window that the clouds, heavy with water were covering the sky, and she felt a certain chill. She opened the window and sat down on her chair near the window and opened her book. She was reading her book for two minutes, when thunder was beginning to crash. Some of thunder sounded far away, and some of it sounded close. She also saw drops of rain falling down; making leaves of trees, blades of grass, and petals and leaves of plants glisten. A soft wind was lightly blowing through the trees, plants, and grass, and lightening was beginning to flash adding wonder to the scenery.

She went back to reading her book. She was absorbed by her favorite story because it was fascinating her. She liked how Jack was using his sword to rescue people. When she was halfway through the chapter the storm was picking up. The wind was making a howling and whistling sound like a ghost while it was shaking the branches of the trees and making the plants and grass sway towards the right. The rain was pouring down in torrents making the trees, grass, and plants glisten even more, and the lightening was flashing even more furiously making the scenery more brilliant.

Her thoughts turned to her little sister who was still sleeping quietly in her room. She loved her little sister and was glad that she was safe from the storm.

I hope the storm doesn't wake her, thought Melissa who knew that Linda was scared of thunder storms.

A few minutes later a particularly loud thunder sound crashed, and a few seconds later she heard pattering of feet and saw Linda open the door with tears on her face and the rag doll in her arms. She immediately ran to Melissa and wrapped her arms around her. Melissa held her in her arms for half a minute before she let go.

Then she wiped the tears from Linda's eyes and said, "there, there, Linda. It's only a storm. It is not going to hurt you."

"But it's so scary. The thunder is loud, and the lightening looks threatening."

"The thunder can't hurt you it is just noise, and the lightening can't get inside the house."

"Loud noises scare me," Linda said, fearfully. And the wind is so strong. It's going to blow our house apart."

Linda flinched when she heard another loud thunder sound.

"Our home is made out of cement; the storm cannot easily blow this house apart. We are safe inside."

"Can I sleep with you?"

Melissa nodded her head.

"How about I read a story to you to help get your mind off the storm?" Melissa suggested.

"Can you read my favorite story about the fairy?"

"Yes, just get in bed."

Linda got into Melissa's bed and Melissa covered her sister and her rag doll in blankets to keep them warm. She shut the window and walked outside her room. She came back inside with her sister's favorite book and began to read to her.

"Once there was a fairy who was flying among the lilac bush. She greeted the robin who flew down on top of a lilac branch. The robin….."

Linda was so fascinated by the story that she hardly noticed the thunderstorm. Sleepiness took over her again; she slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep. Melissa put the book down, looked fondly at her little sister and kissed her on the far head. Melissa went back to her chair and picked up her own book but she was feeling sleepy too. So she put her book marker back inside her book, climbed under the covers and fell asleep too.

The end