1. I didn't always belong to her.

I belonged to her friend. Her friend always left me behind. I wouldn't see her for weeks or even months at a time. But when I was with her for the last time there was an accident.

I her at the hospital and never left her side. She took me everywhere; the funeral, her work, every party and just around the house. I never left her. She never left me behind.

I was there year after year, birthday after birthday, day after day. At work I would watch and listen. At parties I would do the same. We never spoke. We didn't need to.

I was there when she met him. I was there when he introduced someone else. Together we stayed with her every single day.

We were there when their child was born, then their second. We were there for their birthday's.

We separated when he left.

I was there when she cried. There when she put on a mask so that she could go to her children. I was there when she found another love. He brought another friend. The friend stayed awhile when he died. But soon they were gone too.

I was there when her heart stopped beating.

I am the silver bracelet around her wrist and my two friends were her wedding rings. We were always there but she never cared for us.

2. I was her favorite.

I never left the house. When she moved, I moved with her. Sometimes her children would steal me from her but I didn't mind.

I was there when she stayed up all night for work. I was there when she was sick. But mostly I was there in the morning.

I had many friend, all that she could chose from but she always chose me.

When he left she threw me at him and I broke.

I was her mug, the blue one covered in butterflies. I was always there and she broke me.

3. I would watch her.

I would sit in her room all day with the others. Normally she would choose them over me but I didn't mind; I was the one friend who would spend all Christmas with her.

I would take her away to another world and put her in the Christmas spirit. She introduced me to her kids. One loved me but the other wasn't as keen.

I got old rather quickly; I became used and battered but she still loved me.

Then she replaced me with technology. She brought me to a shop. I became lost among the others there.

I was a book on her shelf. I was always there and she replaced me.

4. I was tolerated by her.

She didn't like me because she knew that she would lose. But she kept coming back.

I was there during her collage years and her university years. She used me to keep smart.

I spent most of my time in the cupboard. Over the years I came out less and less.

She found me one day and I was surprised to see how old she had become. She threw me in the trash.

I was a game of chess. I am the reason that she is so close to her father and she threw me away.

5. I didn't know her for long. Maybe a month or two.

I was a replacement. I felt bad for the last guy as she practically abused me. I was up all night with her, I went to work with her, I entertained her kids and all she did was break me.

When I became useless she replaced me even though I knew all of her secrets.

I was there and she used and left me.

People are not the only things that are out there, they don't know all of our secrets. Sometimes its the simple things in life that matter the most even when we don't realize it. If objects could speak to us we would know more about ourselves, we would appreciate the small things and we would be happier.

If we grew attached to our bracelets or rings then we would never need to worry about the way we looked because we wouldn't care. They would mean more to us than image.

If we grew attached to our everyday objects like our mugs or our bed then they would know everything about us and would become our closest friends. They would never leave.

If we grew attached to our books then our minds and the world around us would grow. We would have little need for technology and maybe our grand kids will know what it is like to hold and actual paperback.

If we grew attached to our board games then we could remember all of the happy times in our lives.

If we grew attached to our phones or laptops then we could remember everything, real or imaginary. We could capture every moment, remember every conversation and have someone that knows just what we need.

Look after your things. We may not have them in a few years and sentimental value is actually worth a lot more than you would think.