If we find bacteria on Mars, it will be considered life. If a pregnant woman is murdered, it is considered a double-homicide in some States. So if she wants the baby it's considered murder, but if the mother decides to kill the baby it is not murder.

Let's just establish basic Embryology, Fetal Development...

Starting in Week 6... When the time most women find out she is pregnant on average. Developments include the growth of the pituitary gland and muscle fibres. You can't hear it yet, but the heart (which has divided into the right and left chambers) is beating at about 150 beats a minute - twice the rate of yours.

Halfway through this week, the embryo makes its first movements. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until sometime in the second trimester before you get to feel these movements.

Week 8... All organs, muscles, and nerves are beginning to function. The hands now bend at the wrist, and the feet begin to lose their webbed appearance. Eyelids are beginning to cover the eyes.

By the beginning of the fetal period, synapses, or connections between nerve cells, are found within the cerebral cortex. The nerve receptors in the face, palms of the hands, and soles of the feet can sense and respond to light touch. Following a light touch on the sole of the foot, the fetus will bend the hip and knee and may curl the toes.

Thumb sucking begins and the fetus may swallow amniotic fluid. The fetus can also grasp an object, move the head forward and back, open and close the jaw, move the tongue, sigh, and stretch. The fetal period continues until birth.

Week 10... The fetus is busily swallowing and kicking. Each day more details start to appear, such as fingernails and peach-fuzzy hair.

The vital organs - the liver, kidneys, intestines, brain, and lungs - are fully formed and functional. If you could take a look at your baby this week, you'd be able to see the clear outline of his spine. Spinal nerves stretch out from the spinal cord.

Week 12... The liver is making bile and the kidneys are secreting urine in the bladder. The fetus squirms if your abdomen is prodded, although you cannot yet feel movement. Fetal nerve cells have been multiplying rapidly and synapses (neurological connections in brain) are forming. The fetus has acquired more reflexes: touching the palms makes the fingers close, touching the soles of the feet makes the toes curl down and touching the eyelids makes the eye muscles clench.

Week 16... Tiny bones in your fetus's ears are in place this week, making it likely that the baby can hear your voice when you're speaking (or singing in the shower). In fact, studies have found that babies who are sung to while they're in the womb recognize the same tune when it's sung to them after they are born.

Week 19... She has started to swallow amniotic fluid, and her kidneys continue to make urine. Hair on the scalp is sprouting. If you're carrying a baby girl, she already has roughly six million eggs in her ovaries. By the time she's born, she'll have about one million. You no doubt feel the kicking and somersaulting of your growing baby.

Sensory development reaches its peak this week. The nerve cells serving each of the senses - taste, smell, hearing, seeing, and touch - are now developing in their specialised areas of the brain. Nerve cell production slows down as existing nerve cells grow larger and make more complex connections.

Week 23-24... Many women notice that their baby tends to be noticeably more active when they are resting, perhaps because when a pregnant woman is active, her body naturally 'rocks' her baby to sleep. Your baby now has definite sleep and wake patterns (although they may sleep up to 95% of the time) and now have REM (or rapid eye movement), which indicates they may be dreaming!

Your baby can now rotate their head and could experience hiccups. Hiccups are caused by the sudden, irregular contractions of their immature diaphragm (the muscle that supports their lungs) and while they may be capable of sporadic hiccoughs as early as 12 weeks gestation, they are generally stronger and more rhythmic by this stage. Some unborn babies hiccup quite frequently. This may be sensed by the mother as small, regular 'jumps' in their belly every now and then for short periods of time.

Your baby is now covered with a thick layer of white vernix cream to protect their skin in their watery environment and they now have sweat glands. A fine layer of fat is now forming between their muscle tissues and skin. This covers their blood vessels and makes their complexion look less translucent. Babies at 24 weeks have been noted to increase their breathing patterns (expanding their lungs with amniotic fluid) after their mothers eats (especially if the food contains sugar!) Your baby's lungs now start to produce a substance called 'surfactant'. This lines their lungs and will assist them to breathe after birth.

A baby can grow outside the womb if necessary, the baby is viable. The baby can survive outside the womb, yet babies are still aborted at this point. Even as early as Week 21 a fetus can be viable.

So why is it still legal to terminate this human life at Week 24 in U.S.A. and full term in Canada. Would you kill a human with all their vitals, 5 senses and consciousness intact?

Now these are the Statistics for Reasons of Abortions in the United States, straight from Alan Guttmacher Institute, Pro-Choice Organization.

I am unready for responsibility: 21.00

I can't afford a baby now: 21.00%

I am concerned about how having a baby could change my life: 16.00%

I don't want to be a single mother or I am having relationship problems: 12.00%

I don't feel mature enough to raise another child or I feel too young: 11.00%

I do not want to have any more children: 8.00%

I don't want people to know I had sex or got pregnant: 1.00%

Other, (Parents, partners and peers wanted me to abort): 3.00%

There is a physical problem with my health: 3.00%

There is a possible problem affecting the health of my fetus: 3.00%

I was a victim of rape and/or incest: 1.00%

Only 1% for Rape and 6% Health out of 1.6 Million Abortions yearly! The only justifiable reasons are the minority.

48% of women who have abortions have had a previous abortion.

45% of all abortions are obtained by college-aged women. Ages 18-24.

83% of abortions are obtained by unmarried women living below the poverty level.

The terms "Pro-Life" and "Pro-Choice" are biased terms. Propaganda to make their ideals more positive sounding. In truth, the terms should be Anti-Abortion and Pro-Abortion. Because when you say, Pro-Life it should mean you respect all life, but not all Pro-Lifers are Anti-War, in fact they can be Neo-Conservatives. This is the hypocrisy. So I am not just Anti-Abortion, I am Pro-Life as well. When you say, Pro-Choice it makes you feel like you are supporting freedom and Human rights, but in truth you are supporting the killing of a Human, thus taking their rights away. This is Pro-Abortion, because frankly they are promoting and supporting the legalization of Abortion and Anti-Abortionist promote the illegalization of Abortion.

This is only taking Biological Development and Statistics into consideration, not even considering when the Soul enters the body. So don't kill God's Creation. Your Creation.

And don't tell me the World is overpopulated...

There are approximately 7 billion people in the world and there is 2.97 million square miles of land in Australia. 2.97 million square miles breaks down to 1,900,800,000 acres which then converts down to 7,603,200,000 quarter acre blocks of land. So we could hypothetically give every person in the world a quarter acre block of land and they would all fit into an area the size of Australia. This is hypothetically, do not take this literally.

Each home would have enough land that they could all have gardens and grow a substantial supply of their own food or... We do have the ENTIRE rest of the World for resources.