a boy in a war.

there's a boy in a war he has no business being in,
and he's got a gun in his hand that he'd never before touched.
he has seen more than any his age,
and more than anyone should.

there's a boy stuck in a war waging between nations he's never heard of,
and he's doing his nation's deeds in dirt and in grime.
he's grown almost deaf from the explosions,
and he thinks it's too much darkness for it to ever result in light.

there's a boy in a hopeless war that's been going on for years,
and he's lost his hope of ever seeing his family.
he's got too many scars all over his skin,
and he worries they might never be able to recognize their boy's body.

there's a boy fighting in a war that's drained him of everything,
and he thinks he has seen too much to ever return innocent.
he has aged eyes that has forgotten life,
and he's aging everywhere and anywhere that's left.

there's a boy in a destructive war that's losing more than it'll ever win,
and he hears nothing but cries and endless screams.
he misses his past life with everything he's got left,
and he misses more than anything his sweet dreams.

there's a boy in a war that's killing him,
and he had never thought he'd take rather than save.
he has thick red liquid all over his fingers.
and he had never felt so afraid.

there's a boy in a war that wasn't his fault,
yet he's paying its price like all the other boys in the world.

28/06/2013. Written by Waad.