Crowded halls filled with kids who should be rushing to class

Teachers laughing and talking about their students

Groups of boys yelling about last night's Laker game

And little old me, walking as slow as I can

No need to speed-walk; it's my lunch hour

The library comes into view and I sigh heavily

Another day, another sleepless night

I'll spend the rest of that period sitting by myself, intrigued by a book

In between pages, I'll let my mind wander

And somehow, eventually, the next internal stop is Him

Maybe it's His eyes

Or maybe it's His goofy smile, that make me think of Him so much

I don't know when it happened, but it did

The moment when I started wondering about Him

And asking myself why

Why does He look at me like that?

Why does He get me to laugh at His stupid jokes?

Why am I so stuck on Him?

Y'know, it wasn't supposed to happen this way

I swore to myself at the beginning of the year

There'd be no romance

There'd be no love

There'd be nothing but my face in the books

But, somehow, I wandered off that path

And I'm stuck on a road that only seems to stop at Him