9 September 2014

I am having the hardest time ever trying to pick up again on writing. Honestly, I don't have an a clue how I'm going to get back into the hang of things. The constant typos I keep making are just as bad. I mean, how am I supposed to keep my train of thought constant when I'm backspacing every frickin' three words to retype something correctly. It's unbelievably irritating.

To make matters worse, the format of Word is trying to be an ass, and won't do what it's supposed to. So now everything I'm trying is all huge and bold. Again, unbelievably irritating.

I'm starting to think there's a different mindset I use to write fanfiction opposed to original stories. It seems like fanfictions can just flow out – when I'm not being utterly lazy and procrastinating my ever loving fingers off with chickensmoothie and reading other people's stories on fanfiction. When that's not enough to keep me adequately occupied, I'm on gpxplus or 9gag looking for a laugh.

I'm not sure if all of this should be considered accomplished writing or if I'm just being random as all get out. Don't know if it could be considered productive or just more time-wasting. But, hey, at least I'm writing, yeah?