Nothing is as it Seems.


"Mom!" I spring up from my bed and run towards my parents room. If it wasn't for the carpet on the floor I would've landed right on my face. That would have been another reason for Julia to laugh at me.


My scowl disappears. Remembering why I was in the hallway in the first place, I run to my parent's door. Not even bothering to be quiet anymore, well not like I was being quiet in the first place actually. My parents always said that they only put carpet in our house because it was the only way to quiet my footsteps.

I can't help but start to cry as I see the lightning, as fast as I can I run and jump into my parent's bed right in between them.

"Lily?" My dad jumps up startled and soon relaxes after seeing it was just me. I couldn't help but see fear in his eyes. Even after realizing that it was me. Fear creeps up again as thunder hits somewhere nearby and I don't have the chance to ask him if the thunder scared him too.

"Daddy, I'm scared!" I curl up inside my mother's arms as she pulls me into her chest. I start to cry, and whimper. "It's ok honey. Just try to relax and go to sleep. When you wake up it'll be over ok?" My dad reaches over and kisses me on the forehead then moves to lay down again. I start to calm down a little, every once in a while I jump when I hear the thunder but the fear made me so tired I end up nodding off. I hear my mother call out to my father and it wake me up a little "Edward?" My father checks on me to make sure I'm sleeping, and I still and try to make my breathing as relaxed as I can. I don't want him to get mad at me for trying to listen. He says it's not good to eavesdrop when grownups are talking.

Sighing a little and happy to see that I'm sleeping he says "Sophia, she can't keep coming in here every time there's a storm. I know you think its ok for her to…"

"Edward! She's only 7, who knows why she's afraid of thunder storms. When we…" my mother starts to whisper now and I can't help but start to nod off again. "We promised to…."

"I know that! But we don't even know…"

"What if they lied when they said it was ok to…"

"Sophia you were the one that wanted to do this! Don't you back…"

"I know, I know! This was the only way to.."

I move closer to my mom and snuggle into her chest even more making my mom to stop talking. The last thing I feel is her kissing me on my forehead.

Author's Note!

Hey guys and gals! After a very big hiatus and a horrible beginner story...a lot of people should be nodding their heads and saying yep I feel you. I am back with a new story! I'm trying to get my creative juices flowing, and I forgot just how much work it was to write a story, especially a fiction one. Most of what you use is made up by you, so you have to plan from nothing to get to something! Phew...I'm just thinking about the sleepless nights since I'm writing and planning. I'm weird like that haha. I hope you guys like the first bit of this new story and will be coming back for more! As I get more chapters up and ready to go I will be needing a Beta...and never using one I will have to read up on that as well...damn...this is going to be a work out mentally.

Without further adieu!

I say my goodbyes to my lovely fictionpress peeps and off to work my ass off to get more chapters up!