Author's Note-

I made myself come up with chapter 2 to give some more insight into Lily's head. I hope you all enjoy! R&R is always welcomed guys! :D



"Who are you? What am I doing here?" I look around to only see trees that pierce clouds. Strange flowers that I've never seen before in my life. The largest and possibly the most beautiful one of them all was the largest one. It towered over my head, the anthers dropping pollen on me as the breeze makes the strange flower sway. I sneeze…very unlady like if I do say so myself. The Queen would've made me sit through another long session of etiquette training. Do I really have to know where forks and knifes go? For Creator's sake, is having more than one spoon necessary? It's not even like the members of the court eat that much anyways...

"Thalassa." I hear again and whip around trying to find this Thalassa. I can hear a faint chuckling from behind me…Is that flower laughing at me! "Hey! I'm not Thalassa! My name is Lillian...I prefer Lily. I just want to go home."

"When the time comes, everything will be clear to you Thalassa."

"Uhm...You have the wrong person mysterious talking wind. My name is Lillian. L-I-L-L-I-A-N."

Thalassa…I really think I should stop eating cake so late. Especially if it makes me dream about giggling flowers. Speaking of said flower I swear it moved. Even in Terra I've never seen any flower quite like this one. Its petals seem to shimmer in the sunlight and giving off a bluish aura, completely different from its deep red coloring. What look to be some sort of ancient writing could be seen if you looked hard enough at the petals. The stem itself was amazing, as thick as a tree trunk and the most vivid green I've ever seen in my life. The whole flower looked as if Rosoideae itself took time to create it. Although why I'm not sure.

"Ah yes. It seems like Rosoideae's flower likes you…usually it would've eaten you by now." Have you ever felt someone smirking while they speak? A scowl makes its way onto my face. "EAT ME? Why did you let me get so close to it in the first place Oh Mysterious Wind person?"

"It wouldn't harm you Thalassa...well us really."

"Lillian…" The Queen's voice cuts into my dream. Oh man...I think it's time for another one of my "lessons" again.

"Seems like mother dearest is calling you. We will meet each other again, you just have to find Rosoi-"

"Lillian! Get up, your father will be upset if you're late again!"

"-deae...find the largest tree in the woodlands. You will know when you have reached it."

Rosoideae…Are you kidding me? She will probably sick the forest on me if I tried to find her. The flower begins to fade as I feel a strange burning sensation on my neck. What in Creator's name…

"Find Rosoideae Thalassa, this mark will be proof enough of who you are. You must hurry!"

Giant giggling flowers, talking wind, and tattoos. Oh great just another reason for the royal doctor's to prod and poke at me "

"The sun, it burns!" I go back under my covers to try to hide from the sun. I think I even hissed a little to be honest. I never was a morning person, then again insomnia does that to you. When you finally get to sleep for once and then the sun just wakes you up by shining light right into your eye balls. "Lillian, let's go. Get dressed your father is waiting for you downstairs." Ah my dear old mother…If I said that to her face she would most likely punish me by having to listen to Mrs. Monroe. That old bat loves nothing more than to hear herself talk.

"But mom…" At my mother's face I stop myself. "But Queen Sophia, his highness never gave me a heads up about meeting him today." Did I tell you I have to call my parents King and Queen? Yep.

"The King has decided to spend some quality time with his daughter, is that such a bad thing?"

Pfft yeah ok. Probably to talk about what prince I should marry, from Mera or from Cirito. Cirito is like a volcano that everyone lives on, the only thing that is beneficial to our kingdom is the fact that the Phoenix have called the summit theirs. No one dares to invade Cirito because of them. Mera is a bunch of islands surrounded by water. Hydra protects them in return that the fisherman have rationing so that the water stays plentiful. I've never been outside of Terra, it's covered in woodlands and swamps. You name an animal or plant, we've got it. From the largest wolves you've ever seen to various types of birds in the sky. Rosoideae protects us, she gives the land life and makes sure to balance the animal numbers. My father makes sure that the hunting laws are followed.

Years before I was born the royal historian told me that hunters almost killed off all the animals in the woodlands and Rosoideae became infuriated with us. She sent wave after wave of what little animals were left and the whole kingdom was covered in vegetation. Since then my father tries his hardest to avoid that, although George seemed to be leaving out some juicy information about the whole ordeal.

If you look at the castle it is literally untouched but in the village some houses still are covered in vines or large gashes are still on doors from the animals. I know the castle has its guards but I would think a pissed off Mother Nature would overpower them. The whole thing makes no sense to me at all.

"Lillian stop daydreaming, we need to hurry!" I didn't even notice that the maids already finished dressing me and making the bird's nest on my head somewhat appealing. The only thing they don't do is paint my face, after the time Julia the oldest maid in the castle who is my second mom, punished me for daydreaming by making me look like a jester. My father got so upset with me, thinking I did it on purpose to embarrass him for not letting me go ride Apollo that night. After that I don't really trust anyone with putting make up on my face.

As fast as I can, and without making me look like a fool, I dab on my makeup and then get hauled off by my mom. There better be a good reason for this impromptu father daughter outing. My father was never really my"daddy" so to speak. After the age of 10 he changed, instead of kissing my forehead before I went to bed he would pat my head like a dog. My mom tried to calm me down when I would go on my tantrums saying he didn't love me by telling me that he was just busy being a King. My mom changed after I turned 16, she became obsessed with trying to mold me into the perfect princess. No more calling them mom and dad. I mean they're still my parents, I think if anyone should be allowed to be informal with them it should be me!

My turning of age ball is coming up within a month, everyone from everywhere will be here. I'll have to mingle with socialites, the upper class ladies the whole night. Smooze potential suitors and act like I have the most affectionate relationship with my parents. Everything in this castle is a farce. From how we act in public, to how we act in private.

I guess I should be thankful for what I have, which is why I sneak out from time to time on Apollo or his sister Ginger who is more inconspicuous than he is. Apollo is as black as the night while his sister has the blondest hair on a horse I've seen. Literal day and night they are.

I have to sneak off to ride into the village, my parents wouldn't allow me to leave the castle without 20 soldiers at my side or the most expensive gown I own. I feel bad enough having so much and they so little. Why would I want to flaunt what I have in the faces even more? I bring old dresses to the church so they can give it to girls my age, or I have the tailor make clothes to give away. I'm not a saint by any means, I just feel like I need to do something. If I have it within my power I will do it. Even the villagers have all agreed to act like these trips don't happen. Sometimes I think they're more loyal to me than my parents. I mean as a Princess, I should be worried about the welfare of my people. It is only right.

My father used to do the same, but then he just stopped for some reason. Creator only knows why my parents have changed. I feel envy for the servants in the castle, when I see the mothers cooking meals for their children. When I see the soldiers taking joy in sparring with each other, riding off on their horses to go hunt for their dinner.

There's little warmth in this castle. I feel like a canary in a cage from sun up to sundown.

I wonder if it's true what they say about caged canaries…

That they die from loneliness.