A/N: Well, this is the first of a few depressing poems. I don't know why I'm writing depressing poems-I'm not even depressed-but here you go.

See that Asian girl over there?

You teased her because she wasn't good at math.

You told her, 'Real Asians are smart.'

She still cries herself to sleep because of that.

See that blond boy over there?

You alienated him because he wouldn't go out with you.

You yelled as he left, "Fuck you, you gay fag!"

He started cutting himself to relieve the pain.

See that funeral over there?

It's for the girl you violently raped in the forest.

You told her, 'That's what you get, bitch.' as she curled up on the floor.

A week ago, she overdosed on sleeping pills and hung herself just to be safe.

But see that group over there?

These are the people you couldn't put down.

These are the people who refuse to be bystanders.

These are the people who are sick of being bystanders.

We are stronger than you.

We will not let you win.

And see that small person over there?

That's you.

You lost it all.

You will never be big again.