Chapter one

The sun started creeping through the creaks in my current residence ,I can`t say it`s my home anymore, after all The last time I came back here ,this was a two-story house.

I`d known when I wanted to come back that my village like many others was hit, and that maybe there won`t be a trace left from my house, so even finding that my house was reduced to a one story house was actually better than I`d imagined.

War ..Death .. Torture, I saw all of it face to face in my little work trip the last two years ,the work I always thought I wanted to do is now the thing I hate the most.

Raising a camera in front of people who are suffering, ridiculing them, recording their suffering, and just standing there doing nothing to help .

I smiled bitterly "Help," I sighed " I wonder if anybody can ever help us anymore?"

Looking around me, I grabbed my camera and got ready for another day.