Chapter Eight

I closed my laptop and closed my eyes, trying to shake the voice of the young boy from my memory.

"I wonder why I keep doing this to myself?"I sighed, hearing a knock on the door signaling the arrival of Manabi, "Finally."

I opened the door to her usual smile, "Welcome Back. " she said.

I sighed, looked at her then went back inside my room, I didn`t return the greeting but she took that as "Come in " from me and let herself in.

"Oh, Come on, you should at least say it`s good to be back or something." she whined.

I sighed, I seem to do that a lot these days "I thought you needed support or something?... "I looked her up and down " you look fine to me, same as always."

For the first time, her smile faltered, "I guess I am just trying to delay whatever thoughts I have till it`s time for us to go," she sighed "Tokyo is still safe and strong, but from reports, I know that small villages were mostly destroyed, "she smiled nervously "I still hope at least no one died in my village, "she looked at me, " do you think that`s wishful thinking ?"

"well, it's you after all, "I smiled "if you of all the people had dark thoughts right now, I will think it`s the end of the world for real."

She opened my wardrobe and started picking an outfit for me, " Well before we head out tomorrow, you need a change of pace, "she picked an outfit and throw it at me " wear that and let`s spend some good time together today. "

"Why am I not surprised you suggested that ?"I smiled, picked the outfit and got ready for my first peaceful day since a while.