To Jason. My Love. I miss you sweetheart.

We met in the most unexpected of places.

You shook my hand,

I shook yours and we introduced ourselves.

We were intrigued by each other.

Your hidden charm drew me in.

I enjoyed your company as the days passed.

I loved your presence,

your voice.

You tried to be sweet and funny,

you stumbled and fell,

but I forgave you for the mistakes you made,

even if you didn't see them.

We would talk for hours,

never tiring of each other's repetitive conversation.

We laughed together,

despite our embarrassment.

And we got through family introductions without damage.

Now I lie in bed, thinking of you

my one love, I'll always stay true.

You made my life happy again,

for only it held pure sorrow.

You made me laugh and now,

you must go.

You must be brave and be the Hero you wish me to see.

While your gone you will change,

I will change,

You will be strong and brave, the man you had dreamed to be.

I will be the woman you need.

In my eyes you held courage, no amount of training,

No shouting or humiliation could make you who you are or change who you are.

Forever you will be my brave Hero.

My soldier.

My tears flow freely as I wait for your return, clutching your sweet letters to my chest.

My darling Love, you showed me how to be brave...

When you return I rush into your arms, kissing your face and you kiss me back.

Never have I felt such sadness for one person as I have felt for you.

This is True Love.

Not only does my heart sing for joy at the sight of your handsome face,

but I feel my soul is connected with yours.

One day soon, we will marry.

We will be together all the time,

no interruptions.

We will laugh together again and we will cry together too,

but we will make it through all the hard times because we are brave.

We were united from the moment we met.

There is no doubt that we can overcome any challenge.

Forever we will be together,

like a prince and princess from a fairytale.

We will live happily ever after...