In the moment

He sighed as he looked at the pan, the food was almost finished as the woman with the black void for eyes gave a small huff.

The brown table, with the plastic fruit in the middle was starting to shake. The piece of furniture was not created to withstand her impatience as the black haired woman spoke. "Wow, I thought you were good at cooking, but this is taking awhile," she said as the man simply sighed at her comment. He never understood why she was always in a rush. She had all the time in the world.

The man placed the food on the table, with a smile, it was just something random he made. Nothing with weight or meaning, just something he made for the two of them to enjoy. "It's a little hot, so you might have to wai-" he was cut off as the woman slurped up the noodles without a care, even though they would have burned a normal persons mouth.

But she wasn't a normal person, she was someone from Venus. That wasn't a figure of speech or a clever line, the being in front of him. The woman with black voids for eyes and fangs larger than bats was not from the planet earth. So, he simply watched her eat. She ate like a normal person, went out and shopped like a normal person, but she wasn't normal, and what was even stranger he was dating such a being.

"Eh, don't tell me you're stunned by my beauty, Hoy?" She snickered as she put down her fork and returned his stare.

He was human, and she was not, that never bother either of them. It didn't stop them from having sex it did not stop them from going to the movies. There was differences between them, that was a fact, but the fact that she was a different creature all together...

Hoy thought for a moment before starring at her, he always focused on her eyes. Perhaps it was because those eyes were always staring at him. Even in bed, she would never fall asleep before him, though it was hard to tell in the dark, her eyes were always wide open staring at him, even when his back was turned. In the dark, her eyes had a hint of red that wasn't visible in the light.

Most would not noticed such a detail, but he did. It was a small thing that he saw during their time together. For four years she never changed, since he met her at the end of high school from his third year in collage.

"Ah...Hoy, now you're really creeping me out, you're not sick or anything?" There was a hint of concern across her face as Hoy gave a small shrug, slowly allowing himself to enter reality once more.

"Nah, just thinking about stuff," there was a lot to think about with their relationship.

She had eternity, and he did not, there were ways to change that, but nothing Hoy wanted to do. Thinking about it, he wondered how selfish he was, loving someone and one day he would die. His life would cease and the person he loved would be left alone.

"You shouldn't do that too much," before his thoughts could wander any further, the girl with voids for eyes spoke. "If you think too much, you'll miss a lot of things, sometimes it's better to just live in the moment,"

Her eyes fell to the floor, her chewing had stopped, perhaps she realized it as well, but in the end it was impossible for them to share eternity together. "Hey...why don't we go to the movies or something?" Hoy mentioned, though he really wasn't a fan of movies, but she insisted on always dragging him there.

She gave a small pout, "you know, I'm not a child, you can't just appease me with things like that and make me feel better..." There was a moment of silence as she spoke again. "However...if we have to see a movie, it's got to be really violent," Hoy sighed, it really was a simple matter of getting her mind off of such things. Then again he realized that he was going to have to pay for tickets and probably watch a movie that he wasn't going to enjoy.

It was a small price to play to see her smile, even if it was only for the moment,

"Afterward, we can do something you want to do!" She seemed rather cheerful, as Hoy paused for a moment, thinking to himself. He was perfectly content with staying home, there was nothing he wanted to do that he couldn't do in his current location.


"Maybe we could go to a restaurant?" Of course Hoy didn't care, but he was in a good mood that day, and it was something he wanted to do for her.

Though all he got in response was a small frown, she looked irritated, as if she could tell he wasn't sincere with his response.

"Usually I would be happy if you just said things that made me happy, but I'm serious. I want you to pick something that you want to do," It was her request, something she wanted him to say from the bottom of his heart.

"Well, I'm happy spending time with you, so anything else is just extra," Hoy said as his leaned on the table, realizing he hadn't even touched his food.

The woman gained a light blush as she smiled, "Well, if that's how you feel!" She seemed excited as Hoy sighed.

The fun times will end, there was no doubt about that, he would die and the small things like going to the movies would stop. Eating at the table would stop, and looking at her smile would stop. So it was best to gain as much enjoyment out of the little time they had together.

"Raum...I love you," Those were his words as she simply tilted her head and smiled.

"I love you too..." was her response

Author note

Another one Shot...this one is a lot shorter, simply because we had a 1000 word limit when writing it. This one was just made to be a one shot once again. It seems most of my romantic pieces are short.