I made the original version of this when I was 7 years old and I'm still continuing this series as you read this, but it only recently occurred to me, years later, to actually publish it anywhere instead of just showing it to people. I figured that since... wait, I'll save that for later. I can't find the original story anywhere; I probably tossed it in the trash sometime since I originally wrote this story as an assignment. I had to rewrite it, but luckily I can still remember the plot of the first story. In fact, I made a lot of stories like this when I was younger that I plan to publish. Also, since this is aimed at a younger audience and I occasionally can't stop myself from using big words, I've decided to put words a younger person might find hard to pronounce or know the meaning of in bold, and I put the pronunciation and the definition at the end of the story.


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P.S. You might know about the Owl Face part if you've seen me writing anything in person, so... well, just get on with the story.


It was a hot, sunny day at Jungleforest. Llama had left his group because all they wanted to do was play chess all day. But now he was lost in Jungleforest. The thirst didn't last long, though. Llama found a place called "Lake Drincdahwahterhear where he found fresh water to drink. But it was just as fresh as it was hot.

And that water was very hot.

"Disgusting!" Llama said. "This stuff tastes like mint!"

So now, although Llama was not thirsty anymore, he was still hot. The sun was at its zenith, and showed no signs of going down any time soon.

And then he saw it.

Tall, towering trees.


"I've struck gold!" Llama exclaimed. "Shade!"

Llama ran as fast as he could towards the trees and prepared to go to sleep under the cool shade. BUT THEN...

As soon as Llama's feet entered the shade, about 1...2...9...11...let's just guess 50 small turtles blocked his path.

"Halt!" they all said loudly in unison.

Llama stuck his chin up and laughed grandiosely. "I'm going in this shade, whether you guys like it or not!" he said. And with that, he kept on marching into the shade.

The voices of several turtles rang behind him.

"Quick!" one said. "I shall alert the TURTLE Organization!"

"And I shall tell the king!" another said. "Everyone, with me!"

With a scream, all the turtles ran past Llama and deeper into the shade until they were out of sight.

Llama shrugged and just fell asleep under a cave, proud of his find. Meanwhile, the turtles that went to the king were kneeling in respect.

"Your Majesty, we have come to inform you of an impending threat," they all said. The king took a bite out of his jelly donut, which his apprentice had bought from the royal and expensive Sunken Dough-Nuts, and then slurped some Croke from a soda can covered in diamonds.

"What? What is it?!" The TURTLE King asked. "You're interrupting my snack time."

"A giant llama has infiltrated the TURTLE base and refuses to leave," they replied.

The TURTLE King chewed loudly on his donut. "Oh my goodness!" he exclaimed in utter shock. "How could that have happened? I have protocols in place to prevent that from ever happening! Send out the TURTLE Army, the TURTLE Navy, the TURTLE Organization, the TURTLE Corps, the TURTLE Guard, the TURTLE Force, the TURTLE Corporation, and our finest TURTLE spies to make sure that this... this... law disrespecting criminal be locked up with the key thrown down the deep abandoned well! BEGONE! And don't come back until you have that criminal handcuffed and crying uncle!"

"On it!" the turtles said, and scattered.

As soon as all of those turtles had left, the king turned around to his servant.

"Why did they leave?" the TURTLE King asked.

"I have no idea, your Majesty," the servant said. "But I shall hunt the fiend that forgot your MeckRonald's fries immediately."

Within minutes, every single turtle was informed of the alarming news. Spy groups scouted the area, and as soon as Llama was found, Spy Troop #18 called in.

"The subject has been found, repeat, the subject has been found. Over," they said in a super serious voice over a walkie talkie. "We shall now commence Operation Tar and Feather. Over."

A short while later, Llama woke up. And he awoke to the biggest surprise of his life...

"You are under arrest for invading TURTLE Territory," a spy said. "You have the right to remain silent. Any and all things you say can and will be used against you. Make no sudden movements."

"What in the..." Llama slowly said. He looked around. He was surrounded.

"WORDS!" A spy yelled. He hit Llama over the head with a baton.

"No fair!" Llama said. "I only..."

"WORDS!" The same spy yelled again. He hit Llama again with the baton.

"Why won't you let me stay here for a few minutes?" Llama asked. "I'm not doing anything."

"Not doing anything, hmm?" Another Spy asked. "How about disturbing the peace, unlawful invasion of TURTLE Territory, and disrespecting the monarchy?"

"Yeah!" Yet Another Spy said. "I agree with Another Spy. If you want to stay here for a few minutes, you'll have to take the land from us!"

"Right on, Yet Another Spy!" Another Spy said. Yet Another Spy and Another Spy high-fived before quickly returning to their stern faces.

"You mean like... by force?" Llama asked.

"Yeah, by force!" Another Spy In The Distant Background yelled. "As in, WAR!"

"No way!" Llama said. "Even I have enough common sense to just look for another shady spot. Away from here. So we can both be happy."

"Sorry, but that suggestion is invalid," Yet Another Spy said.

"Why?" Llama asked.

"Because according to Section IV.3-5-7AB15 of the Laws of the Turtle and the TURTLE, as soon as an intruder is discovered in TURTLE Territory, they must either be jailed or burned at the stake," Another Spy In The Distant Background said. But all criminals in jail eventually get burned at the stake anyway. So we figured we might as well just burn you. You know, speed up the process a bit. Don't you agree?"

"I do not agree," Llama said. I refuse to go to the stake. I would rather...take my chances."

"You don't mean...?" Another Spy said.

"Oh, I mean," Llama said. "I...declare...war."

"WAR!" All the spies screamed.

The cries of the spies could be heard all throughout the town! Except for where the TURTLE King was.

"WAR! WAR! WAR!" Turtles and TURTLE folk alike were heard repeating the screams.

"Ready your defenses, mere Llama, while we gather our people!" Another Spy said. "The time has come for WAR!"



Some of the words in this story are in bold. The meanings of these words are listed below.

Zenith: (Said as Zee-Nith) The highest point of the sun.

Unison: (Said as You-Niss-In) Together.

Grandiosely: (Said as Gran-Dee-Oss-Lee) Proudly.

Majesty: (Said as Mah-Jes-Tee) A title for kings and queens.

Infiltrated: (Said as In-Fill-Tray-Ted) Get inside of without permission.

Tar: (Said as T-Arr) A very sticky black substance, kind of like black glue.

Baton: (Said as Bah-Tahn) A stick like rod, usually made of metal.

Unlawful: Said as Un-Law-Full) Against the law.

Monarchy: (Said as Mon-Arc-E) A place being ruled by one person, like a king or queen.

Stern: (Said as St-Urn) Serious.

Invalid: (Said as In-Vall-Id) You can't use it.