Star Healer



Finite words.

feelings without ending..

reciting verse.

prana he is sensing..


The sun has long since set,

the moon hangs high above.

our world is now beset,

with jewels of thought and love..


Interstellar webbing,

a supernova highway.

this kinetic bending,

of time is but a byway..


like atoms,

they fill his every cell..

he fathoms,

a universal spell..


Inhabitants of Earth,

blind to all the beauty.

so rabid with a thirst,

for knowledge without duty..


Can any star refuse

to give off precious light?..

Can any soul amuse

expression without life?..


his third eye

erupts with flawless bliss..

the loud cry

embarks the sacred tryst..


Lulacruza - Nina Tusuna

Kaminanda - The Portal

Crystal Castles - Telepath