9/29/14 12:31 PM

Eh, I just got into Government/Psychology, and well, yeah, since I'm like... Psychology... I get the computer to work on college courses. Speaking of which, I have some assignments due this Wednesday, but meh. I can't be bothered right now, y'know?

I'm irresponsible and am too young, careless, and etc. etc.

I should probably introduce myself.. So, uh, hi.

Call me Birb. Mainly because I don't wanna give out my online/real name, cause yeahhh... Just not a big fan of that.

Um, I'm a senior in High School. I'm bisexual, maybe?

I'm afraid someone will look over to this screen and read this. Ugh, ugh.

I like anime stuffs and I write fanfiction primarily.

Uh, uh, I'm atheist. Yeah, yeah.

Shit I'm panicking... I'm... gonna end this now.

Okay bye.