Hi, my name is Amilee Hunt.

I'm 25 years old, work at a business firm that deals with hotel management, and am lucky enough to work with my best friend, David Ashbur. He's also my boss, and of course... I'm in love with him.

Yes, you heard me right. I'm in love with my friend, David, who is also my boss. I just can't help myself! He's kind, and funny, and always thinks of others before himself! And he's handsome.

Excuse me while I have a 'squeal' moment.

The only thing is, he of course only sees me as a good friend. Nothing more... at least that's what I thought up until recently. He's been talking about the future with me, about settling down and also bringing me in to meetings that I really didn't need to be in. He's been keeping me close and I can't help but feel that something big was about to happen!

Man, I really need to get my head out of the clouds.

Taking a deep breath, I stood up and grabbed the stack of papers from my desk and walked to his office door. I gently knocked and didn't wait for a response. Being his assistant I didn't really need his approval. I opened the door and walked in quietly as my eyes instantly found him pacing back and forth with a smile on his face and phone to his ear.

I took this moment to really just take him in. His tall body, slim and neatly fitted with a three piece suit. His light brown hair and brown eyes that seem to reach into my very soul. He wasn't much of a workout kind of guy, which was just my type. I couldn't handle the jock-strong-cocky kind of men.

He was perfect.

I stood and waited for him to finish his conversation. His voice and laugh played with my insides. I swallowed hard as he looked over at me and smiled.

"Hey, I have to let you go. Duty calls." he chuckled again at something the other person had said back. "Yeah, I'll give you a call once I'm out... Ditto... bye." He hug up his phone and those wonderful brown eyes met mine. I couldn't help but smile. "Sorry about that, Lee."

"It's no problem." I walked towards him and placed the stack of papers onto his desk. "These are the contracts that you asked for. They are all ready to be signed, in order."

He smiled at me and nodded. "You're the best, Lee."

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say." I joked back. I took in his words though and stored them in my heart. "Is there anything else?"

His face suddenly lost his smile and he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. My heart started racing.

"There is something I need to tell you..."

"Okay, shoot." I tried to sound calm even though my insides were anything but calm. He was suddenly acting strange.

"It doesn't have to do with work though." He cleared his throat as he began to loosen his tie. I tried to keep myself calm, tried to not blush or freak out. I bit my lip. This must really be important for him to be acting so. "Okay, so there is something I've been keeping from you..."

Oh god... was this it? Did he really feel the same way about me? Was he finally going to answer the question I have been wanting to ask for so long? Oh my gosh... I really shouldn't be jumping ahead of myself, but with how he's been acting lately around me, and his sudden nervousness I can't help but let my heart hope!

"I'm... getting married!" He sighed as he finally spoke the words. A big smile spread across his face as he seemed to grow in joy from the thought. His eyes came down and searched me for a response.

But my heart was too shattered to even have one.

"M-Married?" I whispered, feeling myself sink into an even deeper hole. What was happening!? Why was this happening!? And who the hell was he getting married to!?

"Yes. To Grace Yankke."

"From accounting!?" I then asked, even more shocked. That back stabbing whore! She knew about my love for him! And she went and... and... "When the hell did that happen!? You haven't even been dating!"

He looked down in guilt. "Well, actually... we have been seeing each other. I just... didn't mention it to you."

"Wait... what!?" I pushed further, not understanding. "I don't... but you... Aren't we friends!?"

"I know, Lee, and I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner! She just.. really wanted me to keep it under wraps, so I honored that wish. You understand, don't you?" he began to walk around the desk, coming towards me as he spoke. But I couldn't grasp reality. He reached out a hand towards me.

Oh my god. I couldn't breathe.

I suddenly felt all the energy leave my body and my knees went weak. My body quickly went down and I landed on my knees. I almost fully collapsed on the floor, but David quickly went down as well and caught me in his arms. I was surprised that he was able to hold up my weight, since I couldn't really feel that much muscle underneath his suit.

"What the hell, Lee!? Are you alright!?" His worried voice for me only made things worse. I took a few deep breaths, then found the strength to push his embrace away. My hands grazed his chest in the process. His touch making me feel even sicker and more in pain. I felt tears prick at the back of my eyes, but I wasn't going to cry here!

"I'm fine. I must just have low blood sugar or something." I waved it off and slowly tried to stand back on my own two feet. Not doing so well at first, I felt David's hands on my arms as he assisted me to stand.

"I don't remember you having low blood sugar before... are you sure you're alright!?"

I looked up at his amazing brown eyes and swallowed back my sorrows. I plastered a fake smile onto my face and moved away from his touch once I felt I was stable. "I'm okay... I just don't feel too well... I'm going to take the rest of today off." I slowly back away from him, feeling my heart being ripped out with each step I took.

"Do you need me to drive you? You don't look too good..." he furrowed his brows and reached out for me again.

"No.. just... no.." was all I could manage to say back. The tears were emerging once again and I knew I couldn't hold them off this time. So I quickly turned and ran out, grabbing my purse and walking as fast as I could out of the office and into the elevator.

My heart wished that he would come after me, that he would say he was sorry and tell me that he really did love me... but he didn't come... he didn't love me...

He was marrying someone else.


Finally I put my key into my apartment's lock. It had taken me forever to get home, considering I had to stop a few times because I couldn't see the road through all my sobbing.

I felt like shit.

This couldn't be happening. There was just no way. How could my life be wonderful and then come crashing down in the next moment!? Was this all just a dream!?

I pushed open the door once I unlocked it and threw my purse onto the kitchen counter that wasn't far from the entrance. A single tear fell down my cheek and I quickly brushed it away with my palm. Sniffling, I stopped and scanned my small apartment.

It was so bare. So empty. I was rarely home and always kept things so tidy that my place resembled a vacant lot. I only had a few things, since I had to sell most of my belongings recently. I had a sofa and a small T.V. I had a few curtains that I made still hanging, but no decorations of any sorts. The only picture I had sitting out was one of myself that my mother took of me when I was in high school. I was wearing a lab coat with a stethoscope around my neck. I was holding up a first aid kit and smiling brightly.

I missed those days.

I looked around again and realized just how lonely I felt. Just how trapped I felt in this place. Did I really have such a delusion that David loved me? I was hoping and dreaming that David would come to love me, and I would go and move in with him and things would be wonderful. He was supposed to be my knight in shining armor.

Now, here I was, heartbroken and lost. Trapped in this small apartment that gave no signs of life and up to my ears in debt that I could barely pay.

Yes, I was also in debt.

I wanted to get out of this place, move somewhere nice, and I was about to. That's when I found out that my dad just passed away not too long ago, and with his death came all of his debt.

I was the one who had to pay it.

I was the only child and my mother was already passed as well from cancer years ago. So the debt passed onto me. Now, I was living paycheck to paycheck just to stay above water. My savings, as small as it was now, was something I didn't want to touch in case of emergencies.

I hated this place. I wanted out. I couldn't do this. Not not... and I'm not sure if I ever could. Without even a second thought, I grabbed my purse again off the counter and went back out.

I needed an escape.


Tate's POV:

I hated this. This was a bunch of bullshit.

Seriously, what was the point of this again? Sitting here while all my co-workers, who call themselves my friends, were getting trashed and debating on which strip joint to hit up. I thought coming to the Griffin, a bar, wasn't a bad idea. That was until they all decided that I needed to get wasted and let loose, hook up and be happy again.

Like that was going to happen.

My fiance' just broke off our engagement. She said that I was too... intimidating, that I didn't think of others enough. That I was too involved in work, too controlling and just not her type.

You would think she would have mentioned some of that before she agreed to marry me.

Yet, I guess if I was her and someone had given me a huge diamond rock, I'd say yes. I didn't even think she was thinking of leaving me for some man that didn't even speak english. Hell, I was too wrapped up in finding the perfect woman to be beside me that I didn't even notice that she was stealing from me.

Yes. She was a low life whore.

I frowned at the thought. Sure, we had spent some really good times together, and I thought I had loved her. She was perfect in every way. Beautiful, skinny, dainty. She wasn't much of a people person unless you were talking about her, but she was great a parties. A face that was worthy enough to be seen next to mine.

I gave her everything. But alas, I wasn't worthy enough for her.

Now here I was sitting down at a large table with all these stupid idiots. Ryan, the only one I would truly consider my friend, who was also my assistant, leaned over towards me while the others were laughing at something.

"You didn't have to come, you know."

"What choice did I have?" I asked in a low growl. "You all practically tricked me and dragged me out."

"Did we?" he smirked and chuckled. "Oh yeah. I guess that did happen." shaking his head he motioned towards his drink. "You really should get some more alcohol in you. It might make you feel better after the whole 'Brittany' thing."

My eyes instantly glared at him. "Don't mention that name." I demanded, getting up from my seat. "I'm going to sit at the bar." Without waiting for his response, I stormed away and planted myself on a stool at the bar away from them. The bartender walked over instantly and gave me a look.

"Another whiskey and coke?"


"Coming up." the shorter blonde haired bartender replied, grabbing a fresh glass and making my drink as ordered. Once finished, which didn't take long, he sat down the drink on a napkin. I nodded in thanks and saw him walk towards someone else who just came and sat a few seats away from me.

"What can I get you sweetheart?" the bartender asked.

"Liquor. Lots and lots of liquor." The sweet woman's voice replied, surprisingly drawing my attention. I let my gaze run over to her. She was sitting down now, her arms crossed on the bar table with her head buried in them as if she was sleeping. Raising a brow, I watched her raise her head up as the bartender brought over a mixed drink for her.

Her nicer dress clothes suggested she just came from the office, yet she had on a pair of animal print slippers and her auburn hair was in a loose pony tail.

"You alright? You look like shit." the bartender asked, which was very blunt. But he was right once I looked at the side of her face. I could tell that she had been crying, a lot. Her nose was red, her eyes a bit puffy, and she continued to sniff as if her nose was running.

"Thanks. I feel like it." She threw back the drink quickly and the man and I both watched in amazement. Shit, she must really be having a bad day.

Feeling bad for her, and also more in understanding, I moved over to the seat next to her and ordered another for her. "I got this one." I told her.

"Fuck off." she replied.

I stopped and stared at her. What the hell was wrong with her? Did she really just say that to me? I've never heard such a thing come from a woman's mouth before. "Well that's a nice way to say thanks." I narrowed my eyes at her.

Sighing, she turned and I finally got a full look at her. She wasn't actually half bad looking, but still looked like she got hit by a train. Her grey eyes focused on me and I saw her narrow her own eyes. "I'm not in a position to be getting hit on right now, thank you. Now please leave."

A smirk grew on my face and I chuckled. "You think I'm hitting on you?"

Her eyes grew in surprise and then she furrowed her brows and just looked plain confused. "Why would you buy me a drink then?"

"Because, as the man behind the bar said-" I pointed to the bartender. "You look like shit. Plus, misery loves company."

Her eyes scanned me up and down, taking me all in. For some reason, the way she looked at me, I felt a little... like I wasn't good enough. God I hated that feeling. "What do you know of misery?" she questioned.

Man, couldn't this woman just be grateful and allow me to buy her a damn drink? "If you must know, I just got dumped... by my fiance'."

Her eyes sudden grew sad and she nodded in understanding. "I'm sorry to hear that."

"It's whatever." I said a little more darkly than I wanted to. Damn, I really didn't want that whore to have such power over me. Shaking it off I cleared my throat and motioned towards her. "What's your reasoning?"

The woman turned back to the bar and played with her empty glass. Silence filled the air for a few minutes before she finally opened up. "The man I love just told me he's getting married."


Amilee's POV:

I actually said it out loud. Oh my god. What was I thinking telling this stranger such a thing!? I mean... I guess he did understand what I was going through... or maybe even worse considering he was actually going to be getting married, but got dumped in the end.

I was just a stupid day dreamer who wished for a happy ending.

"Well that really sucks." he sighed. "Have you loved him for a long time?" he asked me. I peeked over and gave him a good look over again. I was surprised at how well spoken he was considering his appearance. He was tall, but big and muscular. He looked powerful, and from the way he presented himself, he felt powerful too.

His messy black hair and blue eyes caught me off guard at first, not usually seeing such a drastic opposite on a man before. He had a sharp jaw with stubble covering it, but I could still see the scar that ran up onto his cheek a bit. He looked rough, tough and that cocky- jock type of person.

So not my type.

His voice was deep and rough, demanding and yet surprisingly interesting. I didn't really want company, but his story made me want to talk to him.

"Yes." I swallowed hard, remembering just how bad it really did suck. The bartender, Raul, came over and handed me another drink. I said thanks and took a sip of it, already feeling the effects of the first drink I downed. I wanted to get drunk and waste my night away, but I didn't really have the funds to do so. I might as well see if this man was nice enough to buy me a few more, and I would be set for the night. "So, if you'd like to keep me company, I'd at least like to know your name."

He nodded and held out a hand. "Tate Anderson."

I sniffed and took his hand with my own. I couldn't believe just how large his hands were. They seemed to swallow mine whole. "Amilee Hunt. But people call me Lee."

A smirk came upon his face and I felt nervous under his gaze. "How about a few rounds, there Lee?"


"Ohh... my head..." I whined. My hands came up and I held my head as I laid there in bed. The sun was bright as it came through the windows above the head of the bed. I ran my hands down over my face and groaned in horror.

I had a huge hangover.

This wasn't good. What time was it anyways!? Just trying to sort out the random thoughts in my head made it throb even more. I groaned again and curled up onto my side, taking the plush covers and throwing them over my head. Under the covers I finally tried to open my eyes and let them adjust.

What I saw was not what I was expecting.

A large, strong hand was laying before my face on a pillow. My eyes went wide. I gasped and quickly threw the covers off my head, pulled away but pulled my own pillow to my mouth to muffle a scream. I didn't want to be loud. I sat up in the bed slowly and ignored all the pain that I felt from doing so. The bright lights wanted to blind me at first but I focused.

There, in bed next to me was a man.

A fucking unknown man!

My heart raced as I just saw the back of his head, his body in a prone position with his head facing the opposite direction. I took a moment to study his shoulders and arms that were peeking out from the covers. Muscle definition was all I could see and I swallowed hard. Looking down at myself I saw that I was only in a pair of very revealing undergarments that didn't belong to me. Red lace bra and underwear. I wanted to scream once again but didn't want to wake the man. I slowly moved the covers off to the side and was about to climb out when I noticed something on his finger. I did a double take.

A wedding ring.

Oh no. A new sickening feeling came over me as I fought against the truth.

I slept with a married man.

Then another thing hit me. I wasn't in my apartment. I was in a strange, large bedroom. Oh my god! I carefully threw my legs off and climbed out of the bed. Slowly I turned to face him and began backing up, keeping my eyes on the man since I didn't want to wake him...

As I backed up though, I didn't see my heels on the floor and I instantly tripped and fell backwards, landing hard on my back. "Owww!" I groaned out in pain. My head pounded ten times more, almost causing me to cry. I didn't know which one to hold to try and ease the pain!

"What the!?" I heard a deep, but somewhat familiar voice call out. I rolled onto my side and chose to rub my back. As soon as I was able, I opened my eyes and looked up to see a pair of blue eyes staring down at me from the bed. "Are you alright!?" he asked, just as confused and in pain as I was.

I gasped as I saw his eyes focus and travel down my body which I remembered was in very revealing clothing. "Don't look!" I snapped and he instantly looked away and sat up in the bed, holding his head as his head throbbed as well.

"Are you alright?" his deep, scruffy voice asked again, this time a bit more nicely. If that was even possible.

Not knowing what to think and starting to feel a bit nauseous again I took a deep breath. "Fine. I'm fine." I took a few deep breaths and calmed my stomach and then looked back up at him. A blanket flew down and landed on me and I took it to cover myself. "Who are you?! Where the hell am I!?" I demanded to know.

I watched his semi naked form emerge from the bed as he removed his own covers. He stood carefully and walked over to a dresser which held a couple bottles of medicine. I couldn't help but scan his unknown muscular body as he only had a pair of boxers covering his body. "This is my place... and I could ask you the same thing." he growled, popping a few pills and downing it was some warm water that was sitting out. After he swallowed them, he looked over at me and focused. Then I froze as he walked over and squatted down, looking at my face more closely. Those blue eyes made my breath catch.

He groaned. "Shit."

"What!?" I swallowed hard.

"Do you remember anything from last night?" He asked, sounding horrible.

"Last night?" I stopped and tried to focus. I remembered being upset, going to the bar, having a man buy me a drink... My eyes went wide and looked up at him again. "Tate!? You're the man from the bar!?"

"Yes." he groaned, rubbing his hand over his face.

"You told me you were dumped!" I snapped, seeing his wedding ring again. I must have been such a stupid idiot to believe his story! He just wanted to get into my pants! I felt so violated and used. I wanted to cry, but I used the anger that came up instead. Quickly, through the headache, I stood to my feet and glared at him. "I should have known you were trying to play me!"

"What kind of nonsense is coming out of your mouth!?" he asked, clearly annoyed. "I'm not married."

"Explain that ring then!" I pointed to his hand with my left one. Something caught my eye. I gasped and began to panic. "No... no..."

"What!?" he growled again, seeing that I was distressed. But then he looked at my hand and saw the ring that was placed there on my wedding finger. Then he looked to his and saw one on his own. "You got to be kidding me..." he whispered, not believing it.

We both looked up in shock as we met each other's eyes. This couldn't be happening... this just couldn't...

We were married.

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