Ryan's POV:

Ow. Ugh. This damn pain. I groaned internally as I took a deep breath. It was always such a bitch the first few days after taking one in the vest. Normally it doesn't phase me as much, but it's been a while since I've had to deal with this. Guess I was going soft.

Which meant I needed to get my ass back into the field more often when I'm not at work. Or maybe I should just retire. Decisions, decisions...

Ahh, the perks of working two jobs.

I walked down the hallway that was extra bright. The thousands of metal bars that were covered in cheap paint continued to pass me by. I came to a door at the end of the hall that was locked and sealed. A guard peaked into the small window that was in the middle of it and he nodded at me. A few loud clicks were heard before I waited for him to open the door.

Once he shoved it open I took a step in and passed him. A few more feet down were a few empty cells and that's where I found him.


"Ah, I wondered when you would come to see me." his deep voice boomed and echoed through the cell. "I'd offer you a chair, but as you can tell I can't be a hospitable as I'd like."

"No need, I prefer better company anyways." I replied with. All I got in return was a smirk. Smug bastard. "Let's get to the point. We know your involvement with hundreds of cases across the nation. You tend to make your rounds, huh?" He didn't move or make a reply. His face still stayed in that damn smug smirk. "With this we finally pinned you. You won't be seeing the light of day for a very long time." I explained.

But instead of cowering, which I half expected, he laughed instead. He threw his head back and laughed like I had just told him the funniest joke. I waited to see what he found so funny. Once he calmed he looked me straight in the eye.

"Do you really think that these bars will hold me? Do you really believe I can't function inside these walls?" He was trying to show his power and his connections. Both did little but annoy me. I've dealt with many others that were bigger game than him. Normally I would humor him and make him feel like he actually had a chance. But today, with him, with what he was going to do to Amilee, I had no room for patience.

"I'm sure they will do the job. Considering these aren't the bars that will hold you captive. You're being transferred, Marino. To a very, very special place." I gave him a grin of my own. Understanding flashed in his eyes and he instantly lost his smirk. His face showed panic for a moment before he replaced it with a scowl. "Enjoy your life, however short it is." With that I turned and headed back from where I came.

"You better watch your back, Ryan Scott!" his voice called out, echoing off the walls. "You'll regret ever crossing paths with me!"

For some reason, for only a split second, I found myself believing him. But then I shrugged it off knowing how ridiculous that was. Marino was small game and I've fried bigger fish than him.

Damn bottom feeders.

-Six years later-

X Amilee's POV X

This is it. I felt like I couldn't breathe. My stomach was in knots. I paced back and forth behind the stage curtain as my palms felt sweaty. I rubbed them together to keep myself from messing with my gown. Tate had went through all that trouble to make sure it looked perfect, I couldn't let myself make it all wrinkled over some nerves.

I swallowed hard.

"Anderson!" I looked over to where someone called out my name. I watched as my classmate ran up and smiled at me. His features were handsome. He was younger than me by a few years. His brown eyes twinkled in delight as he smiled. "Are you ready?" he asked me. I felt as if I couldn't speak.

So I shook my head, 'no'.

He chuckled and touched my arm. "Look Lee, you got this. No one here deserves this more than you." His words were sweet and I couldn't help but blush slightly. I still wasn't used to compliments.

"You say that, but it still doesn't it make it any easier, Ken."

"Well then, how about a few words from a special someone?" My eyebrows shot up in surprise. A grin formed on his face as he pulled out a small card. That's when I realized one of his arms had been behind his back the entire time. He pulled it forward to reveal a single red rose. I gasped as he held it out to me. I reached out and took it from him slowly.


He held his hand up and cleared his throat. Looking down at the card in his hand he began to read the words out loud.

"Lee, I know you're beyond nervous." he started out with. "But I also know that you will do amazing. Because you are amazing. Everything about you is perfection." He smiled as he continued to read the words. I didn't know what to do. "You've worked so hard for this. You made this happen. All those nights of no sleep because you had to study. All those long hours of being away from me. All the tears that you cried because you were so stressed out with all of life's demands. You still pulled through and made this happen. You should be so proud of yourself. I know I am beyond words with how proud I am of you. So don't doubt yourself. You're going to do great and I can't wait to see you after it's all over. I love you."

I felt tears forming around my eyes. The sting of holding them back was struggle.

"PS: Don't you dare wrinkle that damn gown with your nervous hands. I woke up extra early to grab that stupid thing. Love, Tate."

As Ken finished that last part, I couldn't help but laugh. A few tears ran down my cheeks but I was quick to wipe them away. He grinned at me and I couldn't help but walk forward and give Ken a quick hug. "Thank you."

He returned the hug and then pulled away, handing me the card. "Well, when your good looking, intimidating husband corners you, you tend to agree to do whatever he says." he laughed and winked at me. "Now are you ready?" he asked me again.

I smiled at his antics and nodded. "Yes, I am."

He sighed in relief. "Good. I didn't want you to chicken out and make me do it. Cause god knows I'm not ready to give no damn speech."

We both broke into laughter. Ken's crazy self over these past four years made them fun. He was a good friend. I took a deep breath to try and calm my crazy nerves. This time though, I felt stronger. More like I could do this. I couldn't remove the smile on my face after hearing Tate's sweet words. Even after all these years together, he still knew exactly what to say to make things better.

I stopped and looked towards the few steps that led to the front of the stage as I heard the microphone turn on. I took a few more breaths. This was it.

"Thank you everyone. " A male's voice boomed over the sound system. "Now we will have our Valedictorian come out and give the closing speech." A wave of hundreds of hands clapping filled my ears. "Please give your undivided attention to this special woman. She's has come and exceeded all of our expectations. She's going to be an amazing doctor. Please help me welcome, Dr. Amilee Anderson!" More claps and hollers were heard. I felt my stomach twist with anxiety.

I felt a slight push against my back. I looked over at Ken as he smiled and gave me two thumbs up. I chuckled and remembered the words Tate had him read to me. I stood up straight and found my feet listening to me to move forward.

Within seconds I found myself on the stage and walking towards one of my professors. He was standing at the microphone and smiling at me. I had to squint a bit from the bright stage lights aiming at me. But I was able to see all my classmates and their loved ones that filled the arena. I looked around to try and see if I could spot Tate, but the lights made that almost impossible.

I knew he was there though, and that he was supporting me. That was more than enough for me. I cleared my throat and opened my mouth to speak. Everyone stopped their clapping and the area became silent. Everyone was watching and listening.

Don't think about messing up. Don't think about messing up. I chanted to myself mentally.

"I started this journey with a passion burning inside of me." I started out with. My voice didn't crack, so I took that as a good thing. "I've always loved anything medical growing up. It always came natural to me. The want to learn more and help those in need always stayed, even when I was in a place where I thought I could never get this far. For some reason, my mind knew it was impossible, but there was always this hope." Slowly I started to relax. "I had so many things that were thrown my way, but I was able to marry the man of my dreams and finally having someone to believe in me pushed me to finally begin this journey."

I smiled thinking of how Tate always encouraged me. How he never let me quit. How he pushed me to do better. How he took care of me and everything else when I was sick or needed to study or pick up extra hours at the hospital. "I started this journey with you all. And I have to say, it wasn't always a pleasant one." A wave a chuckles hit my ears and I gave a small one of my own. "We spent so many hours together and just like anyone who does, we were at each other's throats. Yet, it also turned into us being a family. We all have made it this far with our studies and taking the Hippocratic Oath. We are here today because we have chosen to seek out making our patient's lives just a little bit better. We know from experience that not all will like us, not all will listen, and not all will remember us. But we are, regardless, their Guardian Angels. We are the ones that regardless of how they feel, will always be striving to do good for them and to try and help them during times where they don't have anyone else.

"In time, we will all come to realize that our souls will become enriched with each person we care for. We are here to stand up and be a voice for those who have no hope. Those who have no reasoning to keep going due to sickness or pain or mental health. Always be humble. Always be a student. Always choose to do hard things and challenge yourself. We all will do great things, small or big. But we came this far, so we can't back out now. And never forget: Be kind. I'm honored to be here with you all today to celebrate in this achievement! Congratulations Class of 2025! We made it!"

With a loud roar of cheers I couldn't help but hold back tears of joy as everyone stood. We all took our hats and threw them up in the air. Cliche, but I was too happy to not do it. I felt so excited and overwhelmed. My hands were trembling. I couldn't believe I didn't mess it up! I did it!

I walked off the stage as everyone of the graduating Class was ushered out first to get a class photo.

We all walked outside and took in the bright sunny day. The sky was such a beautiful blue and there were only a few clouds decorating it. The warmth of the sun danced across my skin and I couldn't remove the smile on my face. Everyone came together and took a few pictures. It took a total of 10 minutes, which we found all of our family and friends had surrounded us, waiting for their time.

I finally separated from the group and looked through the large crowd of people. There was one person I needed to see first. I scanned through the people and started to fan my way through. I couldn't see the familiar face I was looking for. I felt my stomach form into a knot again. I knew he was here, but where?

"Amilee!" I heard my name being called out. I turned and looked at the direction it came from. Sliding past a few more bodies I found Tate's large frame towering over people. He spotted me and I instantly ran to him. Once I was in arms reach he wrapped his large arms around me and pulled me against him. The warmth of his body instantly calmed my soul. He lifted me up and spun me around. I couldn't help but laugh as I felt elated. "Babe! You were amazing!" he cooed in his gruff voice.

He placed me back onto my feet and I ran my hands up behind his head and pulled him down. I smashed my lips onto his. He didn't hesitate to kiss me back. The sensation of his lips sent tingles all the way down to my toes. His hands didn't leave my back as he pressed his body up against mine. After a moment he pulled back and his blue eyes studied my face with a smile. "Congratulations love." His hand came up and gently brushed against my cheek.

I smiled lovingly at him. "I couldn't have done it without you."

His smile instantly turned into a knowing smirk. "Well..." he started eyeing me with darkening eyes. "We could go somewhere and you could show me just how thankful you are for all my help."

I gasped and lightly smacked his arm playfully. Really? A time like this and he still can only think of getting me into bed. "And just what would we do with the kids?" I asked him, crossing my arms and grinning.

He leaned down and kissed my lips again. "I may or may not have arranged for a babysitter."

I raised a brow at him. "You did? I-"

"Mom!" I heard a voice yell out. I knew that voice anywhere. Tate stood tall but smiled down at me with his hand still around my waist. Within the next minute I had two smaller bodies appears and were thrown into me. I laughed and hugged them both. Curly red hair that fell down over freckled skin was on my right. I kept a hand around her. Her dark green sundress complimented her pale skin and made her green eye pop. Her hair covered half of her face. The side with the scars. She looked up at me with a smile so bright I fell in love all over again. "You were amazing!"

I chuckled. "Thank you, Sweetheart."

"We going to go eat now?" The other body against me spoke. I looked over at his chocolate eyes and his nicely styled brown hair and rolled my eyes.

"Always thinking about food."

Tate nudged the boy. "Luke, are you forgetting something?" he raised a brow, waiting. Luke's eyes went wide and then he nodded. Rubbing the back of his neck like he always did when he was embarrassed, he looked back over at me.

"Congrats, momma."

I leaned over and kissed his forehead followed by Lily's. I couldn't believe just how big they had gotten. "Thank you both. And yes, food soon."

Luke's eyes brightened up. Ha! Ten year old boys. Lily, being 13, was more into dresses and makeup than anything. She could care less about food.

"Speaking of food, this one is hungry too." I looked over to none other than Ryan standing there with a 2 year old in his arms. The chubby two year old reached out to me. His blue eyes and dark hair was a spitting image of his father. I reached out and grabbed him.

"Cole just ate though." Tate commented, surprised the little one was hungry already. Suddenly, Ryan's stomach growled loudly and we all stared at him in shock.

He shrugged. "I never said it was Cole that was hungry."

Tate and I burst out laughing. We couldn't help ourselves. This was such an amazing day. I was so happy that I felt like dancing or screaming or shouting. Tate and I had worked so hard to get where we were now. From adopting Lily and Luke years ago, to having one of our own on top of it. We even offered David a job at the company and he surprisingly accepted. He broke it off with Grace and focused on getting his life back on tract. Then Medical School for me while Tate still had to run the company. All was so busy and overwhelming, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

This was our crazy life and we loved every moment. I looked up at my amazing husband and smiled at him. He gave me a genuine smile back and leaned down, kissing me yet again. He pulled back and spoke softly. "I love you Mrs. Anderson."

"I love you too Mr. Anderson."

-7 Years ago-

X Tate's POV X

"I'm afraid you both are cut off." The bartender told us. I growled in annoyance.

"Are you fucking serious?" I asked him.

"Yes." he replied with. I rubbed my eyes. Amilee and I had been having such a good time. She was good company. It was nice finally talking to someone who was in a shitty situation, like myself. I knew he was probably right though, consider the room was spinning when I turned too fast. But I didn't want to remember or care about anything at this point. I felt my anger rising as I was about to demand another drink anyways when a soft hand touched my arm. I looked over at the dilated grey eyes of Amilee.

"It's alright, we probably s-shouldn't have anymore." she told me with slight disappointment in her voice. She too was pretty intoxicated. I studied her heart shaped face and her tasty looking lips. Although she looked like shit earlier, she had calmed down and I found her more and more attractive. She wasn't flaunting herself at me which made her even more appealing. She didn't know me. She didn't know I was rich. She couldn't use me like others have. Like she did.

"Fuck it. Want to go finish this elsewhere?"

Her eyes perked up and she no longer looked disappointed. "Yes!" she chimed in too quickly. She instantly covered her mouth in shock and then giggled. "I mean, uh, sure." I grinned and stood up, feeling the room move a bit under me. Shit. I couldn't drive. I looked over slowly to where Ryan was. He was still nursing a small drink from earlier.

"Scott!" I called out. He raised and brow, stood and walked over. He took in my appearance and smirked once Amilee stood and almost fell. I caught her and held her against me. Her face flushed as she didn't move. And I didn't mind it actually.

Ryan cleared his throat and I looked at him. He couldn't help himself. I narrowed my eyes at him and frowned. "Don't." I warned him before he could make a smart ass remark.

"Need a ride, boss?" he asked trying hard not to say anything else.

"Drive us to a liquor store." I demanded. He raised a brown again and shook his head, chuckling.

"Right this way." he motioned towards the exit. He was able to make it out without any issues. Amilee and I on the other hand had to walk a bit slower. She was more unsteady on her feet. She apparently hadn't drank like this... well.. ever.

Once we made it into the back seat of the car, Ryan began to drive us to the nearest store. "God, I feel so relaxed right now." she smiled and sighed being content.

"It's nice not having to feel much." I admitted to her. She nodded and leaned against the seat.

"Agreed. I hate feelings. They suck. I put so much effort into loving David. Why couldn't I be enough for him?"

"Some people are just meant to destroy our lives." I explained, the alcohol in my system opening me up to things I normally would never say. I looked over at her and watched her closely. She looked so pretty as the lights from outside played against her features. "Too bad we couldn't get them back. Make them feel what we feel."

I watched as Amilee's eyes perked up and she sat up instantly. Her grey eyes locked onto mine in excitement. "What if we could?!"

I frowned. "How?"

Her excitement faded quickly as she realized she didn't have an answer to that. "I don't know." she pouted and I found it cute. Amilee removed her light work jacket and found myself eyeing her up and down. Her top was loose on her but it complimented her nicely. Her larger bust filling it out nicely. "Too bad we couldn't just get hitched and it make them want us back." I muttered. Her head snapped back towards me. Her eyes locked onto mine again before they began to roam down my face to my lips, then all the way down my chest and then to my.. ahem.

I couldn't help my excitement as her eyes took me in. Then her eyes flicker back up and a large smile came upon her face.

"Lets do it." she spoke, surprisingly. After a few minutes of intense starring, we both busted out laughing. We laughed for a bit before we could calm down fully. She wiped the tears from her eyes from laughing.

Ryan had pulled over and went inside to grab a few more drinks for us. She shifted and smiled at me. "I like you." she admitted.

"I like you too." I admitted back.

"You're kind of scary though, you know that?" she told me. I frowned.


"You're so big." She blurted out. But within seconds she blushed. I couldn't help but grin. "I mean-"

"Good guess." I followed up with and she went a few shades darker if that was even possible.

"What if getting hitched worked?"

I raised a brow. The idea wasn't bad. At least, I didn't think it was bad. Amilee and I were both smart people, apparently we both didn't think it was too crazy. Although we had lost count on how many drinks we have had.

"Should we consider it?"

She bit her lower lip and I felt turned on. Normally I had good self control, but it was hard with her. Her eyes noticed that I was starring at her lips. I watched her swallow hard. "Maybe we should give it a test?"

"Test?" I asked.

"A kiss?" she offered and looked away embarrassed. I was surprised by it. But with how she looked right now and the alcohol in my system, I wasn't going to turn it down.


She turned back towards me and I reached out and gently touched her chin. She shivered at the touch and I felt a fire build in my stomach. Her reactions to my touch was turning me on. My hands seemed giant to her but she didn't flinch or move away when I leaned forward and brought her closer to me. Her hands gently laid across my chest. I watched in interest as her grey eyes went from my eyes and traveled back down and stopped at my lips.

It seemed like minutes but it was only a few seconds until we both leaned in and our lips touched. Time seemed to stand still and it didn't take long for me to deepen the kiss. She follow suit and I couldn't help but feel proud that this beautiful woman was attracted to me and accepting me. I snaked my hands down around her waist and brought her curvy body up against me. She gasped lightly and I took that moment to begin a dance with our tongues. I growled in delight as she pressed against me more.

Finally we both broke apart and breathed heavily. We couldn't look away form each other. That's when I made up my mind. As crazy as it sounds, this was a good idea.

"Lets do it."

"Okay." she agreed without a fight.

Ryan climbed back into the car and handed us the drinks he bought. "Where to now?" he asked raising a brow.

"Take us to the nearest chapel so we can get eloped."

Ryan about jumped out of his seat. His eyes went wide as he looked at us both. "Um, what?" He watched as I gave him a look that I wasn't joking. He rubbed his eyes and sighed. "As your best friend, I have to say, I need a few more drinks in me before I can agree to this."

"Then drive somewhere and drink. It's happening with or without you."

And that is what ended up happening. Ryan made some phone calls and after we had parked he had himself many drinks as Amilee and I also continued to drink. We were both wasted by the time we finally went into the chapel and said our vows. I had bought a cheap set of wedding bands for now. It was the best I could do considering what time it was. We took a taxi to stop at an overnight store as Amilee needed to grab a 'few things.'

Ryan had taken another taxi home while we took a different once back to my place. We stumbled into my house and laughed as we made it to the bedroom. She looked around. "B-Bathroom?" she stuttered. I nodded and pointed at the door for the master bath in my room. She grabbed the bag and somehow made it in there without falling.

This was great. I removed my shirt and pants and was left in nothing but my boxers. I stretched and sat on the side of my bed. I was so tired after all the excitement it was hard to keep my eyes open. That was, until Amilee appeared from the bathroom in nothing but red lacy bra and underwear. I swallowed hard and felt my growing excitement. Oh god.

My eyes traveled down her gorgeous body. For someone who came across as plain at first she was anything but. Her body held more curves that I had realized. Sure, she wasn't toned or anything, but damn. Her breasts were perky, her stomach was flat but she had a bit of fluff on her. Her hips were curvy and when she turned I saw a nice round ass. I growled in approval. Her eyes were hooded as she walked towards me. She tripped and almost fell, but I reached out and caught her. I led her to stand in front of me. Her eyes were looking for my approval. I reached around and pulled her down to straddle me. My lips smashed into hers and she quickly responded to me. We both were so drunk I was surprised we were able to make it this far.

All rational thoughts or actions were out the window. I tried my best to lay her onto the bed so we could continue but we landed and fell onto it instead. She giggled and I chuckled. We both laid there side by side and looked at each other. It didn't even take a moment for us to close our eyes and we both passed out.

The End.

Author's Note:

Oh god. It's over. I'm balling! AHHHH! You guys, I felt like this was it. I wanted to make this longer, but I just didn't feel right about it. I couldn't think of anything and I figured it was just be a filler anyways. So I felt this was the best course of action. The End. Oh man. I loved Amilee and Tate. SO much! And thank you SO MUCH for sticking with me through all of this! I only hope you fell in love with them like I did!

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