The Wisdom of A Little Child

Sixteen year old Chris was sitting on a chair in the parlor crying his eyes out. The tears poured were pouring down his cheeks like waterfalls, and his heart was breaking into thousands of pieces. His mother died two days ago and he missed her so much. The loneliness he felt towards her absence was tangible. He felt empty inside and wished that he was in her arms at that moment feeling her comforting presence. He knew that his father was also missing her.

"I miss you so much, mom," Chris said. "Why did you have to leave me alone? It hurts. I love you mom, and I wish you were here with me right now."

Chris's tears began to pour down his cheeks faster and he began to sob loudly.

A few minutes later, Six year old George walked into the room because he heard his older brother crying. He felt sorry for him and wanted to help him. He climbed on Chris's lap and wiped the tears from his eyes. Chris stopped crying and looked at his little brother. He was puzzled because his little brother's face looked bright and cheerful.

"How can you be so happy, mom died?" Chris asked George.

"How can you be so sad, mommy is in heaven with Jesus now and she is happy?"

George's words made Chris feel a little better. He continued to sit in the chair silently holding his little brother in his arms. He was thankful to God for giving him a little brother.

The End.