It all happened on a late winter afternoon, the three friends were walking along the sidewalk of a busy street, they talking about the three golden key rings they'd received from Mira.

A fair way ahead of them they saw a crowd and Lila figured it was a magic act and the trio of girls went for a look.

The magician saw them arrive and said one word to Mira only, "goodbye" he said. Tammy steered them away to an ice cream store but Mira stayed confused at the comment of the magician. She could only wonder for now.

Whilst the girls exited happily with their ice creams the door would only allow one out at a time.

Mira knew this and walked behind but Tammy and Lila's pride made them want to leave first only this caused Lila's ice cream to fall out of her hand.

She was outraged and pushed Tammy to get back at her and sure enough, her ice cream landed on the ground too.

Both girls fought but during that Lila's key ring came undone. Mira went to retrieve it.

Tammy was the only one of the three that saw it but by the time her mouth moved it was too late.

Lila turned hoping for Mira to be standing there smiling but she was greeted with blood. It covered the road, a truck but more importantly, Mira.

Both girls ran to her side taking one of her hands each while the tears fell.

They didn't want to believe it. Mira must be knocked out. She couldn't be… dead…

Neither would say it was their fault or that it was shared. All they would do was to blame each other.

A few days later they stood together, a few meters apart. Just staring… it was like everything had become grey without Mira. All they really had left of the bonds were the memories and photos but even those had been put away.

"It was-" Lila began

"it was all your fault." Tammy replied coldly

"No it wasn't Tammy! You know that!"

"If you put your key ring on properly Mira would still be here!"

Tammy's eyes began to water up like a tap that was turned on.

"You pushed me first though!"

"It was an accident. Unlike when you pushed me back!" Lila, unlike Tammy, her eyes weren't close to overflowing.

As the girls exchanged reasons they didn't notice something. Mira was there, watching with stunned eyes while wishing that this never happened so she could still be with them.

Over the next few weeks, school began. Tammy and Lila avoided one another at all costs, the entire school knew this. But they couldn't run forever.

When school had ended for the day Lila spotted Tammy walking home with another other girl.

Tammy felt something watching her and she turned her head. Her eyes met with Lila's for a few seconds before Tammy turned her head back to her friend. Once they couldn't her, Lila stared at her feet tearing up. Before long it was too much and she ran, anywhere. Behind her was the transparent Mira watching at what her best friends have become.

Day in and day out it was the same, they never spoke and rarely looked at one another. Mira trailed either Lila or Tammy for a long time. During that time it was horrible for Mira, both of them had just… moved on… it wasn't the same anymore.

On a day, two years, one month, one week and three days from the day that it happened, Lila walked into a seemingly empty room but looking out the window was Tammy, she turned to see the person who'd walked in, that was of course Lila, as she left the room she felt herself being pulled back. Turning around she saw Tammy with tear in her eyes.

"I'm so sorry Lila," Lila was shocked really.

"We need to stop running from the past."

"The person at fault was neither me nor you. I'm so sorry Tammy." The tears fell down Lila's face and her knees grew weak.

Within a minute the once best friends to strangers fell to the ground, weeping and reconciling with one another, as if trying to make up for the time that they should've but didn't.

Behind them the ghost of Mira teared up. 'They finally made up' she thought.

One night, two years, one month, one week and three days after a horrible accident, two girls stood together, side by side, reminiscing the life of an important person whose time was cut short. One girl had a necklace with a pendant of a golden star, the other with a single earring and like the first, with a golden star. Both got this golden star two years, one month, one week and three days ago. The third holder of a golden star smiled happily at the scene before her whispering and 'thank you' into the breeze, her spirit finally being put to rest.

The girls didn't know this but still turned around to see nothing but they smiled at each other, thinking it was nothing.

Author's note

So this is based off a song called reboot, this was based of an English cover by sirhamnet on YouTube (search her up, she's SOOOO good) but beware, the song is really sad, the names aren't really mentioned so I just gave them new names...heheh...don't kill me...

Anyway it feels good to write again (procrastinating still) so yeah... (::) cookie. Now don't tell anyone! Thanks! (An extra cookie to those who give a reveiw!)