Chapter 8

The cops at the police station are nice, trying their best to soothe our frazzled nerves. One cop in particular, Officer Dan, gives Abigail his coffee. Even though I'm worried, I can't help but notice how he looks at her like he's interested. He's quite good-looking for his age, I muse.

The visit goes by in a blur. I tell them about both the notes I received. They ask me questions like 'Has anyone threatened you?' and 'Do you know anyone who might want to hurt you or scare you?' Once I'm done giving my statement, Officer Dan volunteers to escort us home. I try my best not to smirk as he walks with Abigail, assuring her that they will look into the case and telling her not to worry. By the time we reach the car, her anxious frown has lessened slightly

When we reach home, I get out of the car. Abigail says thanks, and is about to step out when Officer Dan stops her with a hand to her shoulder. He holds out his card with his other hand. "Call me whenever you feel unsafe, all right?"

Abigail looks immensely grateful, and gives him a soft smile. "Thank you so much, Officer. You have no idea how much I appreciate your help."

"It was my pleasure." He gives her a warm smile.

Abigail clambers out of the car, and waves. Officer Dan waves back, and drives away.

"Isn't he helpful?" Abigail has a dreamy expression on her face.

I raise my eyebrows at her. "Please, feel free to go out with him."

Abigail looks surprised for a moment, then shakes her head. "Kids these days," she mutters. "Too perceptive for their own good."

"Me? Perceptive?" I snort. "My bro, who I was living with, was plotting to kill someone. Did I have a clue? Nope. You were just being completely obvious."

Abigail looks worried. "You mean I screwed it up?"

"He was as big a despo as you, don't worry," I console her, grinning like mad.

Abigail lightly smacks me on the head, "Don't you dare make fun of me, you little brat! I work, you know! I don't have time to look for suitable boyfriends!"

I roll my eyes at her, still grinning. "Yeah, like you'd have found one even if you'd looked."

And then I run away, laughing. She chases me, and finally, when she gets tired of running after me, she chucks a cushion at me. We end up having a full-fledged pillow fight, and for a while, everything feels right.

Even though my parents are dead, and my brother is in jail, and a stranger is sending me freaky notes, life feels good.


Mark and I decide to bunk English and we hide in a part of the school that's currently unused. We sit on the stairs in the abandoned wing, talking every now and then. He smiles often, and I love his smile. It makes me want to smile back, even when everything sucks.

"What are you thinking about?" Mark looks directly at me, and I shrug.

"Nothing important."

"Speaking of important," Mark gives me an intent look, and I wonder what it means.

"What?" I ask.

"My cousin's getting married, and I was wondering if you'd come to the wedding with me."

I stare at him, completely surprised. I tell myself to cut it out, that it's probably not what I think. It's not a date.

So, to clarify, I ask him, "Oh, are we all invited?"

Mark shakes his head. "Not at all. I'm asking you, to come as my date."

I bite my lip, flattered and confused, and above all, hopeful. "I'd love that."

"Good," Mark grins.

He tells me all the details of the wedding, how the wedding date is on the first Monday of the next month and how he's being forced to wear a tux. When he mentions his reluctance to dress up, it reminds me of Darren, and I laugh, even though it hurts a little.


Abigail goes out with Dan, or should I say, Officer Dan, on Tuesday. Apparently, she called him to ask if there were any leads in our case, and he asked her out to dinner.

When she comes back, she is totally blissed out. I smile, happy for her. She truly deserves this.

A week later, they're going steady. Abigail is less stressed out lately, and smiles more often. And I've even met Dan, in a non-police situation. As in, dinner at our house. He seems like a good guy, and a caring, attentive boyfriend. I'm glad Abigail found someone.

At school, we all decide to visit Gina. So, after our classes for the day are over, we all pile up into our cars, and drive to the hospital.

Gina is happy to see us. She looks healthier, and she isn't so pale anymore. She looks almost like she's back to her old, carefree self. However, when Drew mentions this, she sighs and says, "I threw up again three days ago."

She looks ashamed, and we all quickly say the most comforting things we can think of."It'll get better." "You're going to be okay, just keep moving forward." "Forget about what you did. Just concentrate on getting better." Somehow, we manage to make her smile at us, even though it's a small one.

We stay as long as we can. Eventually though, we have to go home. So, when we get up to leave, Gina says "Thank you so much for coming, guys. It means a lot to me."

Brad rolls his eyes at her, and tells her to stop being so mushy, before stooping down to give her a hug. The rest of us grin, knowing that he may seem a little aloof on the exterior, but he's a big softie inside.

Lacey stays behind though, saying that she'll leave in an hour.

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