A/N: Here is th prequel to my story Defy and Comply. You don't have to read Defy and Comply in order to understand it, so it's alright for everyone to read. In fact, if you read this before you read Defy and Comply you'll have more background for it.

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Title: Trapped in Purgatory

By: Revamp

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Friendship/Psychological/Action/Drama/Hurt/Comfort/Mystery/Horror

Pairings: Straight and yaoi

Warnings: language, sexual situations, drug use, violence, death and that's all I can think of. Kind of standard anime stuff here.

Summary: (m x m, f x m) Welcome to the graduation from hell. PREQUEL TO DEFY AND COMPLY BUT YOU DON'T NEED TO READ IT TO UNDERSTAND.

Chapters: 25


Trapped in Purgatory

By: Melissa Norvell/Revamp



Shinjinku Academy has always stood out among the other schools. It's the school of the elite and super-talented. There were three ways in which one could get into the academy. You were either rich, you were famous or you had an exceptional skill. There was no raffle, no won educations, and someone was either at the top of their game or they were worthy of going there, Most of the idols, actors and super intelligent scientists that made ground breaking discoveries attended Shinjinku.

I've been going for a while. In fact, it's a couple of weeks before graduation for my class, When I first came here, I thought this school was sort of strange. We all had to take an extracurricular class like swimming, archery, or kendo. Not all of us really liked that option but we were all paying money to go here. We had to make the best of it.

Right beside of Shinjinku Academy was Shinjinku College For The Talents. Taking college here was also mandatory, so we had to all stay in dorms the week before graduation even if we chose to live at home. Some of my classmates have been living in the dorms all year; others went home daily or weekly.

I've got to say, I go to school with some impressive people. I mean, these guys are superstars with unprecedented talent: a rock star that's already turned out five chart topping hits worldwide, a baseball star who has won more championships than I can count, a criminologist that helped solve a 25 year old cold case, a military strategist who helped the Japanese army win the last critical war we've been in and made a new type of battle plan, and this guy is my age. These are elite. Sometimes I feel pretty intimidated by them. The only thing I'm really known for is a couple of paintings that were used in a movie and I've had a few of my pieces in museums. Compared to these guys, I feel subpar.

In the end, by the time graduation came around, I would soon know the cruel, hard facts of life. That it doesn't matter what your position in life is, your outcome will be the same. We all die. Some problems just couldn't be solved and sometimes happiness is unattainable. Despite how famous anyone here is, their fame will die. Even if they go down in history, the history itself will die. They'll be forgotten. Everyone will be forgotten. That was just how reality worked. Everyone wanted to know that they were alive, of course they did. It was why everyone led a life of pointless aspects until they were gone. They didn't know any better.

Besides, what else was there for them to do?

...To Be Continued

A/N: Here is the prologue to my prequel. I hope that you all enjoy. Remember, reviews are returned.