Alice Shanfelter - Herself

Josh Temple - The White Rabbit

Kimble Marshal - The Caterpillar

Devin Clinevelle - The Cheshire Cat

Shieh'Ron Freeman - The Mad Hatter

Hunter Harrison (ME) - The March Hare

Haley Goodrow - The Queen of Hearts

Ryan York - Card Guard(s)

Jessica Lipford - The Dodo Bird

Mrs. Von Poks – Herself

Alice did her best to pay attention to Mrs. Von Poks, as she paced the room attempting to make her trig class livelier.

"Can anyone tell me how solve this? Any remote clue?" asked Mrs. Von Poks; Alice had long since solved the problem, however, she found herself too lazy to answer. Whilst everyone else was busy texting a friend or two in other classes, Alice paid extra hard attention, as the class would raise her GPA enough to get into a very good college. It was normal for the time of year, everyone was too excited for school to end to be worried about finishing their work; all it did for Alice was make her feel sleepy and stupid. She missed her friends something terrible; Josh, Shieh'Ron, Hunter and Haley were all in the auditorium preparing the end of the year play, and Kimble and Devin were off in their own classes; while she was stuck by herself.

Alice raised her hand; "Yes Alice?" said Mrs. Von Poks, "Can I go to the bathroom?" she asked, a walk was what she needed to keep from falling asleep.

"Sign your passbook," said Mrs. Von Poks, who retreated to her desk to get a pen. Alice dug into her backpack for her agenda and quickly scribbled, on a random page, her destination; Mrs. Von Poks signed her approval and Alice hurried out of the crowded classroom. She sighed in relief to be away from the noise of her classmates and heat of room and to be walking through the cool, silent hallway. Alice stopped: the hallway was absolutely quiet, normally people were crawling the hallways doing exactly what she was doing, but there was not a soul in sight.

"Mrs. Von Poks?" said Alice, confusion in her voice; she stepped back to the classroom, which had silenced as well and found it dark and completely empty. Alice felt the blood drain from her face; she moved to Mr. Watts's room next door only to find empty darkness. Alice's heart skipped a beat; She ran to the main stairwell to find Mr. Massello's room and the library closed and quiet. In attempt to keep herself calm, Alice did the only thing rational thing she could think of: "HELLO?" she bellowed, her voice echoing through the empty school.

"Dear, oh dear" came a familiar voice from around a corner, Alice wheeled to find a friendly face; he had a mop of curly-brown hair, blue eyes and was wearing a crimson waistcoatandhad a pair ofwhite rabbit ears protruding from his curls.

"Josh?" asked Alice, doing her best to stifle a laugh. Josh, however, appeared not to hear her and moved past her and swiftly down the main stairwell.

"Wait, Josh hold on a second" Alice called, moving as quickly as she could behind him. As she reached the foot of the stairwell, she could see Josh disappear behind the double doors on the opposite end of the school; "What the—how on Earth did he move that fast?" she gasped.

"Excuse me?" came the same familiar voice she'd heard on the upper floor, Alice turned and there stood Josh, rabbit ears and all.

"W-what the—how did?" said Alice exasperated, but then chose to ask the mother of all questions running wild in her head: "What the hell is going on here?" To her absolute fury: Josh appeared to be not listening to her as his attention kept shifting from a piece of paper to a golden wristwatch.

"Are you listening, Josh?" she shouted, annoyed; Josh finally turned his gaze to her "Ah!" he said, obvious relief in his voice.

"Would you mind telling me how to get—Oh never-mind there it is."

"What are you doing?" asked Alice, though to her absolute annoyance, Josh still was not listening to her; he opened up the heavy wooden door and disappeared into a custodial closet. "Josh come out of there," she sighed as she pulled the heavy door open; but Josh had disappeared. "What the-?" exclaimed Alice, "Josh! Where'd you go?" she shouted into the empty closet and took a step in.

"ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!" Alice screamed as she fell, head over heels, through the floor. Tumbling down, down, down; spinning faster and faster, Alice was praying she wouldn't be sick.

"WHOA!" she screeched, narrowly dodging a locker; oddly enough, while she fell down things appeared to be falling up! Lockers, bookcases and tables hurled themselves at the falling girl. SLAM! She collided, face first, with a table; the table fell backward sending Alice sliding off and she continued her spinning descent. Turning herself over, Alice screamed as she saw the floor rushing closer and closer; she braced for impact…but it never came. Alice cautiously lowered her arms and found herself hovering arms length above concrete floor; but before she could breathe a sigh of relief she dropped, unceremoniously, onto the cold floor.

"Ow" she groaned, pushing herself to her feet. Looking up, she saw Josh running down the hall and making a left turn.

"Hold on Josh!" shouted Alice, as she ran after him. She'd barely run five paces when she smacked into something sturdy. After much rubbing of the sore spot and much swearing, Alice looked to see what she'd hit, but nearly jumped out of her skin as she looked up to see her own someone staring her straight in the eyes. After the initial shock, Alice realized that the person was herself, a quick inspection told Alice, "A mirror?" she said incredulously, "Who puts a mirror in the middle of the room?"

"Oh dear, this won't do at all!" cried the familiar voice. Alice let out a shriek of surprise as Josh had appeared, out of nowhere, next to her; "Oh well," he muttered, he turned to leave and appeared to suddenly notice Alice "No time to say hello," he said and made off in the other direction.

"Josh, wait a second! What is going on here?" Alice raged, as the curly-haired boy took off running; "Well," Alice thought "It couldn't be any worse than staying here by myself," and with that, Alice hurried after him as quickly as she could.

Josh obviously knew where he was going in the mirror filled maze; his path was utterly confusing (left, right, right, left, middle fork, right, left; Alice tried keeping track but quickly gave up); and the many mirrors were very disorienting, as Alice kept running into them.

"Where—are you—going?" she panted to herself as Josh showed no sign of tiring; he rounded a corner and disappeared from view. Alice rounded the corner herself, and skidded to a halt; there was a fork in the road and no Josh in sight.

Alice eyes flashed from the left to the right, "Which way did he go?" she wondered; as she said this, a door slammed shut in the distance and the sound came from the path on the right. Dashing to the right, Alice ran down the long corridor and found a tall wooden door. Pushing with all of her strength, the door creaked open.

Alice entered into a large room, filled with doors; she looked around the room at all of them. She moved to a large emerald green door and twisted the knob but as much as she pushed or pulled, the door was impassible; she moved to a narrow violet door but as she reached for the knob, found it to be an extraordinarily detailed painting. After checking a large, rotten door only to find its hinges were rusted shut, she found a door no bigger then her hand, she squatted down to inspect it closer; it was in the best condition then the other doors and it was the only one with a keyhole.

"Well, it's what Alice did in the book" thought Alice logically. She jiggled the knob with her index finger and thumb and found it locked, "Typical" she muttered darkly. She looked around the room and found a glass table in the center of the room, something that hadn't been there a minute ago.

On the table, were a small silver key and a single glass bottle filled with amber liquid; Alice picked up the tiny bottle and written on the label in loopy cursive were the words: "Drink Me". Thinking nothing-else-for-it and turning back to the little door, Alice raised the bottle to her lips.

"Wait a second!" she said, pushing the bottle away, "I remember this from the book," she snatched up the little key and slid it into her pocket; and then replaced the bottle to her lips and drained it in a single gulp. The liquid was incredibly sour and as her cheeks naturally imploded, her whole body felt as if it were imploding from the sourness. It was strange to watch the ceiling get so far away and floor get really close; however, as she shrank Alice realized, to her horror, that the key in her pocket wasn't! She scrambled to remove the rapidly growing key; finally, she finished her long descent, sighing in relief as the key lay safely beside her.

After a moment to collect herself, Alice tucked the key under her arm and took it over to the miniature door (which was now perfectly her size). Alice shoved the key into the keyhole and twisting it with all of her strength, the door gave a little 'click' and creaked open. Alice pulled the door open wide and ran through.

Alice ran down a long, dark tunnel, her footsteps making loud clomps as she went. At last, a speck of light reached the end of the tunnel; running as fast as her legs could go, Alice made for the light. Her nostrils were filled with the smell of grass; her footsteps ceased to clomp and instead, squished as they hit fresh dirt. Alice stared in awe, blades of grass had engulfed her view; she looked around and found someone sitting on a bed of grass, was an African-American boy with black cornrows, two antenna on his forehead and plush, furry tail strapped to his belt; he had a dreamy look on his face and was smoking a pipe with a strange purple mist wafting from the end. Alice couldn't believe her eyes: "Kimble?" she asked.

The young man turned to her; his face grew into a stupid grin ("Josh in rabbit ears and Kimble being stupid, this is too weird," muttered Alice).

"Who—are—you?" his deep voice asked slowly.

"You know good and well who I am!" said Alice curtly.

"I do not," Kimble replied matter-of-factly, and then asked absently "Do you know?"

"Of course I know!" she barked, irritably.

"What?" said Kimble, as if realizing that Alice was still there, "Sorry, I was talking to that cloud up there" he said, pointing his pipe at a fluffy white cloud directly above them. Alice rolled her eyes, it would be pointless to keep talking to cloud boy over there; her best plan of action would be to get back to her original size.

With nobody else around to ask, Alice swallowed her frustration and turned to Kimble; "Do you know how to get big?" she asked.

The question appeared to startle Kimble as he began retching up the purple smoke; "I beg your pardon!" he coughed incredulously.

"Big! As in taller!" she cried obvious annoyance in her voice.

"Oh," he replied dreamily, he was silent for a moment (causing Alice to raise her eyebrows in anticipation) and answered bluntly "No."

"ARGH! This is ridiculous," she thundered, frustratedly.

"You know, you need to lighten up," Kimble said lightly, "Go on, have a puff" offering her his pipe.

"I don't smoke, and neither should you! You're on the soccer team for Christ sake!" Alice retorted.

"Okay, but it's the only way to get taller," he coaxed.

"Hold on, I thought you didn't know how to get taller!" she raged.

"I don't" he replied, "Sometimes, you just got to go with the flow." Kimble rose to his feet, "Here" he said, thrusting the pipe into Alice's hand.

"Where are you—Look I'm a butterfly!" cried Kimble. He spread his arms out wide and took off running, bellowing: "I'm a butterfly! And I'm going to fly, high! Into the sky!" and as he disappeared into the trees of grass he laughed "Whoa, that rhymes!"

Alice stood there, dumbstruck; a pothead Kimble was just way too hard to believe. She looked down at the pipe in her hand, which was still emanating its odd purple miasma, and remembered back to the sour shrinking-potion.

"Well it could be worse" she reasoned, Alice put the pipe to her lips and inhaled deeply. She immediately dropped the pipe and clutched her throat coughing as the smoke choked her. The more she expelled from her lungs, the more she felt like a balloon being inflated. Alice fell to her knees, in order to catch her breath, onto green grass; Alice's eyes shifted from the grass, to herself: she had returned to her normal height!

Alice looked around and found that she was, apparently, in the senior courtyard of the high school. However, the path split: she could go to the left and go inside the school or she could go to the right and go around to the front.

"Great," she muttered "Now where did Josh go?"

"Lose something?" asked a sly voice from behind her. Alice wheeled, and found a brown-haired boy, sitting atop a low wall, with cat ears perched in his hair, "Devin?" said a disbelieving Alice.

"Yup?" he said with a purr.

"Josh with rabbit ears, a hippie Kimble and now Devin's a cat," sighed Alice "What next?"

"You know, you shouldn't talk to yourself or people will think you're crazy," lolled Devin lazily.

Alice threw Devin a dark look but she breathed deeply and asked as calmly as she could manage "Which way should I go?"

"Depends on where you want to get to," shrugged Devin.

"Oh not this tired argument!" whined Alice.

"Very well," he moaned in disappointment, "By the way" he said "In case you're interested, he went that way" he pointed to the right.

"Who?" asked Alice, impatiently.

"Curly hair, rabbit ears" replied Devin simply.

"Josh! Really? He did?" Alice asked, excitedly.

"Did what?"

"Go that way!"

"Who did?"


"Who is Josh?" the fascination in Devin's voice was obvious.

Alice slapped a hand to her forehead, "Just tell me what's down that path?" she muttered.

"Well, the path to your left will take you back to the Hall of Mirrors and the path on your right will lead you to the Hatter and the Hare" purred Devin.

"At last!" cried Alice, excited for the first straight answer she'd received "Now we hear some sense, thanks Devin."

As Alice turned to leave, Devin spoke again: "Let me give you some friendly advice," said Devin.

"What?" asked Alice sarcastically "that the Hatter is a little mad?"

"No, the Hare is a little mad, the Hatter is ten times worse!" lolled Devin, "What I wanted to say was: was not to go looking for trouble."

"And what's that supposed to mean?" asked Alice, her temper flaring.

"Only that trouble finds those who are mad" he said simply.

"EXCUSE ME?" cried an incredulous Alice.

"On a scale of one-to-ten, the Hatter and Hare, together, score a five; you on the other hand score a perfect ten-out of-ten for being mad!" he replied.

"I am not mad," said Alice coolly.

"You must if you came to a place like this," laughed Devin. Alice, ready to breath fire, turned away and as she took a step forward Devin chimed "I'd go the other way if I were you."

Alice snapped, she turned furiously, ready to let Devin have it: but he had vanished from the low wall; her anger had diminished completely, only to be replaced by sheer annoyance.

"How do they do that?" she asked herself. As she turned to leave, Alice clapped a hand over her mouth, thinking, Devin was right: she shouldn't talk to herself.

Moving past the low wall towards a metal door, Alice pulled open the door and was met by a strong blast of icy air conditioning. The room she'd entered into highly resembled her school cafeteria; the two sitting at the table were: another African-American boy in a maroon blazer and fedora; his companion was brown-haired, also clad in a maroon blazer and had tall brown rabbit ears protruding from his thick mane.

"Shieh'Ron and Hunter," thought Alice "Sadly this is the most sensible thing I've seen since I came to this loony bin." Alice walked up to the duo's table (Shieh'Ron and Hunter were deep in conversation) and sat down next to Hunter.

As she sat down, the conversation died instantly; both of them gave her looks of utter offense and then both said, simultaneously, "No Room!"

"There's plenty of room at this table," replied Alice darkly.

"Very well then" responded Hunter simply.

"But it was rude of you to interrupt the Hare's unbirthday party," said Shieh'Ron.

"Indeed it was."

Alice opened her mouth to retort but she was unable to think of a good response, "Okay I've got to give you that one."

"Please continue Hatter, you were just telling me a most amusing story" said Hunter, turning back to Shieh'Ron.

"Quite right Hare; well as I was saying, I was playing croquet with the Queen a few days ago and as she swung at her ball, she missed horribly and clocked herself smack on the head!"

Hunter roared with laughter, but Alice could only stare; "What?" she breathed, "That story wasn't funny, that's terrible!"

"Oh, do lighten up Alice," giggled Hunter.

"How can you say that!" Alice cried, "She could have hurt herself"

"I concur with Hare, come now have a nice cup of tea" lolled Shieh'Ron. Alice, thinking that a cup of tea might sooth her temper, lifted the porcelain teapot and tipped it into her cup; however, instead of the steaming brown liquid, several white crystals fell from the spout.

"What the-?" wondered Alice, she lifted the top of the pot to find that it was filled to the brim with sugar; Alice examined the table and found that Hunter and Shieh'Ron were conversing with cups filled, to the brim, with tea.

"Wait a second, how did you-?" Alice began, but Hunter quickly lifted a sugar container, shook it, opened its lid and then dumped its contents (of hot tea) into Alice's cup.

"A riddle?" said Shieh'Ron cheerfully drowning his own drink in sugar; "What flies without wings?"

Alice thought for a moment and then shrugged "I don't know, what flies without wings?"

Hunter spit out his tea, "Excuse me?" he said, looking as if Alice had slapped him.

"I was asking for the answer to his riddle," said Alice.

"Preposterous!" snapped Shieh'Ron, "I'd never ask such an idiotic question"

"But you DID!" raged Alice.

"DID NOT!" Shieh'Ron argued back.



Suddenly Hunter slammed his fists on the table, causing everything to shutter (spilling a jug of milk) and Shieh'Ron and Alice to stare; "I have an excellent idea!" he said loudly, lifting an intelligent finger into the air.

Alice waited to hear Hunter's "excellent" idea, but Hunter, apparently forgetting that he'd said a word, took a mighty swig from his teacup.

"And that would be?" said Alice, attempting to jog his memory.

Hunter stared at her innocently, "And that would be, what?" he asked.

"You said that you had a good idea!" said Alice.

"Did I?" asked a bemused Hunter, though his attitude quickly perked up "Hatter did you hear? I had a good idea!"

Shieh'Ron, who had fallen silent by this time, smiled wide "Well congratulations lad!" he said, shaking Hunter's hand rigorously. Alice rolled her eyes, she lifted her teacup to her lips, but no drink came out, Alice looked: her teacup was empty.

"How in the—?" she asked, inspecting the cup thoroughly.

"Hatter I'd like a clean cup" said Hunter.

"As would I my good fellow!" The two rose from the table, Alice quickly mimicking, and Shieh'Ron placed a hand on the edge of the table and spun it like a wheel.

"Clean cup, clean cup, move down, move down, move down!" chanted Hunter merrily, as the trio dodged flying china. Hunter repeated the line once more, "Clean cup, clean cup, move down, move down, move down!" and then stuck out his foot, and the table came to a violent halt. Shieh'Ron and Hunter sat down to perfectly clean seats; Alice however sat in the seat next to where the milk jug had spilled over.

"The two you have way too much fun," commented Alice.

"You can have just as much fun, if you would stop being so tense!" noted Shieh'Ron.

"Agreed" said Hunter, spreading a plateful of butter onto a basket of rolls. "You need to just relax and go with it!" There was the sound of breaking china, as Hunter took a huge bite out of the butter dish. Alice had put up with a lot since arriving to this "wonderland": A disappearing Josh, the Hippie Kimble, and an, even more, condescending Devin; but learning a life lesson from the wonder twins…Alice had had enough.

She rose to her feet, "I'm sorry but I don't have time for this!"

As she turned to leave she heard: "What a fascinating concept…time" said a mystified Shieh'Ron.

"Do you have the time my good Hatter?" asked Hunter.

"I do not; do you have the time my good Hare?" Shieh'Ron replied.

"If she doesn't have the time and we don't have the time, then who has the time?" asked Hunter.

At that moment, Josh in his red waistcoat and silver rabbit ears walked up to the table, his wristwatch to his ear.

"Darn it!" he muttered, "I'm late—whoa!" he cried as Hunter reached out and snagged Josh's wrist and placed the watch to his ear.

"No wonder you're late, this watch is two days slow," said Hunter simply.

"TWO DAYS SLOW?!" cried Josh incredibly.

"Two days early" piped up Shieh'Ron, taking a large swig of tea with an obnoxious slurp.

"Quite right, Hatter, two days early," agreed Hunter, releasing Josh's wrist.

"Wait a minute!" said a confused Josh, "So am I two days early or am I late?"

"You're right on time!" cried Shieh'Ron.

Alice and Josh stared at Shieh'Ron, "What?" Josh managed.

"My dear boy, if you're not early and certainly not late, then you are right on time" said Shieh'Ron matter-of-factly.

"I see," said Josh; he shrugged and then said "Well cheerio!" and then dashed out of the room.

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" roared Alice, chasing after Josh again. Alice ran out of the cafeteria and down the main hallway, just in time to see Josh duck out towards main office. With a split second thought, Alice ducked out a side door.

"Maybe I can cut him off," she thought; running back into the sunshine, Alice made for the front of the school but instead of finding Josh, Alice saw a bronze armored man and fair-haired girl dressed in a red-and-navy dress with golden tiara perched atop her head.

"Haley?" wondered Alice.

"FORE!" Haley screeched, whacking a croquet ball with all of her strength; Alice ducked, the ball missed her head by inches.

"Hey watch what you're doing Haley!" shouted Alice angrily; Haley gave her a look of great indignation, she snapped her fingers (her bronze-clad crony snapped to attention) and barked "Off with her head!"

"W-What?!" asked Alice incredulously. The guard (who Alice suddenly realized had a striking resemblance to her friend Ryan) took a step towards her; Alice took an uneasy step back, this Ryan was twice her size and was armed with a very menacing axe.

"Wait!" screeched Haley; Alice breathed a sigh of relief as the guard-Ryan halted, "I've beheaded too many today…we shall let this one squirm, BRING HER TO THE COURTROOM!" she yelled; the guard-Ryan grabbed Alice roughly by the arm.

A bright light flashed into Alice's eyes; Alice shut them quickly to help readjust from the darkness. The guard-Ryan had led her into a dark room and sat her down, roughly, into a chair; the bright light that flashed on revealed to her that she had been led into the school auditorium. Haley was visible, sitting high in the technicians booth (accompanied by Ryan), "START THE TRIAL!" her voice booming across the wide space.

"Your Majesty!" came the booming voice of Josh (whom Alice suddenly realized was next to her) who bowed respectfully. "Members of the jury," he nodded to the three members sitting in the first row of the audience; Alice squinted into the darkness to see who the jurors were. She saw: Kimble, who was sprawled out in his seat, had his pipe in his mouth and a pair of butterfly wings strapped to his back; Devin was lolled out in seat, eyes closed in mock-sleep; and her friend Jessica dressed in a large, canary yellow bird suit.

Josh cleared his throat, loudly, and took out a folded-up piece of paper, "The defendant is charged with a complete indifference towards any form of entertainment and repeatedly harassing citizens of Wonderland."

Alice couldn't believe what she'd just heard, "Repeatedly harassing—indifference towards entertainment? What kind of ridiculous charges are those?!" She shouted.

"Exhibit A" said Josh sarcastically.

Haley tutted loudly and then shrieked "FIRST WITNESS!" Alice's hands shot to cover her ears; two guard-Ryan's brought, by the arms, an idiotically grinning Hunter.

"Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth?" asked Josh.

"For what?" asked Hunter.

"For the trial,"

"Who's on trial?"

"She is!" said Josh, pointing a finger at Alice,

"Who is she?!"

"Alice!" snapped Alice

"Who is Alice?!"

"ME!" she roared, annoyed;

"Well it's nice to meet you!" said Hunter; Alice rolled her eyes.

"WHAT DO YOU KNOW…" bellowed Haley from the top booth, "…ABOUT THIS GIRLS CRIME?"

"NOTHING!" Hunter bellowed back "I HARDLY KNOW HER!"

"THAT'S VERY IMPORTANT!" Haley shrieked, again, this time waking Devin from his fake nap.

"You may step down," Haley said unusually calm, and then screamed "NEXT WITNESS!"

As Hunter jumped down from the stage, the two guard-Ryan's were leading Shieh'Ron to the stage.

"Oh no," groaned Alice "I would have been better off with Hunter as a witness!"

"What do you know about this terrible crime?" asked Josh solemnly, as if talking about a recently deceased person.

"Nothing," said Shieh'Ron loudly.

"Nothing at all?" asked Josh incredibly.

"What? Who said I didn't know anything?" asked Shieh'Ron as if he'd just found out about a lie told on him.

"You did!"

"Don't be putting words in my mouth!" snapped Shieh'Ron.

"JUST GET ON WITH IT!" screamed Haley, causing everyone to jump.

"As you wish your Majesty" said Josh, bowing respectfully, he then turned back to Shieh'Ron and asked, "So what do you know?"

"All right, I'll admit it: you should never fall down more stairs than there are!" said Shieh'Ron, talking as if he'd said a very disgusting swear word. Everyone stared disbelievingly at him (Alice could see Hunter in the audience nodding his head in agreement).

"What?" asked Alice incredulously.

"I'm sorry but if you have any questions, please dial seven; thank you for calling," replied Shieh'Ron.

"That's got to be the most important piece of evidence so far," Haley whispered loudly to the armor-clad Ryan next to her "Jury, write that down!" she barked. Kimble examined the clipboard in his hand as if he'd never seen anything like it before; Devin, looking slightly offended at the idea of doing work, chucked the clipboard away and went right back to sleep. Jessica however, was scribbling furiously on her clipboard, taking in all of the cock-and-bull that came out of Shieh'Ron's mouth.

Haley cleared her throat loudly, "After due consideration, I find the defendant guilty as charged." Her verdict rang throughout the silent auditorium, as she readied to scream Alice's sentence, an armor clad Ryan whispered into her ear. "Oh all right!" She snapped and forcefully added, "Does the defendant have anything to say on her behalf?"

Alice's head was swimming; a crazy fall down a custodial closet, a rabbit Josh, a caterpillar-turned-butterfly Kimble. Not to mention that Devin was a cat, Shieh'Ron and Hunter had lost their minds and Haley was a complete psychopath. Despite all of the craziness that she'd had to endure, she had began to appreciate all of the lessons her friends had taught her, and she had been reminded of all of the fun she was missing just to secure her future.

"Yes," said Alice "After all that I've gone through since arriving here, I've learned that I need to loosen up and not worry about the future. I'll have plenty of time to worry about my studies, but I have a limited time as a teenager and I shouldn't waste it."

Shieh'Ron and Hunter burst into applause and Kimble cheered airily.

"Are you saying," said Haley, stepping walking down from the technicians booth "That you are willing to face MY wrath now that you have accepted that you must have more fun?" asked Haley stiffly.

"Yes" replied Alice her voice booming with confidence.

"I told you that she was mad," said Devin.

"What was that?" snarled Alice, the cheer draining from her voice.

Devin shrugged "It's like I said before, you'd have to be mad to come to a place like this, especially in your own head."

Alice gave him a confused stare but then it all became shockingly clear: "Hold on a second, this is happening in my head? None of this is real?"

"Of course it is not real," replied Haley impatiently, when her normally sweet smile cut across her face "But why should that not mean the lessons you've learned aren't?" Alice thought for a moment about Haley's logic but then decided that it wasn't worth it and smiled back at Haley.

"Now it's time to wake up Alice," said Haley sweetly; Alice stared.

"Wake up Alice."

Suddenly, Alice's vision got fuzzy and everything began to fade out of sight; as sight and sound began to fail her, Alice could hear all of her friends begin to slowly chant:

"Wake up Alice."

"Alice? Wake up Alice," came a voice from beyond the darkness.

Alice opened her eyes; her vision was bleary but Mrs. Von Poks swam into view.

"Oh, Mrs. Von Poks, I-I'm sorry, I guessed I dozed off" Alice began but Mrs. Von Poks grinned broadly.

"It's fine Alice, nobody really pays attention at this time of the school year; you did kind of worry me when I noticed one of my prize students drifts off on me."

"I'm sorry, but I had one insane dream; but it taught me that I've got plenty of time to be worried about my future and that I should be having fun here and now," said Alice.

"Hmm," said Mrs. Von Poks with a smile, "Sounds like some dream and it sounds like one that you needed to have."

At that moment the lunch bell rang; Alice scooped up her water bottle and elephant lunchbox and then fell in with the rest of the herd. Alice smiled as she weaved through the crowded hallway; she couldn't wait to get to lunch and to her friends.

Okay just a little background information: I wrote this four years ago (during Sophomore year) to commemorate the Tim Burton: Alice in Wonderland. Wonderland is set in Dinwiddie High School, and the casting was as close as I could get it