Robot Spider

Robot spider!
Spin your web.
Robot spider!
Bring living death!
Robot spider...
Savor your breath.
For soon spider...
I'll strike you dead!

Silk strands conspire...
To ensnare my flesh.
Spun by arachnid liars,
To keep my soul suppressed!
They never tire...
Of entombing masses in their mesh.

Will ever you be satiated?
I wait forever for the day.
To see those you entwined and desecrated!
Smiling when their blood has been repaid.

So robot spider...
In my brain dance around.
Robot spider!
Like a sick fucking clown!
Smirk on spider...
Soulless eyes compound.
Robot spider...
I'll strike you down!

Freedom from this I've contemplated.
From these strands perhaps I'll stray.
Forever has this scarred soul awaited.
The sunlight of a better day.

So robot spider...
For your death await.
Robot spider!
I'll clean you from this slate!
Robot spider,
Victims rent in twain.
Will find you spider!
And share with you their pain!