The stars gleamed among the night sky and the moon's light clean and beautiful like silver, softly covering the Auranor palace. Yet, with the gentle light from the moon and stars, inside the palace, a small fire was ready to burst into a roaring wildfire as the prince of the palace just discovered some frightening news about his competitor for the throne. Driven by his anger the prince explode in front of the King and the court during the night's court meeting. "Father I beg you, think about the consequences if he is to succeed?" The young prince said. The King clenched his throne's armrest until his knuckles turned white.

"My son, you must understand this was the only thing the council and I could agree on. Whether you agreed with us or not will not change anything." Said the old King, his voice boomed in the large blue chamber.

The young prince shook his head. "Father, please understand I am concerned of the well-being of this kingdom close to heart, however to choose him as my competition for the throne," The members of the court whispered to each other waiting for the King to respond.

"He has the strength and power that we need to continue protecting our Kingdom!" The King bellowed, slamming his fist against his throne's armrest.

"His power is clouding his mind and he abused the power he has now, father, yet you wish to put him on the throne?" The young prince shouted back.

The old King dragged a hand over his face and sighed. "You must understand that the court was split down the middle, the constant arguing was about to tear the palace in two. I can no longer hold back this storm…however, I was able to convince the them to let continue with your plans."

Now it was the young prince's turn to sigh as his eyes scanned the courtroom. Besides his father he knew that there was only one other person that held great persuasion over the other elves. It was very clear to the young elven prince that it was the council-elf's plan to put 'him' on the throne. Knowing this, it worried him that elf and his competition may interfere with his travels to the Gwaelon kingdom to see her. "I understand…then I will try my hardest to prove the council wrong about him…and my beloved." He turned to leave but stopped when the old King called out to him.

"Wait, let me ask you… why her? She is nothing but a human." The old King asked and the young prince smiled.

"A human, yes… A human that unearthed feelings from my heart with her kindness and beauty, yet she treated as an outcast by her own kind. When she smiled at me, I made it my goal to make her smile and show everybody her beauty. My red ruby…"