"Are you kidding me?!"

I blinked, confused. "Why are you yelling?"

My genuinely concerned expression made my sister growl. "That jerk cheated on you! He's getting married and just invited you to go as well! To see him be happy with the woman that knew very well what they were doing behind your back! She had the guile to smirk at you!"

I shrugged, "I am a firm believer in karma. In not two months after the marriage, one will cheat on the other. It's in their nature; that's the reason I'm not so fussed now."

Standing, I set my bills on the small coffee table and whistled, going over to my cupboard. "Would you like some tea? I know you like coffee, but I forgot to get some down the shops yesterday."

Diane was gaping at me now, eyes wide as saucers, "I can't believe it!"

Now curious as to what was making me almost speechless, I peered out the window as well, finding HIS car turning into my small driveway. "Oh..."

He was walking briskly up the stepping stones I'd put in the overgrown pathway. The door bell rang then. Diane, I could see now, wasn't going to move and so I went to answer the door, finding Mark shuffling on the welcome mat. I didn't let him in, just smiled sweetly. I couldn't let him, or anyone see how miserable I was, "Morning."

He was uncomfortable, and I relished in it, "Uh... Good morning, Daphne."

I waited for him to say whatever he had to say, but he just stuck a hand through his spiky black hair. "Could I come in?"

I considered it for a moment, then nodded and let him pass, a head and a half shorter than him. The kitchen seemed the best bet and I patted Diane's shoulder as I passed and resumed making the tea brew.

She was less than pleased to see him in the same room with us and scowled darkly, taking the only seat remaining by the small window seat that had all my bills and letters strewn out over it. "Three sugars, sis."

I nodded, getting out the boring tea cups that I'd been able to afford. "So you wanted to say something?" I asked, turning a little to Mark and nodding for him to speak.

"Uh... You see, Zarina left me," He muttered, bowing his head.

"Did she?" I asked, stunned. "Then why are you here?"

He seemed to jump, clearing his throat, "I-I know I hurt you, and that we invited you to the wedding... But I wanted to ask you... In private."

"Don't think you're getting me outta here, you vile plebian!" My sister snarled, eyes as hard as diamonds.

"Go ahead," I said.

"Would you take me back?" He whispered, eyes shimmering with tears in them. "I know I caused you so much pain, and that I hurt you so much, but-I love you!"

I set down the spoon, shaking my head, "I can't do that, Mark. You made your choice, and I won't be the girl you settle for because that woman left you as you left me. I won't be a rebound, and I certainly won't fall for this all over again."

He sniffled, eyes on the floor, "Daph, please?"

I still shook my head, not letting the swaying feelings in my heart betray me. I was better off without this, and I couldn't just settle for this guy, who had always been untrustworthy. "I'm sorry, but that is my final answer. I must ask you to leave."

He looked ready to say something more, but blinked as Diane stood up and glared murderously up to him. She was taller than me, and three years younger at that. "My sister told you to leave. Do so before I have my husband forcibly make you."

Phil would be able to do that, I thought as I stirred the tea. "Goodbye, Mark," I murmured as he looked ready to say more. "I hope that when you do find the girl you truly care about, you treat her right and don't hurt her."

"I'm sorry," He whispered one last time before he turned and left the room.

I leaned back on the bench, eyes closing for a moment as I tried to tell myself I'd done the right thing. I knew I had, but it was guilt over his obviously crushed feelings that made me feel terrible. I wouldn't have taken him back; he wasn't for me, and I knew he'd do it again later, after the novelty of a girlfriend wore off. I could be happy now, I didn't have to lie to smile over to Diana as his car pulled out of the driveway. "Two sugars?"

She burst out laughing, eyes watering with fresh tears. "You're crazy!"

"And single," I added, winking.

A/N; this is the middle of a series I'm currently writing and in love with. 'Reaper Tales' will be a big and fun project for me I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy writing it, and any feedback is welcome.

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