My eyes widened as I caught sight of who was entering the building and, without helping my actions, ducked behind Wrath. The bartender was the woman from before and she leaned over, arms pushing out her breasts as if to greet me. I blinked, fixing a glare of confusion on her darkened eyes and then peered back to Wrath, whose lips were set in a hard line as he regarded the pose his bartender was pulling. She leaned back slowly, licking her lips.

I just hid in Wrath's side. Now, from two people.

"What is it, Daphne?" Wrath asked, arm around my shoulders and other hand taking the glass and setting it on the bench.

"N—Nothing. Just felt like hiding my face and…"

"Daphs?" I heard a voice call, familiar. It was him. So much for having been broken and alone! "What are you doing here?"

Mark and Zarina stood just feet from the bar and I glanced to them, then away. "Who is this guy, Daph?"

I gritted my teeth as I heard the hint of possession in his tones and jutted out my chin. "A friend of mine," I answered, "Not that it is any of your business."

"Hey, look Daph," The man began, eyes darkening. Zarina just looked bored at his side, giving a few men an once-over and smirking. "You shouldn't go trusting just anyone."

"I made that mistake with you, didn't I?" I bit out, wondering where this had come from. "I think Wrath is a very trustworthy person. I don't need to be treated like a child; I can handle myself."

He grimaced, eyes sharpening to a glare. "How's the nights been?" He knew just how much I hated being alone, a victorious expression in place as he saw my involuntary flinch. "Missing me yet?"

Wrath decided to clear his throat. "She isn't lonely; I'm there with her."

It was Marks' turn to flinch and I tilted my head back to stare up to Wrath in shock. Why was he covering for me? He just remained as stony and cold as he met my ex's eyes and cocked a brow. In a challenge. "So you've taken up petting the sl*t have you?" Mark asked, sneer more offensive than his words. "I knew she'd just go after whatever bloke she could after I left her."

I blinked back tears, shaking my head in Wrath's side. I'd just met him! What would he think of me now? Then, the voice went on to ask why should I care what Wrath thought of me?

Wrath just seethed, glare so icy and frightening even I shook as he directed it at Mark. The man was quivering in his over-priced, leather shoes. "If you ever insult Daphne again, I will not hesitate to send you to Hell myself," Wrath growled, leaving no room for doubt. He could make the bogey man look cute and cuddly when he was glaring like this. Even the music seemed darker for some reason and I still hid in his side, feeling comforted by the heat that he gave off.

Even Zarina back-pedalled, eyes flitting between Wrath and the exit. "Men," Wrath called in a silky tone. Two bouncers appeared as if on cue. "Take this man and his whore out. They are to be banned from this club permanently."

I blinked as I watched the two being carted off, not even protesting as they were trying to get away from Wrath. I was left to ease as his arm wound around my waist, his cheek on the top of my head. "Since they're gone, I want you to try and enjoy what little more you can about this evening. I'll try and salvage it as much as possible."

I sniffled. "Maybe I should just get home," I mumbled.

"And leave me to endure this torturous atmosphere?" Wrath gasped, a soft chuckle coming from his lips. "At least let me take you back?"

I blinked, the trust that had been built up since two hours ago settling my limbs. "Alright," I conceded, smiling now that I could finally escape the confines of the sauna-like club walls. "Thank you for the water," I murmured to the bartender, who winked at me and picked up the glass with a small smirk.

"Hope I get to see you again soon, Angel," She replied, grinning wolfishly.

I was grateful for Wrath pulling me away and towards the exit. Many said I trusted too easily, but I had to believe there was good in everyone, no matter how small. If I couldn't believe in the people around me, then what could I believe in? Wrath was a nice person; that much I could see. I liked to think I could judge a person's innate abilities to be kind to a fellow human being.

"Oh! I'd better call my sister to make sure she is alright with taking the car back," I said as we were out in the chilly air. It was fresh though and I heard Wrath chuckle.

"Very well, but here," He set a heavy jacket around my shoulders, something he must've taken at the door. "You are shaking."

"Oh… Thank you," I smiled up to him.

Taking out the phone, I called my sister and she picked up her phone two dials later. "Daf!" She shouted over the music. I held the receiver a little ways from my ear. "I saw you with that hottie! Going home with him?"

"Di, I'm just going to be dropped off," I told her with a heavy sigh. "Are you or Paul sober?"

"Paul is!" She giggled. "He said… What did you say?" I knew she wasn't talking to me then and then Pauls' voice was on the other end.

"Hey! Daf! That guy better look after ya!" He shouted and I blushed. Wrath had to have head that! Oh gosh! "And I'll be fine to drive us back home. Just look after yourself for once?"

"I will, I promise," I told him. "Have a good night, and I'll see you tomorrow!"

"Alright, love ya little sister!" They both called and I laughed.

"Love you guys too, now be careful, please?"

My plea sobered up my sister who must be smiling. "Stop worrying, sis! We'll be fine; just you have fun!"

I couldn't say anything to that. "Lunch. Tomorrow." She said, and I hang up, hearing her laughter as I disconnected. Wrath was waiting a little ways away, but no matter how nonchalant he pretended to be, he had definitely heard everything my sister and brother-in-law say.

An easy smile touched his lips and I blinked. "You ready?"

I nodded, blushing as I made sure I had everything. The small purse was still around my neck and I slipped my phone into my pocket. "Ready."

He offered his arm, but I was too shocked to actually process that gesture. He grinned, taking my hand tucking it under his arm, patting the cold fingers. "I'll take you to the car now," He said with a gentle squeeze of my hand.

I nodded, still flushing from both the phone call with my sister and the alcohol that was beginning to warm my insides. It had to have been the alcohol responsible for this, right? "I feel a little fuzzy," I told him out of the blue. Wrath blinked, smiling a little. "Do you want me to call you a taxi instead? I could pay for it."

I shook my head. "I trust you," I said against the tiny voice in my head warning me against him. He could be pretending to be a good guy; a lot of men did that. But my instincts and a little niggling feeling in the back of my mind told me that he wouldn't. I needed to trust him and that voice.

"Thank you," He said, bowing his head and opening the passenger door to his fancy car. "It's warmer inside."

I got into the car cautiously, eyes wide as I felt the seat mould around me, the soft material like a little Heaven for me. Wrath shut the door carefully as I settled in, walking around with measured strides. He was so tall… I didn't realise he was inside the car until his crimson irises were on mine, his hand waving a little in front of my face. I jerked back, flushing. "Seat belt, Daphne," He reminded me, patting my hair and turning back to the wheel.

"Oh… Sorry," I flustered, fingers numb as I gripped the belt and brought it over my front. I couldn't quite get it into place, a hand covering mine and taking the belt from me.

"Let me," He offered, smiling up crookedly and clicking it into place. "And there's no need to apologise; I would like to think friends don't have to apologise for little things."

"Can we be friends?" I asked him, smiling a little in return.

"Of course," He chuckled, turning the key in the ignition. "And with that, I hope you'll trust me a little more each day."

"Of course!" I cried, a little too happy. Yep, it was definitely that amazing drink I'd had earlier. "Areyouamagician?" I asked in a rush, eyeing his relaxed posture.