The ocean was a little more violent today. I watched as the rolling waves collided and returned in higher amplitude to beat against their brothers. Watching their playful display of battering and reforming, I let my head fall onto my arms, my chin protruding to keep my gaze on the crystalline waves lapping at the sand. People said that the sea had a life of its own, forever drawn by the pull of the moon.

It had a purpose; to follow the moon and try to reach it, never to succeed. It was reaching high tide hour now, but I refused to move even as the water now tapped my toes before retreating again, only to rise steadily until I was in danger of being pulled back into its grasp by the motion. I wanted to be pulled away from the shore, away from the rushing sound of cars, from the scent of human civilisation.

I wanted to beg the water to drag me into the shallowed depths, never to return to the land.

Would it hurt to die? To feel your lungs burst until the salt water filled them and left you scrambling for oxygen? Would I see my daughters again?

I could almost imagine the tide was mocking me, inviting me into its powerful grasp with false promises. Like everyone here. I forced my numbed legs to move, pushing me back until my toes were all it could reach once more. It was like I was tempting it to drag me back into my false sense of serenity. I just needed to be alone, alone even from the waves that curled around my feet in a cool caress.

"Where were you?" A sharp voice cut through my empty thoughts. My moment of peace was shattered and I raised my eyes to meet the loathing gaze of my father. "You're useless! If your boyfriend hadn't left you, we'd be set!" He growled and I flinched.

My 'boyfriend' had raped me at the age of 21, and then decided he should stay when I had had gorgeous twin girls by him. He was gone, like my peace. Gone like my children because his domineering mother had decided that I wasn't a suitable mother for them. They'd been taken from me when I had been sleeping!

"Get in the car!" My father bellowed, shoving me in the back seat and walking around to the drivers seat. I didn't want this for myself. On a limb, I pushed open the door that he had slammed behind me and threw myself out, rolling and scuffing my elbows on the concrete sidewalk. The waves were only a short drop… Would Dad be able to reach me? No. He wouldn't. He couldn't swim.

"Hey!" Someone shouted, but I only kept my gaze trained on the waves slapping against the high wall now. I wanted my children, but they weren't on this plain any more. They had been killed. Killed. Killed.

The echo in the back of my mind made my breath hitch. My father was furious now, the tires squealing to a halt as he got out. His work boots made a heavy scrape along the gravel as he dragged his feet in his approach to me.

"Back up," The same person ordered my father, who didn't listen. His hand closed around my wrist, yanking me back so hard my wrist cracked with the force. "Let go of her!" The person growled.

"My kid, my property. I can treat her however I want!" Dad snarled.

I stopped fighting then, feeling my hands quiver as I reached for the knife I carried in my pocket. The quivering hand snapped it out and into place, the silver blade glinting in the rising moonlight. "You little b—"

The other man caught my wrist before I could force it into my gut, using his shoulder to knock my stunned father aside. "That's not the answer…" The stranger murmured. "Let go of the knife now. He's not going to hurt you."

I dropped the knife without any further thought, eyes beading with tears. "Kill me."

"What?" He snapped back, other hand trying to assess the damage to my wrist.

"Kill me," I breathed. "The knife. Use it."

"No, killing yourself isn't the answer!" The person growled. "I'll take you to a doctor. You need to get this wrist seen to."

"I don't. I just want…"

My father pushed the man away and sent his palm to slap me across the cheek, leaving me to fall back. More hands were restraining him, but I was falling, and shut my eyes as the waves took me. I didn't struggle to get back to the surface, the pain in my possibly broken wrist soothed by the sea water. It was a sweet feeling as the water encased me in its icy grip and I was falling back, my back hitting sand as I found myself five metres under the sea. My breath would start to fail me soon enough and I didn't panic, just waited for the inevitable to be carry me away from the land of the living. It stung to, but I forced my eyelids open to look up to the moon, the waves around me distorting its circular body. Maybe this would count as suicide and I wouldn't be able to go to Heaven, or maybe I would be able to reach it finally.

I was strangely serene as I opened my mouth and found my last bit of air leave my body in a bubble. With that last breath went my consciousness as well. I gave up life with a smile.

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