A/N: Hey, guys. Decided to post something since I couldn't use it for a short story contest. I was all happy, thinking Well, that was quick! Then Dad told me that it wasn't really a short story. In fact, all three of my entries weren't short stories. Oh, well. Yes, I know the title isn't terribly creative. Sorry. Hope you like, though.!

I am pulled out of the cavern of material by my master, the one who controls me. I slowly wake up. Earbuds are shoved into and are put into my master's ears.

My master's finger's dance like a skilled pianist's, and like a piano, I begin to sing.

I sing of fireflies and sleeping, war and love, peace and life, falling and crying. I croon, I yell, I whisper. The earbuds relay my song, word for word, tone for tone. As soon as I finish a song, I sing another, sometimes energetic, sometimes slow. The cycle continues relentlessly, with no time for me to rest. Occasionally, my master's slender fingers move again and command me to sing another song.

Finally, my master allows me to stop and returns me to the cavern. I am tired, but I don't mind. I'm happy with what I did.

A/N: Yes, I know I posted this last. So sue me. I was in a rush to post these and got them mixed up. Then I was busy yesterday.