Chapter 1: A Mage's Keeper

Magic is real. Magic is Might. But is it always right? One of the greatest mages ever to live said, "Magic is only as great as its user". He was correct in his way of life and in the way he taught his students. Because of these two things, Shinkoto Kokurou was able to create an army for their current lord of the realm. Lord Kazgke led a revolution against his own father in order to take control over the magical world. Under Lord Kazgke's reign humans and mages never interacted whatsoever. As a result young mages and humans knew nothing of each other and this way of thinking continued forth for many years; due to this the two worlds were forever split apart. The humans think that magic is a fluke and that mages do not exist, but they are sorely mistaken. They have made a grave mistake because magic is not always as innocent as a "slight of hand". It can be deep and dark and murderous, but that all depends on who "…its user" is.

Shinkokurou Itdahara, a scrawny young fifteen year old boy, lay across his bed twiddling his thumbs. In a matter of minutes the results of the exam he took the previous day would be posted on the schools' websites. All of the schools, under the district he was located in, took the same test. To him it felt as if time couldn't go any faster. They seemed to be the longest couple of minutes of his entire life. The desktop computer on his red wood desk chimed indicating that it was automatically refreshing the page. His green eyes were skewed by his long black hair. He pushed the tiny follicles out of his eye sight as he ran over to the computer. He scrolled down the page hoping to see his name. He nearly squealed as he saw his name but then gasped as he moused over to locate the name of his school. In a deep red color was the name "Mage Academy". His eyes grew wide in disbelief as he continued to peer into the screen before feeling his head against the floor.

"Shin! Are you awake," a voice called for the boy.

Shin began to stir on the floor as he awoke from his sudden slumber. His eyes opened slowly allowing light into them. His head felt heavy as if a thousand pound weight had been added to it. He slinked his way onto his bed where he sat down holding his heavy head.

"I'm awake Mom," he cried back making sure not to get her riled up.

Shin closed his eyes and smiled as he laid back on his bed.

"That's right just keep resting because your first year at the academy will feel like hell."

"Huh, who said that?" Shin spoke sitting up rapidly.

"Me! I am your Mage Academy escort. My name is Kazgke or just Kaze for short," A fair haired male outstretched his hand to the boy.

Shin shook the boy's hand and looked at him as if he were strange.

"You know people told me I'd get that look when I got my first assignment, but I didn't listen to them," Kazgke began to walk around Shin's room. "Here's the big deal. Mage Academy students are some of the best young mages in the world, and as so, many "evil" people try to assimilate them into their "schools"."

"Pretty much because I got an extremely high score on my Mage Prowess Exam and got into the best school in the district people will try to kidnap me and make me do evil things?"

"Yes! I like you already," Kaze said as he placed one of Shin's belongings back in its rightful place.

"I guess you should since you'll be with me for the next couple of days," Shin replied smiling.

"Do not remind me," Kaze spoke elongating every syllable.

"You took the job," Shin laughed.

"I did not – they gave it to me."

"That's not my fault."

"But it will be your fault if I leave you and let someone steal you away from your friends and family," Kazgke replied.

"But it will be your fault if that happens," Shin smiled even more.

Kazgke looked at his "assignment" with a stern look, "I'm going to overlook what you just said and see you tomorrow."

Shin shrugged his shoulders and laid back down on his bed, "I don't see a problem with that."

Shin jumped a little as Kazgke appeared above him floating in the air, "As you shouldn't. I will see you tomorrow."

Shin closed his eyes as Kaze disappeared. A small smile crept across the teen's lips as he noticed that his "watcher" was gone. Soon after his secret smile was revealed Shin began to laugh hysterically. He couldn't control himself; the pure joy of being accepted into the school he had only dreamed of would not let him leave its bounds. Meanwhile, Kaze stood floating in midair with his arms crossed outside Shin's bedroom. The male smiled slightly as he did his job. Shin thought that he was
gone when really he was not allowed to leave. He had to stay with him 24/7. Only until he was safely placed within the academy walls.

Kaze took his middle and index finger and waved them vertically in front of his face, "Waking Sleep." Slowly Kaze's eyes closed and he was fast asleep.