Problem #7: The Final Problem

"Are you sure about this, Chris?" my father asked one more time as we came out of the car.

"Yeah, I am," I answered him, fixing my hood.

My father patted my head before going back in the car. "Kiyotsukete yo."

It means, "Take care," in Japanese. I nodded my head once and smiled back at him before going in the airport.

I was 30 minutes early before Matthew's scheduled flight to Canada. I decided to talk to him for the last time before he leaves. It's already the summer of 2016 and it has been like months since I last talked to my friend. After telling me that he will leave the country last October, he spent his last remaining months with me and his other friends. And now, it was his time for him to leave and I really have to talk to him for one last time.

I scanned the waiting area where I thought Matthew might be. There were a lot of people in the airport as always, that it made it difficult for me to find him. Fortunately, before I lose hope, his voice rang out in the middle of the crowd.

"Chris, over here!" he called.

Turning to my left side, I could faintly see someone waving at me. I made my way and the closer I get, the more happier I become when I realized that it was Matthew who called me.

I raised my hand and greeted him. "Yo, Matthew. What's up?"

"Yeah, pretty fine," he said plainly. "I'm still waiting for my flight."

"You're kinda early to be here."

"I know. You're probably aware about the situation in the airport, right?"

"Ah, you're right." I nodded.

He sighed and sat on a bench. "I feel tired right now."

"I understand." I sat beside him. "You're here with someone?"

He nodded. "It's just my aunt."

"I see..." I grew silent for some time.

I remembered what Matthew once told me that his relationship with his father is not good ever since his mother went to Canada. To be more detailed, he told me that his father became a drunkard who becomes a short-tempered guy who would hit anyone with anything. The victim is usually Matthew but, he managed to endure the pain because of his karate training. Obviously, Matthew decided to be with someone else who he could talk his problems to: his aunt. The two of them became close with each other and all. That is how far I know about his family.

Suddenly, I jolted from the sudden cold chill on my cheek. It was hard and solid. When I looked at the object closely at my right, I realized that it was a can of Coke handed by my friend.

"Want some?" he asked, handing the can to me.

I simply smiled and took the can from him. "Sure. Thanks."

I opened the can and gulped almost half of the cold liquid. It was refreshing, I would say. I then, checked my watch.

"25 minutes left, huh?" I muttered. "Time passes fast lately."

"Yeah," Matthew nodded sadly.

Silent filled the air around us. There was nothing much that I want to talk about. Just seeing my friend for the last time is enough. However, he looked worried about something. Finally, he spoke.

"Do you...think he will come here?"

I raised and eyebrow and looked confused at him. "Who are you talking about?"

Matthew grunted and blushed lightly. "Don't make me say his name right now."

Realizing who he was talking about, I chuckled. "Ah, that guy, huh?"

I have never thought that Matthew would be thinking about Raiz. However, I am not surprised because, I was expecting that he would.

"You want to see him that badly?" I asked.

He was surprised then, he looked annoyed at me. "I-It's not like that!"

I held my laugh. I knew that he was lying. "He must have love that tsundere side of yours."

"Oh, shut up!" He punched me lightly at the arm but, I quickly blocked it.

I simply laughed. "Now, now, calm down, OK?"

He groaned before looking away from me, pouting in annoyance. However, he looked worried a few seconds later. I then, realized that he wants to see Raiz before he leaves. As a friend, I decided to cheer him up. I putted my hands behind my head and leaned against the backrest of the bench.

"You know," I began. "I'm pretty sure that he wants to see you, too."

"Huh!?" Matthew turned red as he looked surprised at me.

"Remember what I told you before?"


"That you should give him a proper goodbye if you love him."

He blushed as I repeated my words before to him. He lowered his head, trying to hide his red face to me.

"If you haven't gave him a proper goodbye," I smiled as I continued. "he will surely come here."

And as if on cue, someone was standing a few meters away from us. He was facing us. Then, he started to walk towards our direction. As he got closer, he rushed and stopped in front of us. It was the guy himself.

"So you came," I said as I smirked at him. "You're pretty late, Raiz."

He looked at me with a blank expression on his face. "Sorry."

"What are you doing here!?" Matthew exclaimed surprisingly. His blush came back once more.

In response, however, Raiz pointed at my friend, much to the latter's surprise.

"Huh?" Matthew looked confused at the pointer finger pointing at him.

"You," Raiz said shortly.

Matthew became even more confused. However, I noticed that Raiz was slowly blushing. He couldn't tell Matthew the reason properly. I raised and eyebrow, confused. When I started to rethink Matthew's question and Raiz's answer, I finally realized what the guy meant.

I nudged Matthew's arm. "Stop acting dumb and read between the lines, moron!"

He looked surprised and then, he started to think. A few seconds later, his face flushed red in surprise and realization.

He slapped Raiz's hand away, looking annoyed at him. "Idiot!"

Raiz didn't react. However, I can tell that he is happy deep inside. I was surprised, however, when he looked at me seriously.

"Give us some time," he quickly said.

Realizing what he meant, I smiled and stood up from my seat. Before leaving, I looked at those two.

"Take your time."

I walked away, leaving those two alone having their private chat. However, I am not letting them chat alone so, I decided to hide behind a nearby pillar and listen to their talk. Being a detective I was, I am good at this stuff.

"Hey," Raiz called in a deep voice.

"Sorry..." Matthew muttered softly.

Why was he apologizing to the guy? I decided to continue listening to them.

"Sorry that I wasn't able to say goodbye to you," Matthew said, lowering his head.

Raiz was wide-eyed, I noticed. He wasn't expecting the apology. However, he held back a laugh, much to Matthew's annoyance.

"What's so funny!?" my friend exclaimed.

"OK, I'm sorry," Raiz said quickly in a monotone voice.

I thought that they will just fool around so, I thought about leaving. However, Raiz's voice rang out.

"Stand up," he said.

My gaze went back to the two of them. Matthew stood up from his seat, looking annoyed at Raiz. Much to his and my surprise, Raiz held him with one hand, with Matthew's head resting on his shoulder.

"Wh-What are you-!?" Matthew tried to struggle but, Raiz moved closer to his ear.

With the help of my falcon hearing, I heard what Raiz was whispering to Matthew, which surprised both him and me.

"I love you, Matthew. I'll miss you. Goodbye."

Raiz moved away to see Matthew's expression. The latter was teary-eyed with his face all red.

"Don't cry, don't cry," Raiz said in his usual sarcastic voice. However, he tousled Matthew's hair, as he if he was trying to calm him down.

"I'll miss you, too," Matthew said weakly. "And you, too."

I smiled from my friend's words. He would always say that he hates the guy but, this is the first time he said his feelings to him honestly. Deep inside, I was so proud of him.

"Way to go, Matthew," I muttered softly to myself.

Raiz kissed Matthew on the forehead for the first and last time. They exchanged their goodbyes and then, Raiz left the airport. A few minutes later, a woman who seemed to be Matthew's aunt approached him.

"Sorry, that I'm late," the woman said. "Our plane will come soon."

Matthew nodded and with his backpack, went with the woman to somewhere I'm not sure where.

It was over. Matthew had said his goodbye to Raiz. He had also told his feelings for him. Both of them left to some place else. There was nothing else that I will do there so, I went outside at the parking lot where my father was waiting.

Long-distant relationships are the hardest to handle. However, if you really love each other, you will do your best to communicate with each other. With that, your relationship will last long and won't fall apart.

I then, remembered my question to Matthew before. During that time, however, he wasn't answering seriously. I then, recalled the question once more.

"Who is he really to you?"

I, myself, already found out Matthew's answer for my question. Who is Raiz to him? From what happened this morning, I could already tell who Raiz is to Matthew: his most precious long-distant crush.

I went home with a smile in my face. Hopefully, the two of them still stay strong. Hopefully, their relationship will stay strong. Hopefully, they will be together again.

Love is usually...unfair. So, deal with it.