Chapter 1

I want out!

There was nothing there, nothing in the room as the girl huddled in the corner of the room. Her head buried in her legs, her body shaking as the iron bars with a thin layer of glass preventing her escape. Her voice was shaking as she started whispering to herself. The room was a bright white and her dress was purple and pink as her long brown hair covered her eyes. "No, no, no, no, no...!" her voice was escaping as her nails dug into her arm. She bit her lip until blood started to pour from it.

Steps from beyond the hall was heard as two people in lab coats looked into the room. The cowering girl paid no mind to them as one of them sighed before adjusting her glasses, "did she really kill thirty agents?"

It seemed silly as she glanced at the clipboard holding the girls information, honestly, even the picture that was mixed with the other information wasn't threatening. The girl appeared to be someone that would simply break if you looked at her too hard, not someone that would kill casually. The man simply shrugged as he button up his coat.

"Whatever, we are simply to observe her until she moved to a more secure area," he let out a sigh.

They hadn't fed her at all, though at the same time the woman looked over the clipboard once again, "Jessia Floydie...age 18, we've been tracking her quite a bit," the woman walked up to the thin glass wall in front of the bars as the girl eye twitched.

"NO!" It was an ear splitting scream as Jessia hit the back wall. Such a hostile reaction as the woman let out a sigh, there was no meaning in talking to her. The girl wasn't going to react or even talk to them as the woman turned her back at the cage.

The woman adjusted her glasses as she ran her fingers through her black hair, she was a monster. Even if she didn't know how, Jessia Floydie was indeed a monster. They simply needed to know why.

The two, walked through the giant building, the cages were empty. The bright lights shined down, the woman questioned the last time they actually had to contain anything strange as she and her associate walked up the steps. The higher floors of the facility had workers moving about. Their work load had increased since a certain creature had been found in the desert.

The woman passed through the halls. The turns and twist of the halls were enough to drive anyone crazy. They walked up another set of stairs was what appeared to be a control room. Men and women were sitting there typing monitoring the screens.

"Has anything changed, any strange reactions?" the woman adjusted her glasses as one of the workers simply shook their head.

"No, everything is normal...she is, from what I can see a normal teenage girl," the woman sat down and continued to look at the screen blinking screens.

The room was a darker tint, there was nothing strange happening. She was wondering if they were simply wasting their time, after all nothing was out of the ordinary other than the fact that the girl seemed somewhat traumatized. The woman let out a grumble, she was honestly about to call it a day as the small red light started to blink.

"Hmm, did she break out?" the red light was made when there was a breach in or out of the facility. One of the workers once again shook her head.

"No, she is still there..."

"Someone breaking that doesn't make sense, who?" it was a good question as the woman looked at multiple screens. The control panel lit up with red lights. The screens showing the different sections of the physicality was slowly being turned to static. The only thing the cameras caught was a dark figure heading through all the gates. The sound of tearing metal was heard.

"...Lock the room down!" the woman snapped, whatever wanted in the building was already in.

"Madam, wh-" There was a soul shattering scream, no doubt it was someone on the lower floor as everyone in the room shivered. Without a moment of hesitation they clicked the switch, iron plates swung down on the windows and the single door leading in or out of the room. The room became an an iron cube, nothing capable of getting in or out.

"What the hell is going on?"

The girl took a deep breath, her eyes were shut and she was lying in the corner. Nothing phasing her, nothing until she her a horrid scream, her eyes snapped open. The single scream turned into many as she walked towards the front of her cell, looking through the bars and glass. She touched her lip, the bit she gave herself had completely healed...of course it had.

Jessia started to shake, as she held her chest.

I want out

I want out

Was it her mind? Was it something else? The white colored facility turned red as sirens blared. The blinking red lights made her winced as she got up and headed towards the bars. She was curious to what was happening after all, though that curiosity changed into terror as something flew by her room.

However saying flew was completely wrong. More liked tossed as Jessia screamed, droplets of blood was on the glass as she realized what was flung. It was a human body, at least half of one. As the sound of unnatural crawling entered her ear, like the sound of an insect moving through a paper bag. A shadow came looming out of the corner of her eyes as she slowly backed away from the bars.

The first thing she saw was a leg of an insect, but as more of the creature was shown the more Jessia's heart sank.

It was a thing, that was the only way to describe it. Tentacles, the body of an insect, spider like. Despite this feature it towered over any human being, it's eyes were twitching. In it's jaw was a half eaten man as it slowly started to slurp up its meal. The creature's body twitched slightly before widening its maw and consuming the body whole.

It's green and red skin was closer to scales then anything else as it turned its attention to Jessia. Without hesitation the creature shattered the glass as Jessia screamed.

"No! stay back!" she stepped away from the monster as the insect's head moved slightly. Twitching all about like a fly, it casually ripped through the bars as well as the last protection that Jessia had from the creature.

Her eyes dilated.

I want out

I want out

Jessia heart skipped a beat, as the limbs of the monster leaned back before jetting out like javelins.

She was impaled, her ribcage was pierced open and blood was jetting out of her mouth. She should have been dead, her heart was pierced and her body went limp. The creature lifted Jessia's corpse slightly off the ground...however, before it could do anything to her, the girl's eyes snapped open.

She grabbed the creature's limps and ripped them out of her chest, and one swift motion she yanked the monsters appendages off as it staggered back. Jessia's once green eyes were now a dark red. She wore no expression on her face, her eyes were simply widened as she stepped forward. She vanished from the sight of the creature.

The creature twitched, however that was the last movement it made. It's head was missing after all. The creature went limp as Jessia crushed the head in her hands before looking at the rest of the facility.

Many more of the creature's were running about, devouring and eating as Jessia walked forward. The monsters were casually eating the workers as the turned their attention to Jessia. The creature's let out a ear deafening screech as two of them raced towards Jessia, their limbs raging uncontrollably.

Jessia simply examined her nails as she tilted her head. As if her mind was comprehending what they were. The creatures were closing the distance as they raised their arms to crush the 18 year old.

It was the sound of cutting wind, the creatures turned their heads, Jessia was already behind them as the sound not similar to a sprinkler was heard. The creatures slowly slid in half. With just her nails Jessia cut through the creatures as if they were butter, it seemed that their blood was green as Jessia walked through the halls of the facility.

She wanted out, and she would get out. The tapping of her feet was the only thing that was heard, the screams had long since stopped. It seemed that most of the workers were already killed as she walked up the steps.

I want out

She continued to walk through the halls of the facility, cutting through the monsters without a care. They were flies, they were annoyances, they were just as they looked, bugs that needed to be crushed.

Her chest was erupting, her walk became more drunken and staggered the closer she got to the entrance of the building. It seemed even the lobby of the building wasn't safe as body parts were scatted about as one of the creatures looked her way, and once again rushed her. She simply continued walking as she closed her fist.

It was a swift motion, but she punched the creatures head clean off without ever breaking her stride. She continued to the front door, it seemed that all the creatures were dead. However that was simply a side effect of her single goal of trying to escape. She casually walked out the front door, not looking back once.

Author note

I kind of wanted a little more detail in this chapter. I usually try to make my chapters at least 2k words long, but I doubt you want to