Chapter 3

Against Sofia

Brandy grumbled as she leaned against the table, taking a sip of her drink, it was a cheap restaurant that she and Jessia was eating at. The kind that only a few people visited and even fewer actually bought anything from. Jessia looked at her younger friend as she sat across from her, it had been three weeks since they had met and things were looking at least somewhat better for the two.

"Well, your job gave us enough money for food, I can't complain!" Brandy laughed, the restaurant was completely empty except perhaps for a single cook and a woman in one of the many empty booths glancing at them periodically.

"Y-yeah," Jessia tapped her head as she lowered her eyes, trying her best not to pay any mind to the woman that continued to glance at them.

"Hmm? Oy, is there something wrong?" Brandy frowned flipping her brown hair.

", nothing..." Jessia forced a smile on her face. She knew deep down something was about to happen, she just didn't know what yet.

Brandy frowned before shrugging, "well,'s weird how long it's taking to get our order though. I wanted to eat out since it's pretty rare for me to do that kind of thing," the brown haired girl pointed out as Jessia tapped her lip.

Thinking about it, Jessia had no idea how long Brandy was homeless or how she even got to that point in the first place. It really wasn't her business to pry however, and it really wasn't a big deal either way.

"I do think it is weird though, someone should have at least taken our order by now." Jessia looked around, when they walked in there was no one at the counter so they both assumed it was the kind of establishments that you waited to be served.

The entire thing was far too weird as Jessia glanced at the woman sitting in the booth. The woman glanced back at her, her green eyes not shifting their gaze once. A chill ran down Jessia's spine, it was a chill she had often. "Um, Brandy, why don't you wait outside for a bit?" Jessia hoped that the young girl would simply agree, but of course nothing was that simple for her.

"Huh? Why?" The brown haired girl was honestly curious as to why Jessia wanted her to leave.

"Um, can you just do it please?" Jessia sounded as sweet as she possibly could as Brandy frowned, her eyes narrowing.

"Fine, I'll wait outside for a little while, but you better not try to sneak out the back or something and ditch me!" Brandy snapped as she lifted herself from her seat and walked out of the empty restaurant leaving Jessia and the unknown woman alone.

The woman got up from her booth and walked over to Jessia's table, upon further inspection the woman was probably closer to her late teens than anything else. "Well, that's good I thought the kid was going to get in the way," the almond skinned woman smiled as Jessia glared at her.

"You're with those people right? Listen I don't want anything to do with that, and I'm sure you don't want anything to do with me right? You go your way and I'll go mine, we don't ever have to see one another again..." Jessia voice lowered, she tried to sound as threatening as possible as the green eyed teen crossed her arms.

"You know who you're talking to right? I bet you think you're the shit or something, well you're coming with me dead or alive. So isn't it better for you just to come with me while your heart is still working?"

Jessia winced...she didn't want to fight, but she also knew she couldn't go back either. Jessia scanned the woman, she didn't seem to have any weapon's on her, not even a knife or gun, Jessia lifted her foot slightly as she felt something warm coming from her table. She looked towards the wooden piece of furniture as her eye twitched, there was a small hole in the table. As if someone burned right through it.

It was obvious that the woman before Jessia wasn't normal.

"You get it now, I'm not a monster like you, but I am a lot stronger...probably the strongest thing on this planet. Wouldn't it be easier just for you to give up now and save both of us the trouble?"

A moment of silence, Jessia didn't respond, she didn't even move an inch.

It was a span of a second, Jessia flipped the table nearly causing it to smash into the green eyed woman. The woman ducked to avoid the piece of furniture before she turned her attention back to Jessia. Or at least that is what she tried to do. Jessia wasn't anywhere in sight as the woman quickly turned to the entryway. It was still untouched, it seemed that her target was still in the building.

"Huh? Wow, that was a nice trick, flipping over a table with one hand. Not bad, by the way my name is Sofia..." Sofia crept around the area, she knew Jessia was most likely hiding in one of the many booths or under one of the numerous tables.

"You know, it really just shows how weak you are if you hide. I honestly don't know why everyone is so obsessed with finding you when they got me," Sofia frowned.

Jessia exhaled, as she peeked from under one of the large tables. The exit of the building was right in front of her, all she had to do was make it, even if Sofia was looking for her if she made a straight line she would most likely make it. There wasn't any windows near for her to jump out, the entrance was really her only solution. However, before Jessia could continue to think Sofia spoke.

"You know what, never mind. I guess I'm taking you in dead..."

The moment Sofia said that was the moment the temperature dropped drastically in the room. It was so cold that Jessia could see her breath, what was strange was it was during the spring. Something like that should have been impossible, yet it simply got colder and colder. The room felt like a freezer as frost started to appear on the various items.

"...Eh?" at that moment Jessia felt something sharp puncture her, in fact, she felt a lot of sharp objects puncture her entire body. The slowly looked down to see twelve large icicles firmly planted in her body.

Jessia coughed up blood as she collapsed, showing her location as Sofia smiled.

"Like I said, I'm the strongest. Things like fire and water I can manipulate, even things like earth and wind bend to my will, I really am the strongest thing on the planet really!" Sofia chuckled as she looked at Jessia who was crawling on the ground.

"Man, this can't be it...I'm honestly a little disappointed. I don't even know why they bother sending me, this almost seems like a waste of time," Sofia as she took a step preparing to finish off her target.

However the moment she took a step something strange happened, her target completely vanished. Which was rather shocking considering she was just on the floor bleeding out. Sofia eye twitched, for some reason she jumped back simply do to instinct, which seemed to have paid off as a blood shot out of her shoulder and a scratch appeared on her cheek.

Sofia winced in pain as she held her shoulder, before she could process what was happening, she felt a shiver travel down her back. She slowly turned around as her eyes met with her target's. Jessia's eyes were glazed over, the chunks of ice in her body had already started to melt. There was a thin layer of blood on the tip of her nail, it was obvious that it was used to attack Sofia.

It was at that moment that Sofia realized why exactly she was brought there.

Author note

Not a fun chapter, but I just wanted to get the story moving along since it was going rather slow before.