An observation on a cool October day...


Standing on the horizon, I can feel the autumn breeze pass by

How softly it kisses my face, cool caresses like a lover's touch

Oak trees shake free their leaves and acorns fall…pitter patter

Falling on the ground. I am cold and this sweater not so much

Shivering, I walk onwards. Alone but surrounded by hundreds

Of nameless faces, people blurs lost in a quiet communication

Buzzing, clicking…tap, tap, tapping words. Silently wandering

In a familiar but distracted way. Missing all that fall sensation

Besides all seasonal pumpkin treats or start of a new semester

Can they feel that restless change? Alone, I stand here waiting

The wind teases my blonde hair, curls flying and heart beating

I want to run faster, to this change I love, a change I'm hating

The sun has set in an orange tinted sky and our world spins on

Standing on the horizon, sad farewell and now the day is gone