Hestia, a teenage fire faerie, knew the way out of the Fire Realm as well as she knew her own wings. It was as simple as flying through Scarlett City, taking a shortcut through the fire bushes and sneaking past the Realm Guards when they change. Once she knew the guards didn't notice her, Hestia could go wherever she wanted in the world.

Her favorite area to explore was the Human Realm. Since it was forbidden by the faerie King and Queen, there weren't any other faeries there to bother her. Well, other than the few Realm Guards scattered throughout, but they were easy to avoid.

On this particular day, Hestia noticed something she had never seen before in the Human Realm. A fire. It was small, just about as big as her head, actually, but she felt a pull towards it. She wanted to know what it was.

Nearing the window, she fluttered her fiery wings in delight upon finding that it was left slightly open. Just open enough that she could slip inside. Right in front of her was the source of the human-fire. A small glowing light atop a white…C-a-n-d-l-e. Hestia read the words carved into the candle.

The fire faerie moved to touch the candle, just the tip of her orange finger making contact. At her touch, the light wax melted at her light touch. A cry of surprise escaped her red lips. She didn't want to destroy it!

A touch upon her shoulder made Hestia fly straight up. Looking down, she saw an air faerie giggling below her. Hestia huffed and floated down to the other girl, fluttering her wings at her in question of why she was there.

The air faerie responded with flutters of her own cloudy wings, saying that she was here exploring when she saw that the other faerie was melting the candle.

'What does it do?' Hestia asked reluctantly, not exactly wanted the other faerie's help.

'It brings light, but melts when fire gets too close,' the air faerie replied with a twitch of her wings.

'I want it. How can I touch it?' Hestia was starting to get annoyed. She wanted this candle so bad! It was new and human and belonged in her collection!

'Maybe…' the air faerie waved her hand over the candle and its fire immediately went out, 'Now touch it,' she commanded.

Hestia reached forward, held her breath, and felt the waxy surface of the candle. It didn't melt! She let out a cry of joy and danced around the candle.

'I want it!' Hestia fluttered her wings, spinning around.

'You won't be able to touch it unless there's no air…' the other faerie warned.

'I don't care, I want the candle!' Hestia hugged the candle and tried to pick it up when her own fiery wings and hair started to flicker because of the lack of air.

'Careful!' the air faerie fluttered quickly, 'You'll go out! I'll carry it for you,'

'Thank you! I'm eternally in your debt!'

'Don't be silly, it's just a candle. There's millions of them around…'

'This one is special!' Hestia insisted.

'Whatever you say, fire faerie,' the air faerie rolled her eyes and carried the candle back through town, behind the Realm Guards, under the fire bushes, and back through Scarlett City to Hestia's hidden room. It was full of various spoons, forks, mirrors, bits of cloth, and now the centerpiece: a pure white candle.