The Little Boy: Inspired by Childhood Dreams

There once was a little boy. Every night his mother would tuck him in, but one day…his mother never entered the room.

'Why isn't she here?' the little boy thought. So he went out of his room to his parents' room. He entered and saw his father sitting at the edge of the bed.

"Father?" the boy called out. The father looked up from what he saw holding and looked over to his son.

"What is it?", the father asked with tears in his eyes.

"Where's mommy? She didn't go to my room to tuck me in!" the boy asked.

"Oh son. Your mother..." the father couldn't hold it back anymore and broke down crying.


"Your mother...she got into a car accident today. She…didn't make it.." the father said sobbing.

"W-what?". The boy just stood there dumbfounded.

'My dead?! ' So much went through the little boys head from hearing the news.

'Who's gonna feed me mother's cooked meals?'

'Who's gonna tuck me in at night like mommy used to? '

'Who's gonna say, " Who's mommy's little boy? "'

Tears formed in the little boy's eyes. The father got up from the bed and walked over to his son. He picked the boy up and hugged him. Tears roll from both their eyes. The little boy ended up sleeping with his father that night.

It was around three in the morning when the little boy stirred awake. He looked around until his eyes settled onto a figure standing in the doorway.

'Mommy?! ' The little boy couldn't believe what he was seeing. The figure walked over to the side of the bed where the boy was and tucked the little boy in like his mother would do every night.

"I'm sorry that I didn't tuck you in earlier. I was caught up with something." the figure said. It leaned over and kissed the little boy on the forehead.

'Just like mommy does.'

The figure walked out of the room, leaving the little boy to sleep. He slept that night with tears in his eyes.

A week later a funeral was held for the little boy's mother. No one went except for the father and the little boy. His mother was buried in the dress she wore when she met the little boy's father.

"How pretty she looked when I first saw her in that dress." the father said. "She was beautiful like an angel."

Buried she laid. Under soil.

The little boy would always go to the graveyard where his mother was buried. He would tell her about what he had eaten that day, what he had done that day, what he would get on his tests and school work. Everyday he would go and talk to her about what was going on in his life, how his father was doing, how he was doing. But one day…he never went to the graveyard.

A week later two fresh mounds of dirt were seen on either side of the mother's grave. The little boy and the father had both died in a car accident. A truck that was being driven by an intoxicated driver had crashed into them, killing the father instantly. The little boy sustained severe injuries and had been taken to the hospital. The doctors told the little boy that he was too injured to possibly recover and gave the little boy the option to turn off the life support that he saw on.

'Maybe now I can be with mommy and daddy', the little boy thought. He agreed and the machine was turned off.

Slowly everything got dark…

Slowly his breathing slowed…

And with a smile, the little boy shut his moistened eyes.