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The weekend was quite a success in Hanna's mind. She got through 4 of the books she checked out, morning, noon, and night devoted to reading as much about astronomy as possible, red giants, Oort cloud hypotheses, and the formation of nebulas that kept her mind in check throughout the weekend.

The week began and the first two days seemed to be preoccupied with tales of Eeva's nightly gallivanting with her mentor and their "budding" friendship.

Wednesday approached quicker than Hanna imagined and everything seemed in line. She did not devote a single moment of her time thinking about Krisztian, keeping her priorities looping in her mind. As she woke up to the gloomy Wednesday morning, the weather an expression of Hanna's reluctance to go to class, something seemed off, but Hanna could not put her finger on what. She glanced around her bedroom exhaling exasperated at the beginning of the day before walking towards the bathroom, knocking lightly and waiting for a response, as soon as she knew it was clear, she entered and stammered in to the shower. The warm water created moisture in the air that nestled on to the mirrors, Hanna hopping out of the shower wrapping her soaking body in a fresh towel as she reached the mirror wiping the excess water molecules from the surface. Her eyes were barely open even after the invigorating shower as she began to touch her face, her fingertips digging slightly in to her cheeks.

"Ugh…" Hanna uttered sleepily. She lingered on the thought of playing hooky today, making up some story as to her ailment but that thought quickly drifted out of her mind. Her eyes began to focus on the reflection staring back at her with the same groggy expression, when the slight blur from her morning eyes vanished, her eyes shot open in horror as she inhaled deeply.

"Oh shit!" Hanna leaned over the counter, her face mere inches from the mirror positioning her head so her forehead was in direct view. "Oh god no…" Hanna brought her hand up above her eyebrow, lingering just above the bruise still evident on her head.

How did she forget about the ointment? She spent all the weekend and beginning of the week so occupied with her books that she must not have even registered the bump on her forehead. Hanna began to freak out, her hands flailing towards Eeva's drawer to locate any makeup that would match to her skin tone.

Eeva walked in to the bathroom seeing Hanna rummage through her makeup drawer.

"What are you doing?" Eeva asked with a hint of irritation.

"Eeva….do you have face powder in my shade?" Hanna glanced at Eeva, her hands filled with different makeup jars.

"Uh…I can check….why? You don't wear makeup Hanna…"

"Uh…uh…um…well….I thought that maybe I would try and cover this bruise up with some powder until it disappears." Hanna emanated anxiety through her voice, watching as Eeva rummaged through the copious amounts of makeup jars.

"Here," Eeva handed Hanna a tube of makeup, "This is the closest to your shade."

"Oh Jesus thanks!" Hanna grabbed the tube from Eeva before hastily opening it and slathering plenty of makeup to cover the bruise and her entire body if she needed.

"What are you doing Hanna? That's too much. Give that to me." Eeva huffed yanking the tube from Hanna before blotting out over half of the liquid foundation that Hanna spread across her forehead. "There, now that doesn't look like you fell in to a bucket of wet sand."

Hanna sighed glancing in the mirror. The bruise seemed concealed enough for Hanna that she had confidence she could pull it off in class today. As soon as Eeva left the bathroom Hanna began to feel her nerves pulsating. She felt defeated realizing she cared way too much about what Professor Mowry thought, that she was so concerned with his disappointment at her not listening to his instructions. Her eyes lingered on her reflection, inspecting her own face. Her eyebrows were furrowed and a strand of her dirty blonde hair clung to the foundation on her forehead. She quickly adjusted her hair, contemplating whether to put it up in a ponytail or leave it down, trying her hardest to cover as much of her forehead as possible but her bangs were too outgrown for any concealment.

"Oh he won't notice." Hanna uttered to herself as she left the bathroom, assembling any clothing choices that seemed to match and were considerably warm for the chilly air, her blue sweatshirt and tight jeans seemed a perfect fit for the nippy air and she left in haste with her backpack.

Eeva and Birgita were standing near the kitchen island, waiting for the coffee machine to finish brewing their inordinately expensive imported coffee beans. Hana was surprised at Eeva's clothing choice as she wore a simple white hooded sweatshirt and skinny jeans. Birgita wore her trademark "I'm A Level 5 Vegan: I Won't Eat Anything That Casts A Shadow" t-shirt underneath her zip up black hoodie and skinny jeans.

"Uh Eeva, are you sick or something?" Hanna had genuine concern emanating through her voice.


"Well there is no cleavage to gape towards, no legs to howl at. I mean this is the most conservative I have ever seen you, ever." Hanna continued in a serious tone, concerned for Eeva as she exchanged looks with Birgita.

"Oh fuck off." Eeva poured the coffee in to a thermos before shoving past Hanna letting out a slight chuckle as she opened the door. "Let's go you assholes."

The girls approached the second floor, Eeva and Birgita were a few steps ahead of Hanna, and their conversation entailed something to do with the sphinx, Hanna's disinterest shown in her lack of attention. She was too preoccupied trying to calm her breathing, wondering if all the foundation that was on her forehead was still veiling the bruise prominent on her head. She refused to let that linger on longer in her mind as the girls reached the classroom, the lights were off but the door was open, Hanna silently pleading for Professor Mowry to not be present in the classroom yet.

Eeva entered first, Hanna could not see past Birgita but she had an inkling he was there behind the desk as her presumption was made clear by Eeva talking.

"Good afternoon Professor!" Eeva practically sang those words grinning at the eye-candy at the other side of the classroom.

"Well Eeva good afternoon. You sure are cheerful today." Krisztian smirked slightly, his teeth hidden behind his immaculate lips as Eeva furrowed her eyes in disappointment, wanting a full blinding smile to be shot her way.

"What's the haps Professor?" Birgita nudged walking to her seat.

"What is the haps indeed." Krisztian glanced for a brief moment at Birgita before his eyes glared back at the computer screen illuminating his face in the dim classroom.

Hanna walked in quietly, hoping Krisztian was too preoccupied with whatever was on the computer screen to glance her way, but as always Hanna never got what she asked for. Krisztian darted his eyes towards Hanna, their contact was brief but in that moment Hanna sensed the pressure his eyes exuded on her.

"Hello Hanna." Krisztian simply stated his eyes immediately rushed back to his computer screen, keeping his focus away from Hanna.

"Hi Professor." Hanna slumped down in her seat, placing her hand on her head to keep her forehead out of sight. She could not shake the feeling that he knew, but then again the classroom was poorly lit by the outside, his quick glance could not have noticed anything, could it?

The next 30 minutes before class were dreadful for Hanna. She kept her focus below, on the desk, glancing through her notes from last week, and her mind pleaded for Hanna to peek once more at the undeniably perfectly sculpted male presence in the room. Hanna battled the urge to sneak a peek, before ultimately surrendering to her baser urges, glancing up from her notes to take in a mental image of the man.

His face was intently aimed at the computer screen, his turquois eyes moved subtly with the words on the monitor. Hanna marveled at the fabric of his shirt, the sleeves covered his arms with a subdued blue that illuminated his eyes even in the dim classroom; his vest allowed Hanna to travel down to his abdomen, peering at the little pant fabric there was in view, his lower body hidden by the desk. Hanna's eyes traveled up again to his immaculate facial features, his hair the same dark auburn with hints of grey streaks and his facial hair perfectly trimmed spreading across his jaw and above his lip.

Hanna dawdled on his face too long, Krisztian rapidly switching his gaze to Hanna, his face did not move but his eyes met Hanna's. She sensed intensity in his eyes that was different, a displeasing tone to them that caused Hanna to look down at her desk, her hand once again placed on her forehead to keep her skin hidden. Hanna craved to walk out the door, just leave the class. She could not keep her thoughts from looping between he knows and you idiot of course he doesn't.

The class began a few minutes after their brief exchange of glances, some students sauntering in to class late, trying to keep themselves from being seen as Krisztian wrote some notes on the board. Each one was caught, Krisztian uttering their names not turning to see them as he thanked them ever so much for gracing the class with their presence. Eeva burst out almost every time in laughter listening to the professor.

Hanna kept her eyes on her notebook, trying to keep herself sane for the last hour of class. He doesn't know, of course he doesn't. Why would he care? I need to calm the hell down, relax you are overreacting!

The class was over before Hanna realized, her mind kept her from listening to the last half of the lecture. It did not matter to Hanna at the moment as her salvation lay just beyond the classroom doors. She stuffed her notebook in to her bag and pulled Eeva towards the exit, Birgita jumping in haste trying to catch up to the girls.

"See ya Professor." Birgita sent Krisztian a quick glance before yelling towards the girls as she attempted to catch up to the hasty Hanna.

Krisztian merely gave a quick smirk that Birgita did not register as his eyes darted towards Hanna's desk.

Hanna once again isolated herself in the library for hours, a calmness spread throughout her body as she dove in to another book from the 3rd floor science section. It was relaxing to read the words out of these books, and keep her mind preoccupied with new concepts, ideas, and theories as everything else around her seemed to be at a standstill, her surroundings became a blur when she put her headphones in her ears.

Without warning, Hanna was yanked out of her state of serenity, her left earpiece forcefully tugged out of her ear. The book in her lap fell to her right side with the motion of Hanna's body shifting towards her left as she shot a glare above her, her eyes glued to the presence before her. Her body became immobilized by him. It only took a moment's gaze in to his eyes to captivate and shock her in to motionlessness. Krisztian's eyes were piercing, sending uncertainty throughout her body as Hanna was gripped by his proximity, hypnotized by the force his body imparted.

Krisztian swiftly pulled a tissue from his pocket, his free arm pulled Hanna towards him as the tissue forcefully made contact with her forehead, Hanna cringed at the firm contact but Krisztian did not hesitate as he swiped the makeup off her bruise, exposing her cleaned forehead to him.

"I might be a guy," He lifted the tissue so Hanna could see the makeup smeared across the material, "But I'm not that stupid." His tone intimidated Hanna, her brain unable to iterate any response. Hanna was not scared; Krisztian did not seem to impart a feeling of fear in her. She felt discontent from Krisztian, his demeanor showing slight frustration. His eyes cast a dark glare upon Hanna; her entire body began to tremble. He was not in a teasing mood, his body tightened as his jaw clenched slightly, Hanna seeing his facial muscles contort slightly in anger.

"Why didn't you do as I asked?" Krisztian twisted his body, his back pressed against the wall as he extended his jealously long legs, Hanna shifting ever so slightly away from him.

"I…uh, I lost track of time." Hanna spoke with her face away from Krisztian. She bent her legs, bringing her knees closer to her chest as she twiddled her fingers against her legs.

"Really? I wonder how someone can lose track of 2 whole days…Curious…" Krisztian's sarcasm was not lost on Hanna as she snorted in derision, her eyes rolled softly in their sockets at him.

"Professor, I really don't see the big deal in all of this." Hanna turned her head to Krisztian, her eyes widened slightly to glance up at his face. "It's just a bruise."

Krisztian scoffed at that last remark, his fingers taping against his thighs. There was an urge in his fingers to lift towards Hanna's forehead, his thumb gently massaging her temple. It was a desire he needed to subdue. He hastily shifted his head away from Hanna, gazing at the shelves of history books in front of them.

"It's a bruise that will hold my focus for the next few days."

Hanna wished she imagined those words. What was he thinking uttering something like that? It was bad enough Hanna's constitution was being compromised just with his company, but now he had to incorporate his thoughts in to the conversation. Hanna both wanted those words and tried to reject them. She treasured the idea of peering in to that brain of his, but she also wanted to distance herself from knowing too much, because her mind can be an unpleasant place when she thinks about Krisztian.

"I'm sorry." That was the only sentence Hanna could muster up to say. What was she supposed to even think after a comment like that?

"Please Hanna, don't be sorry." Krisztian grinned her way, his eyes lowered at her, his features had a softness to them Hanna did not care to see. She giggled hesitantly, her focus on her knees again.

"Do you still have the ointment?"

"Uh yeah."

"May I have it?" Krisztian opened his palm out to allow Hanna to hand him the ointment. She shifted to her bag, rummaging for the ointment before placing it quickly in his palm, making sure her hand did not make contact with his.

Krisztian turned his torso toward Hanna, placing a dab of ointment on his fingertip.

"Turn…" Krisztian almost asked in a hushed tone as Hanna complied, her head now directly in view with his. He gently applied the ointment to her bruise, her eyes lowering as he continued to massage it in to her forehead.

"Now, this time I am going to be very stern with you." Krisztian took his finger off Hanna's skin, looking directly in to her eyes, waiting for Hanna to shift her eyes at him. He cleared his throat, taking her hand in his as he placed the ointment in her palm, closing her hand encasing the tube against her fingers. "You will take this ointment young lady, and you will apply it 3 times a day for the next week. Is this clear?"


"Good. Now you do as promised or next time I won't be so calm." A devious glare projected towards Hanna, her hands becoming clammy as her eyes needed something other than his stare to occupy their vision. She looked down at her legs, avoiding his eyes.


"Y-yes professor…" Hanna could not understand his features, the way his eyes peered at her, his lips contorting slightly but in neither happiness nor anger. What are you thinking?

Krisztian cleared his throat trying to focus on his thoughts rather than his body reacting to Hanna's presence.

"Do you have any class after 6?"

"Uh no."

"Will you still be on campus at that time?"

"I think so."

"Good. Then would you mind coming by my office? I am very much behind of filing paperwork and could use another pair of hands."

"S-sure." Hanna glanced past Krisztian towards the books at the end of the shelf. He was asking her for help in a matter relating to school. Hanna felt an ease lift in her as she came to realize maybe this is who Krisztian is, a professor who is especially friendly with students. Suddenly Hanna began to feel juvenile at all those lasting thoughts on Krisztian and her misperception of his actions towards her. He was just a friendly person, and Hanna can learn to have this "budding" friendship between him. Her anxiety at his presence seemed to instantaneously drift away.

"Excellent. I will see you at 6 then." Krisztian rose to his feet before walking out of sight from Hanna.

Hanna made her way up to his office on the third floor; the secretary had already left for the day. Hanna knew where his office was located and made her way down the small hallway towards his door. She knocked gently on the door hearing Krisztian utter a soft come in and she pulled the handle revealing the man behind the desk.

"Right on time." Krisztian smirked standing from his chair, opening a drawer on the right side of the desk, an enormous stack of papers were clutched between his hands as he slammed the pile against his desk.

"Would you please sort these papers based on the terms and class numbers." Krisztian uttered.


"Thank you Hanna. You are saving me a lot of time." There was a softening on Krisztian's features, his eyes appearing warm and inviting. Hanna relished the sight before her until her body reacted to him with urgency. Shit! Stop! Friends, remember!

Why was it so difficult to keep her thoughts clean? Was she fooling herself in thinking she can "be friends" with a professor? He wanted a friendship too right? Hanna comprehended this as a battle between her hormones and her logic, thanking a higher being Krisztian was not a mind reader.

"Let's try and be out of here by 9 yes?" Krisztian gestured Hanna towards his leather chair, taking his laptop towards the couch Hanna just realized he had in his office. She quickly sat down, keeping her eyes on the stack of papers to sort. She was kicking herself internally at her thoughts. How did he so effortlessly influence her body in a way she wanted to subdue?

Hanna began the sorting process, trying to focus on the task at hand instead of the man across from her line of vision, casually seated on the couch, his focus on the computer. Every few minutes, he would glance in her direction, watching her briefly. Just the mere proximity to her was inebriating, his pulse raced through his body with a fury he wanted to placate.

Hanna felt him regarding her, his linger reaching her with a force she almost could not keep back. She shook off the feeling, continuing with the sorting as another hour passed before she finally completed the entire stack. She sat there in silence briefly, fiddling with her fingers before lifting her head to glance towards Kristian only to be startled when she realized he was right beside her gazing down at her. Hanna inhaled, a sense of weakness lingered in her mind, mocking her. She hated this feeling, having no control over her own emotions hiding underneath a shell of her own anxiety.

"I must say I'm impressed. You finished quicker than even I would." His smile returned, that sincere smirk that seemed to calm and excite Hanna at the same time. Krisztian lowered his body, his eyes level with hers. Her mind struggled to take her eyes from his, but they would not falter. His smirk did not grow in size; he kept a soft smile on his lips.

"Your bag has been vibrating for over an hour." He uttered, seeing shock on Hanna's face.

"Really?" Honestly, Hanna was not surprised. Her mind struggled to keep her thoughts away from Krisztian so she blocked everything out of her mind except the task he gave her. He paused briefly, not uttering a single word his eyes traveling around her face, studying her features more intently, her close-set eyes, her button nose that contained a few soft freckles spread down on to her cheeks, and her cheeks rounded and flushed a tantalizing pink. He adored the way her face displayed her emotions vibrantly, knowing exactly what she is thinking, marveling at her physical response towards him.

"Maybe you want to see who has been attempting to contact you…"

"It's just Eeva or Birgita. Mostly Eeva. She can go a little overboard."

"She is something else I will say that." Krisztian stood up walking back towards the couch, his laptop placed in his lap once again.

"Give me a few more minutes and then we can go."


"Home. I thought I would drop you off at your place since I requested you stay on campus longer than you need to."

"Oh Professor, no. It's okay. I can catch a bus home." Hanna stood from the leather throne she was nestled in, grabbing her bag before walking towards the door.

"Hanna don't be silly. It's past 8. The sun is down. I won't feel comfortable knowing you are waiting at a bus stop alone."

"Uh…Honestly Professor, it's not a big deal. I do this constantly." Hanna regarded Krisztian with a delicate smile, grabbing the knob to open the door.

"Hanna please." Krisztian uttered his eyes portrayed worry as his voice had a twinge of concern emanating through his words.

"Really, Professor, I'll be fine." Hanna left Krisztian with those last words as she left the office, her mind able to calm slightly.

Hanna waited at the bus stop, glancing towards the end of the road, the chilly air swaying against Hanna's clothing, her body shivering from the contact. It was much colder than she presumed it to be and now she was suffering waiting for the always late bus. The bench was cold against her backside, but Hanna did not want to stand waiting, as the air would surely circulate her entire body, leaving her shivering near the curb.

The bus stop was a few blocks from the main campus, only a five minute walk, and the stop situated in a quiet part of the city. There were few businesses around, just town houses and two family homes. Hanna remembers some semesters she had to wait over an hour for the bus to arrive, and usually her luck would have it that they always seemed to be late when the weather was less than favorable. Hanna wrapped her arms around herself, trying to keep herself warm anyway she could. Her eyes darted towards headlights that came in the direction of the bus stop, slowing down before stopping directly in front of her.

Hanna recognized it as a Mitsubishi Eclipse, newer model. It was sleek black with tinted windows and black rims. The passenger side window began to roll down revealing a face she knew all too well.

"Why don't I drop you off?" He asked his face unreadable. She did not want to see him again. Her body just seemed to reach a level of stability sitting at the bus stop for an hour, but now her blood began its surge throughout her body, her limbs trembling more vigorously than before. Krisztian noticed the immediate change in Hanna's body, the tip of her nose turning slightly pink as her bottom jaw vibrated slightly.

"I'm fine Professor. The bus will be here soon." Hanna gave Krisztian a glance of apprehension, trying to convey her uneasiness with his presence. Krisztian savored that look; his lips could not be controlled as they stretched in a grin that Hanna wanted to reject. Please, go away. This is too much right now.

"Then I don't have a choice." Krisztian sauntered from inside his car towards, putting the car in park as he walked around the vehicle towards Hanna, reaching the sidewalk. He stood right beside the curb, his eyes unwavering towards hers. Hanna's heart thumped in her ears, her body temperature rose but her limbs continued to tremble. She did not want these thoughts, refusing his influence, as she pleaded for the bus to come. Hanna tried negotiating with her body, attempting to stabilize her breathing, her erratic chest expanding with vigor with every extra linger from Krisztian. Her eyes tried to convey her desire for Krisztian to leave but her body was contradicting her every thought.

Krisztian took a step towards Hanna, rising on to the sidewalk.

"If you won't accept a free ride from me I guess I will just wait here with you until the bus arrives." Krisztian sat down besides Hanna, his back leaned casually against the back of the bench.

"Professor, really it's alright. The bus should be here any moment." Hanna knew the bus won't be arriving for another half hour but she did not care to have him wait with her.

"No, no. My mind's made up."

Hanna scoffed at Krisztian, her cheeks burning with all the extra blood circulating through her face.

"Well you know you are parked in a no parking zone. If a police officer drives by, he will surely make you move it."

"Then I will, but as of now I am safe from the fuzz." Krisztian exposed his immaculate white teeth to Hanna in playfulness; Hanna could not control her burst of giggles at his liveliness.

"So do you really wait here alone every night?" Krisztian's tone changed abruptly, seriousness expressed through his words.

"Yeah, most of the time. Eeva and Birgita usually head home if they don't have class. I prefer going to the library where I know I can get work done." Even though now Krisztian was disrupting her ability to concentrate even at the library.

Krisztian opened his mouth to utter a few words of displeasure at the thought of her waiting here unaccompanied at night before another set of head lights caught their attention, heading towards them, this time it was clear who it was.

"Well speak of the devil. Gotta move my car." Krisztian exhaled in annoyance as the police had perfect timing to disrupt his conversation with Hanna. "Give me a minute. Don't you go anywhere." His smile was contagious, Hanna unable to control her lips from stretching at his lighthearted tone.

Hanna watched as the car rounded the corner, disappearing from view. She turned her head back and noticed another pair of headlights, these accompanied by an illuminated interior of a bus. Hanna recognized this as the bus she has been waiting for, cursing under her breath at the irony of its early arrival. The bus stopped right in front of Hanna, the doors opened as the driver glanced at her. Hanna saw her escape from Krisztian, an opportunity to be away from him and able to breathe properly. Her head shifted in the direction she saw his car turn the corner, wondering if he was within distance. Should I just leave?

Hanna did not know what compelled her to look back at the bus driver, shaking her head to signal that she was not getting on. The bus began to drive forward, leaving Hanna regretting her actions. The next bus will not come back around for another 90 minutes, Hanna feeling foolish with herself.

Krisztian sauntered from the corner, glancing at the bus that passed by him, inspecting that there was not a single person in that bus besides the driver. He turned to notice Hanna sitting on the bench, her head slightly lowered as she fiddled with her thumbs.

"Was that your bus?" Krisztian asked in slight confusion.

"Uh…no wrong bus."

Krisztian scoffed at Hanna. "You are a terrible liar."

"Whatever do you mean professor?" Hanna asked jokingly, watching as Krisztian illuminated the night with his brilliant white pearls.

"Oh so now we are playing dumb are we?" Krisztian stood in front of Hanna, his eyes focused on hers. "Come on, I'll take you home." Before Hanna could protest, Krisztian took her bag in his hand and motioned her to follow him. "I will not take no for an answer."

Hanna complied getting up from the bench and walking side by side with Krisztian until she saw his car parked a few feet from them. She began to wonder whether she purposefully rejected getting in to the bus to have a few more minutes with Krisztian, even though she is supposed to see him as a "friendly professor". Her actions were getting her nowhere, on the contrary. She was setting herself up for disaster, and honestly she began to feel as if she welcomed the inevitable mess that will ensue.

The car lit up immediately, the headlights switched on illuminating the street in front of them. Krisztian walked towards the passenger side door, ready to open it for Hanna when he glanced back at her, seeing her whole body trembling slightly. He could not decipher whether the chill in the air was the culprit or if he was responsible for her quivering but he lost his composure at that moment, releasing the bag from his hand as it made contact on the ground, his stride towards her was slow but captivating, Hanna unable to understand what was happening. Please go back, get in your car. We should go…right now.

He did not stop, he continued increasing his proximity to her, until his body dawdled a fraction of an inch from Hanna's, her head titled up to keep her focus on him. He was more captivating than she cared to deal with, seeing her resolve slip away. Before she could react, his arms were wrapped around her, pulling her in to him, her cheek pressed firmly against his chest. Her ear was at the perfect angle to hear his heartbeat, the thumping increased slightly with the continuity of their embrace. This is bad, oh this is not what "friends" do, not like this.

Hanna felt herself lean in slightly more in to Krisztian, her cheeks pressed in to his vest as she marveled at the soft material caressing her cheek. It should not feel this nice…

"What are you doing to me Hanna?" Krisztian increased his pressure on Hanna, as the cool wind propelled his scent towards Hanna's nose. She did not realize how invigorating his scent was, her hands itching to grab a hold of him. Hanna took a stand against her body, closing her eyes to strive to keep her composure in this circumstance, his firm body unwilling to give Hanna that opportunity. She needed to end this; it was going beyond anything she can control, or beyond her scope of understanding. She never felt this safe in someone's arms, accepting his embrace.

"Are you cold?" He questioned softly, glancing down at her eyes. Hanna regretted looking up at his, as she peered in to the eyes of a hungry man, seeing the thirst in his gaze growing towards her. This was bad, this was worse than bad, this was heading towards disaster. She did not want his touch, yet she craved his fingers against her skin. She wanted to reject his closeness, yet she marveled at the idea of being closer to him, her body immobile in his. Hanna accepted she could not control the impulse circulating through her, her mind relaying one piece of important information to her, he was the professor. Yet when he was around her, her neck tightened, her lungs worked twice as hard to take in the necessary oxygen as her abdomen clenched tighter, and her knees became unsteady. Hanna felt an uncomfortable wave engulf her as she continued to loop around the knowledge that he is her professor, her superior.

Krisztian's body reacted with a greater vigor to her than she could possibly imagine. His entire core yearned for her, he felt insatiable as his only appetite was for her, her breath against him. The first encounter with Hanna, seeing her in his classroom had immediately stirred up a need he believed he had under control. With Hanna it seemed to never be enough, even with only a week of seeing her face, listening to her speak, gazing at her eyes. His satisfaction was briefly fulfilled watching her body respond to his presence, to his touch and to his closeness. Krisztian's control was slipping, every second he lingered on Hanna made his restraint diminish.

"A-a little chilly."

"Seems I'll have to warm you up then."

He pulled Hanna once more against him; her stare remained on Krisztian as one of his hands traveled from her back up to her neck, tracing his finger against her soft skin, creating small circles with his finger against her neck as his arm wrapped tighter against her back, maintaining the contact between their bodies. Hanna's breath hitched, her need for more contact growing, Krisztian more than obliged to grant her that contact. His fingers slowly traced up her neck towards her jawline, his eyes following every inch his fingers cover, watching her skin react to his caress. Hanna melted in to his touch, her eyes keeping watch of his lips, seeing them spread slightly in a provocative smirk, his facial hair moving with the grin. She yearned for his lips, having him touch her with them, feeling their smoothness as his stubble invigorated the skin around her lips.

Krisztian saw her gawk at his lips, his smirk increasing before he grabbed her chin and tilted her head up slightly, her eyes traveled to his. There was fervor in his irises; a vigor that Hanna felt would consume her.


"Shh…"He began to close the distance between their lips, his lingering just above Hanna's. She could feel his facial hair against her chin, the contact added to her instability. Hanna bit her bottom lip gently, wanting the distance to finally be cleared.

Krisztian immediately pressed his thumb against her bottom lip, preventing her from biting again as his eyes narrowed in contemplation.

"Don't do that." He whispered, his breath caressing her lips. It was minty and cool, her lips trembling with a yearning for a taste of them but she settles for his thumb touching her lip. Krisztian turned his head slowly, lowering his lips towards the other side of her neck, his facial hair invigorating her skin as Hanna had to suppress a moan from escaping her lips, trying not to give Krisztian the satisfaction of hearing her whimper under his touch. His lips kept their distance from her skin, only allowing his stubble to make contact with her neck, his arm gripping on to her clothing tighter, her body pressed even harder on to him, his lips releasing a delicate blow of air spreading across her neck, Hanna's hands began to move up towards his vest, attempting to grasp the fabric. Her breathing played near his ear, hearing just how unsteady she was.

Krisztian devoured her in that moment, his lips seizing her skin.

Hanna exhaled against his ear, and her breathing became choppy, Krisztian marveling at the sounds escaping her mouth. His lips continued to consume her neck, feeling her smooth skin against his lips, his nose inhaling the subtle aroma of her body, as his stubble created a friction her body could not handle. She gripped his vest tighter, bringing what little space they had between them to a tight close as Hanna kept herself upright with the help of Krisztian. Hanna has never experienced such a wave of undeniable pleasure coursing through her body, her inhibitions drifted away with Krisztian's touch. She began to crave more of him; a closeness she felt was attainable.

Krisztian was not unfazed by Hanna; her hushed whimpers propelled him towards the edge, giving him less control over his actions. He knew he had to prevent anything further from occurring; going in too deep with Hanna too quickly would be a mistake. His wariness of her level of compliance towards his actions was seeping in to his thoughts, his body gradually drifting back in to reality. His lips slowly released their pressure on her neck, bringing his line of sight directly at her, as he witnessed a sight that almost made him lose his composure again. Hanna's face portrayed slight disappointment, an eagerness to continue that Krisztian ached to satisfy.

His arm gripped Hanna's back tightly as his palm cupped her cheek, his thumb slowly caressing her skin. He marveled at her for a brief moment his smirk increasing as he felt her face warm with his touch, her breath continued unsteadily.

"I think you're warm enough."

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