I just like doing these end-story author's notes. If you follow me, you'd know. You'd know it too well.

I'm not sure what my editing for this msq quest is going to be like. I really don't. I'm doing a reread right now, and I have no idea.

Does it hold up? Do I even like it? Well...

It's one of those things where I NEED other people's opinions. Unlike Termi, which is my dear pet project, I have no scope to help determine my opinion on this thing. Feedback is like liquid platinum to me here IV-ing the hell into my soul.

I have a few changes you might be interested in:

-make senya and wren two different characters instead of being roughly the same dude most of the time
-change a bunch of names so they don't sound exactly alike (Ae-en v Ae-ah v Aelen v Aera v Aeis). Though some are meant to mirror each other, this frankly has gone TOO FAR.
-who is wren?
-clear up some plot things which I'm not listening here because I KNOW people read these notes before actually reading the story

I will physically mail you a cool picture of a wolf and 1$ if you give me feedback on this. That's all I gotta say.

Oh, and, oh course: Much thanks, as always, goes to whoever read this. Which is no one, it looks like, at least all the way through. But to everyone who read a bit: Neato! Coolio! Much love from me!

_ -(3)