I breathe.

I try to breathe calmly but it comes out as hyperventilation.

I have been running for some time. I just kept running and running and running. I don't know if it's night or day.

I am afraid.

I don't know how far I have run. I don't know what is happening. But...I do know…why I'm running.

Somebody—or something—is after me.

I stand at the edge of a highway. The highway cuts right through the dark forest that I have been running through for some time. I look left and right. There are no cars passing by or coming. I stand there in my gown. Gown? Yes, I'm wearing a gown. It is light pink and purple. The hem is dirty and torn. It is getting dark. Then I spot a light. Yes, a light. I go towards the direction of the light. There is a waiting shed. I look around. Nobody. There is a long stone bench.

Fatigue overcame me.

I slumped on it and drifted off to sleep.