Chapter Negative Thirty-Four: Eht Trats fo S'anel Yrots (Note: Decode this if you can!)

A girl sat at a desk in a room. She was red-haired and had pale skin. Her face had the slight hint of freckles and she wore a denim jacket over a blue mid-rib shirt. She was around fifteen years old.

Her hair was hanging free; no clips, no ponytails, not anything on her hair. It was just beautifully red.

The girl was furiously scribbling on a pad of paper. She wanted to finish her assignments as fast as she could on this Friday night.

Her mind finally giving way to wear and exhaustion, the girl got up and walked to through her gigantic bedroom.

She was a rich girl, yet, like most rich girls she was trapped in a gigantic four-storey house, exactly on the topmost storey. She had a bed as wide as a mall bathroom. A lot of the space was taken up by books, though.

The girl was a big book reader.

She crossed over to the other side of the room, to a little terrace. She looked out into the night. The stars twinkled. The girl sighed. I'm just trapped here. She looked below. Below, there was a gigantic swimming pool around the size of a professional basketball court.

She flinched when she heard three knocks on the door. "Miss Lena, it is dinner time." Came the clipped, proper voice of a butler. "Coming, Omar." Lena took one last glance out of the window and walked to the door.

Lena had a secret. She had a strange ability, which made her treasured by her step-parents. Treasured, sadly, in a bad way. After showcasing her abilities in all sorts of places to earn, they locked her in her room. Sure, she was rich and she got everything that she wanted. Everything except for one thing: freedom.

The Wright family had turned rich because of exhibiting Lena's abilities. Now, this very night, Lena Wright was going to escape.

Her special ability was the ability to breathe anywhere; in water, in a burning house, on any other planet…you name it. She could breathe normally on the moon without special equipment.

Now, she was going to use it to run away.

Lena tied together her blankets to create a rope. She tied it to the banister of her terrace. She had put her things in a waterproof bag and had dressed in a swimsuit to swim the pool. She had locked the door. Now she was checking the contents of her bag for the second time to make sure that her needs and necessary things were there.

"…Number one", Lena mumbled under her breath, "clothes. Number two: food and water. Number three: The Sea and Hemmings. Number four: phone and charger. Number five—" There was a sharp rapping at the door. "Lena! What are you doing in there!?" Lena gulped. It was her step-brother, Tayshaun.

Lena slung the bag over her shoulders. Her bag was stuffed already. Clothes for a week, a bottle of water, some crackers, her phone, her charger and her favourite book, The Sea and Hemmings were pretty much enough the bag could hold.

She breathed deeply. "This is crazy", she muttered. "Lena!? You better open this door now, or you're not going to get breakfast, you little twit!" Tayshaun was practically bellowing at the top of his lungs already and at the same time was trying to break the door into smithereens.

Lena forced herself to smile. "Here goes nothing", she said weakly, and with that she plummeted to the depths of the pool just as the door to her room smashed open.


Well, guys? This is a sneak peek of the start of Lena's story and how it ends. I'm not sure if I'm going to post all of it here since I am not sure if I am going to publish this already. I hope you enjoyed this bonus chapter and may God bless you! Byeee!

Jake Castaway