Tomb of the void

I stumble down the ruined steps of the tomb. I can hear footsteps behind me. I can see my breath in the cold air as I pant. I am trembling. My heart is pounding. My blood racing. My knees threaten to cave in. But despite all of this I carry on into the dark tunnel. I wont let him catch me.

I collapse against that wall once I am surrounded by darkness. I can hear the rats squeak in protect as I almost sit on one as I slide down said wall. I can feel every bump and jagged rock on my back. The cobwebs catching onto my coat.

I put my hand over my mouth as I try to keep quiet. I panic. I had dropped my phone on the way here, probably when I tripped. Something trickles down my leg and I touch it. Suppressing a scream I pull away. I must have landed on a twig.

I was covered in sweat. I could hear nothing. Not him. Not me. Not even the rats. I wish I could see. Anything. Something. I don't even know how to get out. Am I going to die here? Is he going to find me? What does he want from me? I am so alone.

"I can see you." His voice was right in my ear. His horrible hand grazed my cheek.

Screaming I fling myself away. Getting up as quickly as I could manage I continued to run. I clipped my shoulder on the corner of a wall, ran straight into another and tripped down even more stairs.

Finally, I stopped hearing his footsteps. I could see just enough – the silver moon shown dully through the cracks in the ceiling – to tell that I had entered a cave of some sort. The only way out would be the way I came in.

Before I could hide behind one of the large rocks I heard something move behind me.

Whirling I turned to see that the entrance had been covered up by a huge boulder. I threw myself against it and tried to move it.

"No! Please... no." I sob into the boulder. Tears fall down my cheeks as I cry in disappear. I am going to die down here! Just then six hands grab at me. They did not felt human.

I scream as they pull me back into the the cave. This sharp claws draw blood from my skin. I close my eyes and cry.

They break me.