I tried to but I couldn't get her out of my head.

I tried but was impossible to ignore her

I tried to be ok when I wasn't

I tried to be happy when I was about to break down

I tried to cope but I couldn't

I tried to run, I couldn't

I tried to hide, I couldn't

I tried to escape her, I definitely couldn't

I tried everything to get away.

So, I did the last thing I could just to get away from her

I tried to fly

Looking down I saw the jagged rocky wall of the cliff. Perfect.

I died

Weeks later a hiker found a broken and bruised body in the deepest part of the forest. Looming over it was the jagged rocky wall of a cliff

Author's note

Hey everyone! It's been a while eh? Well yeah here's another depressing story...heh...sorry...anyway I cant believe it's been about two years since I discovered fictionpress! So yeah, until next time, see you because I'll be back!