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"My lady, your gift from the prince," the servant bowed slightly and opened a small box of earrings.

"Oh, he shouldn't have!" she blushed as she graciously accepted them.

"Is there anything you need, my lady?"

"Oh, yes. Could you put my hair up?"

As the servant weaved into her hair, she looked out towards the window and brought her bejeweled hand to her chin, lost in thought.


She turned around and gasped. It was the new maid; she was weird. She turned back and ran as far as her little feet could take her. She didn't want to be anywhere near that weird maid. She turned round the corner into the dining hall, through the gallery, past the library, and out the gardens. She ran by a mulberry bush and rolled in the muddy ditches next to it and her once blue frock became patched with brown. Out came the ribbons in her hair as she snatched off her blue beaded necklace and stamped it to the ground.

"Woman, you are mad."

She looked up to see a boy in royal blue suit. The boy was much taller than her but didn't look much older than her. She put her hands to her hips and stomped her foot, jealous of the height difference.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my garden? Don't lean against the bush!"

"Well, then. Hellfire surely would certainly be absolutely no match for YOUR fire," the boy said astonished.

"What?" the girl said furrowing her eyebrows, confusion marring her face.

"Hellfire would be no match for your fire." The girl still looked baffled. "It means you look pretty angry."

The girl gaped and the boy laughed.

"Stop laughing!"

"I can't! You look like a flounder!"

The girl gasped. "I don't! How dare you! I'm the Princess!"

"What?! You sure?" the boy questioned. "You certainly don't look like you have the knowledge of one."

"I'm still in training," the girl sighed.

"Oh? Then why FLOUNDER about in a muddy ditch?" the boy laughed.

"It's not MY fault! The new maid is scary! She's weird!"

"And why do you say so, my princess?" he grinned.

"Erm…she strapped me to a chair in my study and slammed my history textbook onto my lap and peeled my eyes open with toothpicks and…."

"Oh, poo. How tragic," his voice dripped with sarcasm.

"Aargha! Fine! I was playing in the nursery with my dolls when mother brought in the new maid. Then, the new maid picked me up and carried me aaalllll the way to my study. And then, she plopped me onto a chair RIGHT in front of my tutor and, oh, goodness, my tutor looked soo mad as if… as if….."

"Hellfire would be no match for his fire?"

She grinned, "Exactly. And he made me memorize all of the previous kings and queens and the laws! It was sooo boring!"

"Huh. Too much for a five year old, I guess?"

"I'm not five! I'm eight!"

The boy grinned. "And I'm Merlin."

The girl rolled her eyes. "This morning, father said that some stupid prince was coming today. Once my tutor left, the new maid dragged me to my room and made me put on dresses one after the other after the other. Finally, I had had enough and simply ran out of my room to my garden."

The boy just stared. "You are a really impatient crackpot, aren't you?"

"Humph! You don't understand what a princess goes through!"

"And I'm sure you don't understand what a prince goes through."

"Oh, and how would YOU know what a prince goes through?!"

"Because I am one."


"You. You are…the prince?"

The boy nodded.

"THE prince?!"

The boy grinned. "And last time I checked, I was not stupid."

The girl's face paled. She jumped out of the ditch and flew back to the castle.

"Oh! And also, I am to be your future husband!" the boy shouted at the top of his lungs.

To say that she was shocked would be an understatement.

The princess smiled fondly at the memory.

"My lady, your hair is done."

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