Dave's ten-year class reunion was coming up next week, and as part of the council it was his job to help contact alumni from his graduate class about the event. In high school, he was voted class vice president as a joke because most people consider him a joke back then. He didn't attend any homecoming or any other dances during high school, and he was never part of the social crowd. He mostly kept to himself and studied all the time. His favorite place to be back then was the school library where he claim that he had read every book in it at the time he finishes his senior year. More of an intellect in those days, now he was the president of his company. He has been on the covers of many different magazines. He had stood up in Congress and met governors face to face, but none of that mattered today, as his mind was on Kim.

All through high school he admired her from afar. They were in the same English class each year in high school. Where he was quiet and reserve, she was outgoing and in a different social crowd. He was always afraid to speak even to her in school. In his junior year in art class, he was caught by Derrick the football team's captain drawing a picture of Kim. Derrick took the picture and showed it to the entire school embarrassing Dave beyond words. As luck would have it, Derrick took Kim to Senior Prom, and they even dated awhile after leaving school. While Dave focus on his education and grades.

That was a lifetime ago he thinks as he looks at the phone list, and Kim Papus name was next. This was no longer high school and Dave now own his heavy equipment leasing company and has made Crain Business News as the youngest businessman of the year. His confidence soaring, with the only thing he was missing, was someone to share his success with, he dreamed of this day for the last several years. He never knew how to make a call to Kim without come across a little strange, but now he had the perfect reason for making the call in their ten-year class reunion. He had already found out from facebook that Kim and Derrick had married, but divorce shortly after when she found out that he had been seeing her best friend.

He took a deep breath and dialed the number in his cell phone. He waited patiently listening to the phone ring after the fourth ring he was sure that her voicemail would pick up. Then there was a soft voice on the other end of the phone.


Her voiced was so soft that Dave thought that he had woken her up from a deep sleep.

"Hello is this Kim Papus, who graduated from Rosedale High School?"

"Yes it is, who is this calling?"

Here it was his moment of truth. Dave had dream of this exact moment many times and went over in his head what to say. Now that the time was at hand, his mind went blank. He stumbled over his name until at last he could force the sound from his lips.

"This is Dave Sanders from the reunion committee."

"Dave Sanders? Are you the same Dave Powers that owns the equipment company?"

Upon hearing her question he felt more at ease, she knew who he was after all. All these years he thought that she never even knew that he existed. But now hearing that not only did she know him, but sounded excited to be talking with him.

The two of them talked for hours, and much to Dave's surprised he did most of the talking. She was so interested in his life and about him. This was a new experience for him, and it's true reporters have asked him about his background. But this felt different as the girl he idolizes all throughout high school now was hanging on his every word. He never dream this would be happening in his wildest dreams. Each time politely he would pause and ask her to talk about her life she would tell him that she wanted to hear more about him. He did ask her about the breakup with Derrick.

Kim explains that she came home early from a training seminar, and when she came home her best friend's car was in front of her house. When she walked in the house, the front room and kitchen was empty. She heard laughter coming from the back bedroom, so she headed that way. Almost immediately, she wished that she hadn't. There in her bed that she shared with her husband. There was her best friend Molly with Derrick. She was so shocked that she had stood there motionless. Kim said Derrick apologize and said that he would never do anything ever to hurt her again. Two months later she caught them both again, this time at Molly's house. Kim was devastated after the ultimate betrayed by her best friend and husband. After the hurtful divorce, Kim had seen a therapist and had just retreated to her apartment alone. She went on to explain that her therapist told her that she had to focus on something or someone positive to help her move on with her life. Although he did not know it but Kim had chosen him to be that person.

When they finally finish talking it was after midnight, but he did not mind. This was the perfect solution for him, his dream girl thought that he was her dream guy. Nothing could be better he felt that night as he went to sleep. He dream of the high school prom that he never went too and saw the two of them at prom becoming the king and queen.

The next morning when he awoke there was a friend request on his facebook from Kim. He accepted the request without much thought. Almost instantly, there was Kim sending him pictures and private messages as if they had been two long lifetime friends just playing catch up with each other.

When he arrived at office, there was a bouquet of flowers waiting for him from Kim. It was the first time that he had ever received flowers from anyone and felt a sense of pride that here at the business he built someone had sent him personal flowers. He carried the bouquet of flowers into his office and set them on his desk. When he turned on his work computer, there was another note from Kim.

"Mr. Sanders who are the flowers from?" Ask Ms. Green his secretary.

"From an old high school friend."

"You never mention her anyone before."

"I know Kim was the girl in high school that I had a big crush on. Just last night I called her about the upcoming class reunion. I hadn't talked to her in years. "

"You mean you just talk last night for the first time."

"Yes just last night Ms. Green."

"You know boss I know that you don't really have a lot of experience with relationships. "

"That's right but it looks like that will be changing. "

"That was not what I meant. What I'm trying to say is that don't you think it's a little quick?"

"Quick for what?"

"For all the flowers and gifts for a person that you just started talking to last night."

"Ms. Green I told you that we were old friends from high school, so it's, not like she was a total stranger I just met."

"From everything that you have told me about high school this young lady never even spoke to you. So she might as well have been a stranger, and to received all this, its almost like she is a stalker."

"NO, no you could not be more wrong. She is so sweet; she could never be stalker. Besides I like to think after building this company from nothing that I know something about people. Trust me Ms. Green after so many lonely years I am just the world's luckiest guy to have the perfect women.

At Kim's home from the outside its looks normal, flowers out front with a nicely trim lawn. Hanging flower pots and a bird feeder in the brush tree. Inside is quiet in this brick ranch home, and all the lights are off except the master bedroom.

Inside the master bedroom, there was the smell of incense flowing in the air. Candles were burning in the room that illuminated the area. In the center of the room, there was a white circle drawer on the floor where Kim sat with her legs cross. She was wearing a black and yellow ceremony robe from an ancient race of Mayans.

She move back and forth chanting verses from a spell book from the race whose dress she was wearing. Kim grabs a table knife that was by her feet. She cuts the palm of her left hand and squeezes blood on the pictures that are surrounded her on the floor.

The chanting ends as Kim opened her eyes and reached down to pick up the blood covered picture. Looking at the pictures, she stands up putting out the candles as she approaches her dresser. She sits in a chair in front of the mirror still gripping onto the images. There is one lone candle left burning sitting on the dresser.

Kim stares

in the mirror then down at the blood covered pictures of Alvin.

"Now you and I are bonded in blood forever my love. I will make you happy."