In desperation Alvin kicks Kim with his knee in the back, she falls off him. He gingerly climbs back to his feet and starts to walk away. His mind tells his legs to run, but his body is too badly hurt to listen. The best response his legs could give was to walk. Kim is back up just as he turns the corner as she gives chase.

In the ballroom Ms. Green walks in and asks has anyone seen Alvin or Kim. She was told that they went to the conference room for some alone time. One of the girls remembers that Alvin looked upset when they walk away. Ms. Green hurries off in the direction of the conference room. She was worry about Alvin and didn't want to wait for Detective Castle to park the car. Once she got into the conference room no one was there but when she looks on the floor she could see blood. She follows the trail.

Alvin tried hiding in a utility closet in the kitchen. He knew that he was hurt badly by the stab wounds that Kim had given him. He knew that he had no chance trying to talk to her, he searches the closet for anything that he could use as a weapon to keep her away. He only hopes that someone heard the noise and that help was on the way, he just had to survive until then. His heart froze as he heard a knock on the closet door.

"You going to come out of there now honey and take your medicine?"

"Kim you can't get in I have the door lock from this side, and I'm not coming out."

"You know I can get that door open? You were the one who had to go mess up all our plans because you were selfish."

"Selfish, selfish me? I'm not the one with the knife."

"You had to be punished for what you did. I'm ready to forgive you and to bandage you up now. Let's just go home and talk about this in the morning."

"You are sick Kim, and it's my fault for not seeing it before now. If I was not so stupid maybe Summer and Ms. Speaks would both still be alive."

"Did you call me sick? You sound just like my ex-husband before he ran off. He never made it far because I made for sure that he would stay in our backyard forever."

She had always told Alvin that her husband left her, but now hearing that he was in their yard, that means that she killed him. Alvin was more scared now than before, he made up his mind.

"Why are you being so quiet in their lover? Come on out and let's go home. I think its time you move in with me anyway. That way can't no one ever disturb us again."

Alvin busts out of the closet and knocks Kim to the ground before she could recover he was on top of her striking her with the shovel he found in the closet. He struck her three times before she stabs him in the leg, he drops the shovel in pain and falls backward. When he looks up Kim is standing in front of him bloodied and bruise and all sense of reality had left her, she was foaming at the mouth and her words were not coming out clear. Alvin whispers a prayer because he knows this is the end. Then he hears another voice.

"Leave him alone!"

"Oh you, I thought you were in jail, but this is way better. I can get you too."

She launches toward Ms. Green who stands her ground without moving just as Kim was a few feet in front of her with the knife in a downward thrusting angle she was knocked back by a single gunshot. Detective Castle had arrived.

Once Kim falls to the ground, Ms. Green rushes to Alvin's side. Kim stands back up and launches again at Ms. Green. This time four other shots are fire at Kim, she is struck by three of them and she falls to the ground and this time she doesn't move. Her final words were, "I did it all for us."

Detective Castle kicks the knife from her hands and makes sure that Alvin was alright as he gets on his radio and calls for an ambulance. Ms. Green helps lift Alvin up as they both walk out of the kitchen area. They both walk outside of the ballroom and she sits him down outside in front of the sign that said "Reunion Tonight."