A/N: Hey, guys, Angie here! Man, it's been a long time since I posted. Here's something I wrote a while ago. I finally decided to post it. Hope you like!

Close your weary eyes my child, and dream with me.

Fly upon the wings of angels

Dance along to the blacksmith's hammering

Sleep along the banks of the river where Ophelia breathed her last.

Lift your tired wings, my child, and fly with me.

Watch the life below rise and fall

Observe a flower bloom and wither

See the mountains the men proudly made crumble to dust.

Look at me, my child, and smile once more for me.

Nothing gold can stay, but we can cherish it while it lasts.

Men may rise and fall, but some still live in memory.

I may disappear, but you will carry me on forever.