Sometimes even I get lost in the dark...


Alone in the forest, no light can penetrate the barrier of old trees

Their branches sway from a passing wind, the creaking of wood

The shuffling of leaves, an animal's passing screech, uneasiness

It's too dark to see. It's cold, I've been here longer then I should

Footsteps coming from behind me, softly at first but louder now

Where am I? How far have I gone? Farther into that dark abyss

My heart is racing, ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump. Who is there?

Faster and faster it goes. I'm lost. Panicked I run, I try and resist

It's just like a maze! The trees are all the same…what can I do?

I must try to lose them! Should I run and hide or stay and fight?

Adrenaline is rushing, my feet are pounding, branches claw skin

And all I can do is think, what can I do? What can I do tonight?

There's no place to hide, there's no escape for me. So I'm alone

All alone in this darkness, alone with my fears for this unknown