Chapter 1: First Encounter

Rumors. Nobody likes them yet everyone is willing to spread them, but what's more annoying is when the rumors are actually true, at least to some extent. Last year wasn't the best year for me and saying that would be the understatement of the century, because in reality it was the worse year of my life.

I lost my best friend and my first love to the popularity ladder as well the slut of the school. Pitiful, I know. Not only that, but also got humiliated in front of the entire school making me a complete outcast, that's when I finally realized something. I realized that I should have been more social, more active and shouldn't have stuck with a single best-only-friend thinking that he would always be by my side every step of the way.

Well, that way of thinking really did come up and bite me in the ass, didn't it?

But now before I left the safety compound of my house, I made a promise to myself that I would make this last high school year memorable. I'm going to walk into school with my head held high and determined to make some new friends, even if I might still be an outcast, and you know what chicken little always said 'today is a new day'.

I then walked calmly to school even with my torturing nerves eating me alive from the inside, stupid nerves. It toke about five minutes before I finally reached yet I was still panting like a I ran a mile, 'seriously, I either need to buy myself a car or get my lazy bum up and actually try exercising for once' I thought as I finally reached the place I dreaded to see all summer, school.

I then straightened my back and walked in with my head held high like I planned to. Unfortunately though my head instantly ducked back down the moment people started whispering about me as they noticed my presence. 'gosh I'm such a coward' I thought as I continued down the hall way, all was well until some idiot decided that they should bump into me and ruin my already terrible day.

"Watch wear you're going nerd" I heard the stranger say making me glance up at him with fury evident in my eyes "Nerd really? Not everyone that wears glasses is a nerd, I mean I could be a hipster for all you know" I said to the stranger, who I later realized was none other the Ryder Jacob the schools well known bad boy, cliché much.

He glared at my comment "well you aren't so that means you're a nerd, at least a nerd who needs new glasses since she can't see where she's going, now move out of the way" he spoke in his deep voice that would scare anyone as he tried to walk past me.

Although I wasn't going to let him off the hook that easily, "oh no you don't since you're the one that bumped into me not the other way around and as for the whole nerd thing, I think you should ask my math teacher about and watch how she laughs at your face about how utterly ridiculous that sounds, since I basically failing all my subjects" I stated proudly 'even though, I'm pretty sure that's not something that I should be proud about'

I watched as one of Ryder's eyebrows quirked in amusement, before his eyes turned back to menacing "look here, I'm telling you this nicely so listen closely, I'm not someone you should be messing with so I advise you to scram before I do something you won't like" he threatened as his voice became deadly low.

A shiver ran up my spine at his tone but as stubborn as I am looked right back at him as I said "won't like? Like bumping into me because apparently that's what you're good at, and besides who says I'm trying to mess with you, all I want is a simple apology so we can both move on with our lives"

He looked annoyed by my reply and toke a threatening step towards me, making me slightly take one step back. He opened his mouth to say something else but before he could the school bell rang making me jump in surprise as I watched all the students that I hadn't noticed surrounded the little scene, dispersed to their classrooms.

My eyes widened in realization as I remembered that I didn't even remove my books from my locker, before rushing to do just that I looked at Ryder one more time and noticed him just staring at me irritably.

"Look I'll be late for class meaning I really have to go, so we'll continue this chat later okay?" I asked before running off to my locker.

But before I made it I remembered something and turned around "HEY! MY NAME'S KATY BY THE WAY" I yelled to Ryder as I gave him thumbs up while he just stared at me in confusion.