Kyle's POV

So one minute I'm falling through a gate the next I'm slugging this guy and now I'm stuck with him. So he's my twin's Pair, that I can deal with. Him calling me Mousy? Fuck no. No way in hell is this happening. This, this guy is just insufferable. His sister is good though. She also looks like sex on legs, her and her Twin's Pair are just like, Gods, if I wasn't respectful I would rape both of them... Yeah... Um thought track needs a change. Wait why is wait what is his name again? Damn I forgot his name. Um wait if I just stare at his sister maybe she'll answer my silent plea. Wait have they been talking while I've been zoned out? Shit.

"Sooooo Kyle," Adriana started to ask me, "do you have any hobbies?" I just froze and rambled, "uh like you." Wait hold up Ky, where did that come from?Oh thank the gods, she's laughing. "Oh geese thanks Kyle, you're sweet." She then started to talk away so I just smiled and nodded for the rest of the conversation.

Carl's POV

This girl is just so awkward. I can tell she's been giving my sister and her pair a one over every five seconds but dude. Ah she just pulled the nod and smile tactic, smart. I think she might be fun to mess with. I don't remember her real name though. this could become an issue. "Hey so Mousy, you gonna be rooming with me? We are stuck together after all, and I go to train early, at like, I dunno, 5 a.m? I run a few laps and you look like you could use it, plus your punch back there sucked." I know, that wasn't cool at all. But hey if it gets her to snap out of it its good, plus my sister is gay. I can tell Mousy isn't into a serious relationship so its my job to snap her out of it, I mean her pair gets enough grief from my sisters fan group anyways. No need to throw Mousy under the bus too. "Yeah, a run sounds good, but I was hoping we could practice combat, because I don't want a twin's pair who gets beat up easily." Sheesh this girl is like a mind reader. I'm grinning, yes, this girl is good. "Why don't we go and hit the simulators right now? I mean we can test what we can do. Set it on random and just deal with it? Side note, what are you good at? Fighting wise that is."

"Oh, I'm known for being fast and a quick thinker on my feet."

"Oh. So you're not super strong or anything useful?"

"You saying being fast isn't useful?"

"No, just, well, yeah..."

"Hmm okay, we can just have a match then."

Adriana's POV

So I'm super hyped. I have a Twin's Pair, Carl has one and my pair, is well, she's bi and I'm a lesbian, I kind of hope we can get something started. She's gorgeous. I think I want to test her healing abilities. We didn't get that creepy glow thing like Carl and his pair but MY pair and I came hear each others' thoughts, I finally figured out how to stop her from coming into my head and vies versa. She's surprisingly lewd. Her first thought was of me in a shower with her. So yeah that's how that's working out. I found out her name is Megan Storm. I laughed and then thought better of it because she looked sad, like I'd just kicked a puppy. She right now is in this great red dress that accents her crimson hair. She had crazy white eyes. I wonder if that means she is albino, right? Wait is she BLIND? is that what it means? Gah! This is bad I can't have a blind partner. As I thought that I saw her trip on a rug. I rushed to her and helped her stand. "I can't see when you shut me out." Megan sobbed out. I weakened a bit and opened my mind to her. I felt warm and happy for some reason. Megan's eyes turned red and she smiled up at me. "You good now?" I guess that wasn't he best thing to say but she looks happy and I feel happy. This could be a good thing. Maybe I've finally found someone who actually needs me.

Megan's POV

She held me as I cried and I just felt so much better when we were linked. She is so pretty, tall, and confident. I'm glad she's my pair. She also happens to be gay. I'm bi so this makes things a bit easier for me? I wanted her the first time I felt her presence. Wow that was creepy. Not like that I don't go around feeling people up. Well there was that one time, Adriana starts to laugh and I feel it resonate within me. Shoot, did she hear me think? Yes

Adriana? She, wait are we psychics now? Lets see if I can see in Carl's head... No, gross not going there ever again... Maybe for a billion dollars but ew he needs help. All he can think about is 'fixing mousy' whatever that means. We, Carl, Ky, Adriana, and I are all walking to the combat arena as Ky, and Carl bicker. They're like an old couple its funny. I can tell Carl wants to know what goes through Ky's head. As do I. I can't get through though, nothing works. Let me have a go? Adriana, of course, Yes! I shout in my head please try.

I'm in, Oh Gods, her life has been awful, I feel bad for peeking. But a lot makes sense now, her parents wanted a boy.

What jerks, is that why she dresses like that? I wonder if she has boobs.

Ummmm, she's in a sports bra...

That explains a bit...

Do you wanna date? Like be exclusive?

Well that developed fast.

Yeah sorry its been on my mind for a while now.

I know.

Oh right, well do you?

Of course, you wanna hold hands?


Okay then.

Oh hey we are almost there.


The combat arena.


Suddenly Ky turned to looked at us and grinned, "I wondered when it would happen"

"Huh?" carl said looking back. Seeing our linked hands he glared at me and said, "you even think of hurting her I'll kill you."

"I don't doubt it, I'll keep it in mind." Who the hell does he think he is? Geeze, over protective much?

Yeah, but its always been just us. Thanks for taking that all right . I looked at Adriana and grinned. "Damn they are already having silent conversations, share?" Ky teases.

"Hahaha, no, my brother wouldn't appreciate what we are talking about." Adriana says while wiggling her eyes. Now we are at the arena. I'm rooting for Ky but hey that's just me.