Chapter 5

Carl's POV

So, here I am, ousted. On accident. GAH! Plus, I lied and said I like someone. Now Megan and Ky are arguing about shit. SHIPS, I meant ships, but basically the same thing. Morons. Sigh, but you know, I'm considering a few of the guys they've mentioned. I vetoed a few so quickly they laughed. I had to explain past hookups and the like. A very embarrassing experience if I do say so. Ethan is so not helping my case. He keeps throwing random shit into the conversation. Him and I are going to have a discussion about Ky later. If he ever hurts her, I swear to the gods and goddesses above, I will ruin him. I don't even care that we're related. Stupid him. Ethan is still laughing at me. Oh, my, goodness, I just figured out how to get him back for the names. You know the ones he's been randomly throwing out? Yeah, those, I'm going to be evil for a bit here. I hope Ky can handle it. Knowing her, she can.

"Ky, that dude is totally checking you out!" Though it's true, I am looking for revenge and I'm going to make it happen. Sorry Ky!

"I dare you to go and spoon feed him!" I love my sister, her idea is awesome! We both share a look and I high-five her for that one.

Ky is red. No, she's maroon. So CUTE! Ethan is glaring and now Megan joins in.

"I bet she can't. She doesn't have the guts to." Go for devil's advocate!

"Excuse me?" Ky looks taken aback, but we all know she's laughing, "I can do whatever I damn well please, I have the guts to do that!"

She marches up to the guy and asks him a few questions. Finally he nods and she feeds him a spoon of chicken-pot-pie. We are all laughing now, excluding Ethan. Kethan is going to have some issues now. Sadly, Megan has other plans.

"Ethan, is that your ex?" It's well know that Ethan's exes are bat-shit-crazy. No joke, I don't know if it's just him or if they were that way before he dated them. They always end up crazy after though. Everyone knows it too. Ethan freezes as we watch his latest ex waltz up to Ky. She smiles sweetly and then takes two fingers, shoves them down her throat and vomits all over Ky.

Kyle's POV

So I'm spoon feeding this guy on a dare. Whatever, you know what this is not gonna bug me. I wouldn't be over here if Megan hadn't made that shitty comment. Then this red-head waltzed up to me, I think she's being friendly so when she smiles I smile back and open my mouth to say hi, but what does she do? Fucking forces herself to vomit all over me! WHAT THE FUCK! Why me? The worst part? The fact that I opened my mouth, yep, you guessed it, I now know what this bitch's stomach acid tastes like.

"Hello Kyle." Her voice is pissing me off even more. I am getting so close to just hurling myself at her. The looks on my friends faces vary from rage, Ethan owns that one, and horror Adrianna.

"'Sup, random bitch that goes around vomiting on unsuspecting females." I can tell I hit a nerve. I don't even give the satisfaction of glaring. I keep my cool and gaze at her calmly. This just pisses her off and I wait for her make the first sign of aggression. I can't wait to beat her ass. Ethan has taken to walking over like he owns the place. The headmaster has stood up too, the way he's looking at me is full of pity. I don't want his pity, or anyone's pity at that.

"Kyle, I would love to duel you, you seem so talented!" I stare. Shit! She's a warrior type too. For all I know she's really good.

"Duel, but why? Over what do we have to duel?"

"Oh, Kyle," the way she says my name is infuriating! "over who gets E of course."

"E?" who the fuck?

"Ethan, stupid," I glare. no not Ethan. Why the fuck would you even shorten his name. It dawns on me and I'm pissed. Stupid Bitch need to go down!

"Sure, I'll duel you be with weapons, I think that's fair, no?" Ethan's face when I say that is of pure horror. Most people's faces mirror his. What did I say, not to mention, what did I just get myself into?

Adrianna's POV

NO! I want to scream. Ethan's exes are always very popular, known to cheat in duels, and to be really good at fighting. He rarely dates healers, his reasoning being because they can't protect themselves. He knows Carl can, but he's right, I've been training Megan. I don't want the time to come when I can't be there and she's defenceless. Most warrior types don't get the fact that healers should learn to fight too. Everyone should have a means of protection, on their own, hiding behind someone else doesn't cut it. Negotiating doesn't help either. This girl, the ex, is Amanda. She's known for having the strength of men and being incredibly bully-like, whatever Ethan saw in him, we will never know, he to this day refuses to tell us! The fact that that information could me Ky's only chance of winning drives me to look at him. He's sitting with his head in his hands mumbling something about Amanda. Nothing nice. Trust me, the words fuck, bitch, moron, and no, keep coming out. Carl looks horrified. He's blaming himself like normal. Megan stands and starts in the direction of the arena. I follow, knowing her, she has a plan forming. Carl tugs Ethan after us and we arrive there before everyone else. We walk to a competitor's compound, the rooms they wait in before fights and get pep talks in, not to mention the place where they're armored up. Ky walks in and we all rush to her, except Ethan, who is still muttering.

"So, Ethan, who's she?" Ky looks prepared for the worst and Ethan gives it.

"My ex, Amanda, that, raped me."

We all fall silent. Ky speaks first.

"What. The. Fuck. Explain."

"She snuck up on me, she was using potions, knocked me out cold and then raped me. Simple as that, I dated her for quite a while. She used it as blackmail. Soon I just didn't care anymore and I broke up with her. I had two black-eyes for a month."

"That crazy bitch! I'll kill her!"

"That's the point of a duel, Ky."

Ky screams and walks out of the compound. We are all so shocked we don't even try to stop her. Soon she returns. She has her personal armor and a katana. I can tell we are all gaping at her and she glares, "Suit me up, damn it! I have a rapist's ass to kick!"

We all cheer.

Megan's POV

I've never seen this type of armor before. It looks a lot like Samurai armor. But lighter. She has shoulder plates that overlap, and leg plates, again that overlap. She has tied her hair back. It has lots of spikes through it. Her katana, as she calls it, hangs at her side. It's huge, it would be better hanging on her back. She seems to realise my look.

"I would normally hang it off my right shoulder, but it won't be sheathed for long."

I stare. She's going to murder Amanda. I'm almost encouraging this. I have to shake my head and smile. She put her boots on. They are armored and she jumps around a bit, reminding me of a spring, adjusting to the weight of her armor. She has a weird black fabric over her stomach and any open areas. Something tells me it's not just for decoration. There are strange symbols all over it and her armor is red with a dragon's silhouette that moves around as the armor plates move. I shudder and am glad I'm not facing her. I idly wonder if she can lift the katana. Carl keeps fretting about her and talking gibberish. She rolls her eyes and grasps the katana with two hands. Somehow she splits the katana into two katanas.

"It's a double katana, rarely used, but very effective if you learn it. We all nod and walk out of the compound with her. The entire school has come to see the festivities, I don't blame them, duels are rare, rarer still that one of the top warriors initiates one. Over a boy no less.